Thursday, March 09, 2006

'Beyond the Punchline'

With mulitple death threats and bounties on the Danish cartoonists, many of whom are now forced to live in hiding and/or with armed 24/7 security...well, it takes a lot of bravery these days to draw cartoons that allude in any way to politics or religion.

That's why PI salutes cartoonist Kevin Robertson, whose site can be found here.


friendlysaviour said...

We stand together with our sharpened pencils, friends.

friendlysaviour said...

PS.. Does that mean Simon Cowell will be departing for Iran sometime soon?

American Crusader said...

nothing like the "religion of peace" to stir up a little violence.

Anum Mahktar said...

Jokes and cartunes. Why do you continue to insult God's messenger? Do you not know that we are all the children of Abraham? Do you not know that you God is the same as ours? You should not insult god like that because you can not know what can happen. We are a religion of peace and love but you cannot disrespect us without having to be hurt

Djinnmastersoloman said...

anum,... Let me get this right.
If we respect you and let you come to our Countries to work and have your children, and build your mosques, and we bend over backwards to be nice to you, and let you take money from the Government to feed and clothe yourselves and you have the nerve to hate what we have created but you still use the computers that we make and drive the cars that we build, you are hippocrites par excellance.
You will go and kill 57 innocent people on buses and trains in London? Including fellow muslims, just like you?
Do you think those dead muslim mothers will forgive you?
Do you really think that your Merciful allah will forgive your wickedness? You are so sick that you are beyond help or cure. A rabid dog must be put to sleep.
You will murder dozens of Hindus just a day ago? You call Hindus monkeys. You call your brothers of Abraham, (the Jews) pigs?
You call Africans apes.

I call down a curse upon your hate filled soul.
Your hate will eat away the your heart and djinns will persecute your soul every night.
You will remember these words the day that you die and you will pray to god but he will cast you into eternal fire.
You shall get on your knees and beg forgivenes but your prayers will go unanswered. Get thee to hell Satan.
You are no longer fit to live on the same planet as your brothers the sons of Abraham.
You will torture your Moslem friends who are from the other persuasion be it Shite or Suni, and dump their bodies by the hundreds in the streets of Bagdad. Your own people?

But if we dare to mention that we don't like murderin hate filled bastards who kill even their own kind and cut peoples heads off on TV, and all we do is try to make a joke about you people instead of bombing your Country until there's nothing left, then you say to us...
"We are a religion of peace and love but you cannot disrespect us WITHOUT HAVING TO BE HURT"
Do you think you did not hurt us every time you tell your lies and butcher innocent people?
And you have the nerve to say you are a "religion of peace?"
You must have had your heart cut out and it's been replaced with the heart of a snake.
Go and read your holy book and pray to your merciful god that you may not go to your hell to burn forever.
No virgins in paradise for you son.
You have condemned yourselves forever to suffer in the hell you are making.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Mo is a fraud, a thief, and a murderer. "God's Messenger" my ass! He is not a messenger of anybody, except perhaps Mr Satan himself. Allah, the God of violence, vengeance, and hatred, he (or it) is not my god, that's for certain.

Islam, the "religion of peace and love", and they'll kill you to prove it.