Thursday, March 30, 2006

BBC Hints at Paris' Real Trouble

I'm amazed that last paragraph got through the Muslim controllers at the BBC. I think these shopkeepers vote and they are going to vote for LePen.

Paris shops bear brunt of riots
By Henri Astier
BBC News website, Paris

Rioters have attacked shops and demonstrators at the protests
Opponents of France's new youth labour plan are hailing protests that have millions in recent weeks as a huge success.

But not everyone is celebrating.

Spare a thought for the long-suffering businesses located along the march routes.

"They broke two of our windows," says Nathalie Gosselin, owner of the Paris bar Le Reveille Matin.

Her establishment is located near Place d'Italie, where most of the demonstrations originated.

During a recent protest "thugs hit the shop windows on their way up the avenue, and hit the demonstrators on their way down".

Mrs Gosselin, who heads the local shopkeepers' association, says members are fed up with the protests.

Revenue lost

The owner of a bakery across the street says: "The police told us we should expect trouble, so we shut for three hours the other day.

They devastated the suburbs last year, and now they want to do the same to posh areas

Nathalie Gosselin

"Unfortunately we re-opened 15 minutes too early. Young toughs burst in and raided the drinks cooler. We are scared."

Paris police say they get hundreds of such complaints after each march. The authorities are working on compensating shops that have been attacked - but owners contend that by far the greatest damage comes from revenue loss.

"On every demonstration day we close for three to four hours, and that means 20% less sales," says Michel Niort, who works for Les Gobelins bar, also near Place d'Italie.

The manager of a nearby opticians shop, Issam Bouzidi, puts the figure at 40%.

"Very few people venture here on a day of protests," he rues.


Jacques Dusseuil, who runs a fleet of vans serving hot food in various Paris areas, says he has had to pull out of many places since the start of the troubles a month ago, and his sales have halved.

"The troublemakers have nothing to do with the actual protests," he adds.

"They are just there to destroy and plunder."

Who are they? Ask any shopkeeper, and they will tell you that they are the same youths of immigrant origin who rioted across France's impoverished suburbs in November.

"They devastated the suburbs last year, and now they want to do the same to posh areas," Mrs Gosselin says.


Always On Watch said...

Today, FNC referred to last year's riots as "Muslim riots." Of course, at the time, FNC didn't say much about that aspect.

Right now, the media are busy covering up Muslim involvement in the present chaos in France.

"Real trouble," all right.

Chris said...

There is not correlation btw the students' protests with the muslims riots on the suburds. I ve been on many riots, i ve seen many mcjunks and banks on fire but i ve never seen those acts been made from muslims, at least in my country and in genoa in 2001. In the end riots and protests are on the blood of everyone who lives in Mediterranean. We learn to fight on the streets and to protest because we got it on our blood and we are proud of it, like our grandfathers fought the nazis and the english occupators and my father the american-driven junta, my generation fights against those inhumans in brussels and on some multinational HQ who want us to work like slaves without pension, insurance, employee rights and holidays.

It is not so wise to sit down to your computer somewhere in the us and writing for what is going on in a country with different culture and mentalities. I ve been on many protests and i know the spirit and believe me..students have never set fire on a shoop that is run from some middle class entrepreneur but they aim mostly on brands such as McJunks. I am 30 years old and i am on protests since the age of 5 when my mother was taking on the annual November 17 march and there was always a good reason for every protests. Just because in USA you dont have rights and you protest on the sides of the road making circles having armed copes around you it doesnt mean that in europe we will have to follow the same practices.

In the end, europe does not any McJobs or this kind of discrimating laws, we can live without them.

mahdihotline said...

eyesallaround said...

Maybe the MSM will one day actually cover the news. That would be something aye?

mahdihotline said...

It may be that LePen is throwing his lot in with the Muslims, according to Lawrence Auster, website above and this article in the NYSun, sub. only so just first 2 paragraphs:
It may seem like a political oxymoron, but Jean-Marie Le Pen's National Front is poised to strike an alliance with France's large immigrant Muslim community.

A generation after France's right-wing party began its surge with a tough anti-immigration campaign tinged with both racism and anti-Semitism, three factors are coming into play that could spell a strategic realignment

Chris said...

Franctions btw far right with various political groups to get few votes is nothing new. i ve seen an Nazi MEP taking part in a Jewish celebration. When is time to get few votes you can even sex with evil

Always On Watch said...

There is not correlation btw the students' protests with the muslims riots on the suburds.

You're wrong, The French brought in all that cheap Muslim labor, and now there aren't enough jobs to go around. Furthermore, the Muslims in France--and in most Western countries, for that matter--refuse to assimilate and want their own little kingdoms within Western nations. These little enclaves are, of course, a step to caliphating the entire nation, indeed the world.

Spain made the mistake in the late 600's of allowing Muslims onto the Iberian Peninsula. 711-1492, the conquest and oppression of Spain.

protest on the sides of the road making circles having armed copes around you it doesnt mean that in europe we will have to follow the same practices

Ahem! That's called the right of peaceable assembly and following the rule of law. I'm guessing that such concepts are beyond your understanding. Eurabia will be with us soon.

Always On Watch said...

From Hugh Fitzgerald, at Dhimmi Watch

In France successive governments over the past 35 years thought that France, and through France Europe, could be strengthened, could become a counterweight to mighty America, if there were some kind of alliance with the newly-rich and therefore newly-powerful (so it was felt) Arabs. They believed in the policy of "Deux-Rivisme," in which both banks (rives) of the Mediterranean would be seen to have much in common, with the only thing dividing them of importance being the Mediterranean itself. In other words, a feature of geography, and not much more, divided France from, say, Algeria.

That was the theory. On that theory, the French allowed millions of Algerians, and large numbers of Moroccans and Tunisians, to settle within Metropolitan France. The promoters of this policy never thought to ask themselves what Islam was all about, even as millions of Muslims made their taciturn way into France. Of course they were there for economic reasons. Of course it was easy for the French to assume, without more, that these Muslim Arabs would in the end integrate into society, just the way the Portuguese immigrants in the 1950s had, or the Vietnamese immigrants. It was not to be. The strength of the belief-system of Islam, which works against integration, works against acceptance of Infidel neighbors and against loyalty to the institutions of the Infidel nation-state, its laws, its customs, its understandings....

More at the above link.