Wednesday, March 08, 2006

And they multiplied

Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."

Jesus said that to Thomas when he believed after seeing him and was saved. Over the years there were many who believed without seeing Jesus and were saved—the statement, take it in its religious form or strip it off of it and turn it into secular, still applies. It applies not specifically to Christians or those seeking salvation through Christ but to everybody who wants to save, save whatever is dear to him or her. To me, right now, the most important thing is Western Civilization itself, just as it is to the rest of the PI team. Think about something that you want saved and then continue reading--you will then better understand.

After passing the 10th grade I went in to a new school, one owned and operated by the Pakistani military. The school is one of the many businesses owned and run by the military, another way to squeeze money out of civilians. I had trouble settling in but it all got normal after a couple of months. I got to know a lot of guys (it was an all-boys school) and made friends--they were interesting characters, all of them. They came from different backgrounds so it was different from other military-owned schools I had attended previously. Here we had a little freedom to say what we wanted to say and discuss with the teachers, and a lot of freedom to say what we wanted to say when the faculty wasn't around.

During this time of getting to know each other, there were two guys I noticed were different from others. They were the friendliest, funniest, most charming students in my class. Everybody wanted to be their friend. Both had thick beards and trimmed mustaches. One was tall and the other was a little shorter. They both walked ramrod straight, and they spoke to many of the other students, sitting in circles and discussing some important, serious stuff. They were natural leaders and they caught my attention.

One day, during one of their meetings or discussions (whatever you want to call them), I went up and sat among them. The two leaders warmly welcomed me. Sitting in a circle as usual, they were talking about the duties of a Moslem. It wasn't anything fancy, they were just talking on what Mohammed said and how you should be good to your parents and obey them, pray five times a day, fast during Ramadan, perform Hajj when you can, etc. I must admit, I was impressed. I was still an active, believing Muslim at the time, and I wanted to be their friend too. I wanted to listen to whatever they had to say, both of them. They were a team and they were united. Everybody gave them respect; even the only Christian that was in my class would come, sit and listen to them, and they treated him very well.

Days passed by and the meetings continued; we were all pretty close to each other, like brothers. So they thought it was time to open up a little. They summoned all of us to another meeting, and announced that they had something important to tell us. Everybody listened with heightened expectations. They started their speech, and revealed that they were jihadists, that they both had gone to northern Pakistan and Afghanistan for training and to Kashmir to fight. They had met people who had seen Mullah Omar whom they considered their leader and that now they were looking for new recruits to aid their jihad on the Kashmir front. In other words, they revealed they were Taliban.

After that day they openly started preaching on how important the jihad was and that a martyr would go to heaven and get palaces and virgins. Everybody was interested; I was in those meetings more regularly than ever. But there was another guy who was the most interested. He was someone I would describe as a liberal Moslem who was the most respectful to non Moslems, who would talk about love and forgiveness, who wouldn't even hurt a fly. He was the one that started getting closer and closer to the two Taliban.

In a very short period of time, just a few days, this former ‘liberal’ Moslem began to change radically. That one speech, that one revelation about those two guys and how they presented jihad, changed him. He was one of them now, he was officially their own. They would train him in everything, he would go with them wherever they went, they were treating this guy as their own son, they were telling him how to walk, talk, act, what to do when this happened—what to do when that happened. He was being trained, and he was being trained well.

Everybody could see the changes in that guy, the way he walked and talked was different, his whole lifestyle changed. During this time, America was hit with the 9/11 Al Qaeda attacks, and the retaliation against Afghanistan started. Everyday we discussed what was going on in Afghanistan and how the Taliban would eventually win against the Zionists of 'the Great Satan'.

Days passed by till it was time for our exams…

After the exams and vacations, we met to celebrate. Everybody was there, greeting and congratulating each other on passing. But there were some people missing though, very important people. The light of the party, the two Taliban and a couple of other guys who were close to them, including the former ‘liberal Moslem’, who was now a committed jihadist--they were gone. Eventually, we found out that they were in Afghanistan, fighting 'the Great Satan'. Everyone prayed that they would be victorious and many others among us said they wanted to join the cause too, although I'm not sure if they actually meant it. As for the two Taliban and their loyal new recruits—nobody ever heard from them again.

Can you now answer the question, 'Most of the Moslems are peaceful--they wouldn’t hurt us, would they?' You might ask why others didn't join the Taliban at my school, but I have an answer to that and that is—they are still waiting for their clock to tick down. When the time comes to fight for Allah, they will.

So, '… blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed…' I have seen what Moslems are, and what they do, and I believe. For those of you who have not seen what I have seen, do you believe?


Bunch Of Trouble said...

After I read the Koran, I believed.... Believed Mohammed was a camels arse!

friendlysaviour said...

b.o.t. ..Medical research has proved what you say.
If you look deep inside said camels rear, you can see alihaha face.

Kleinverzet said...


'IJzersterk!' as we say in Dutch: that post was strong as iron.

For me, it took a reading of the Quran in a misguided attempt to 'deepen' my christan faith (don't ask...) to get me to believe.

We're all Vienese. And the enemy is once again closing in on the gates.

friendlysaviour said...

her winn...
We must close the gates now.