Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dracula Returns: Berlin and Paris Scheme to Revive the EU Constitution

What? Was the stake not dipped in holy water when it was previously put down? The EU Constitution is coming back. That wretched document (or should I say encyclopedia, it was over 500 pages long!) is going to be revived. And Merkel is scheming with Chirac to do it. But this time, they want to put 'part' of it to a vote, and have the other 'part' ratified by each country's Parliament. How convenient, n'est ce pas? Why Merkel wants to jump on that deathtrap with Dhimmi Court Clown Chirac for a ride is beyond my understanding.

Berlin and Paris in talks on EU constitution revival
06.03.2006 - 09:51 CET | By Mark Beunderman German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Jacques Chirac are engaged in confidential talks aimed at re-submitting the core of the EU constitution to French and Dutch voters, according to a German weekly.

Spiegel Online reports in a preview of the Spiegel weekly printed edition that conservatives from Germany, France and the European Parliament are plotting a scheme for reviving the EU constitution which was rejected by French and Dutch voters in referendums last year.

According to the plans, the charter should be reduced to its first two parts, setting out the EU’s competences and the charter of fundamental rights of the union.

These core parts should be boosted with the addition of a political declaration and be put to a fresh poll in both France and the Netherlands.

The remaining third part of the text, detailing the EU’s policies, should be ratified by the French and Dutch parliaments, completing the ratification of the entire constitution as it has been approved by 14 member states so far. .......


Chris said...

In general, i am in favour of the EU constitution. Our politicians will have to start a dialogue with the communities, working unions, students, intellectuals and other interest parties to see how it can implement it. Like i have stated in one of my articles, there are some points that need to be re-examined:
1) people's voice and views shall be considered and the parliament must have more powers. Instead of a an advisory body it shall become a statutory body.
2) There were some delicate issues such as the limitation of strikes that have to be re-defined. The rights of the European workers must be protected. We can not work 10-12 hours per day like slaves. Many multinational companies and capitalists would like to see a new slavery era in europe, like it happens on many places. We have the need to establish a quality of life for ourselves,otherwise this progrees is useless. In addition, EU shall guarantee for at least 2-3 weeks off for every european citizen during summer time and 35-40 hours weekly emphasizing the worker's rights.
3) We shall have more referendums. Did they ask us whether we want Turkey or mafia controlled Bulgaria in EU? Personallyi would like to see only Serbia and Switzerland in EU and basta!We are full house now
4) Clearly statements for freedom of speech, secularity and that european values shall be protected from invadors.
5)European values are connected with the christian religion and with atheism that are the dominant cults in europe. Pope Venedict and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew's views must be taken for granted along with the other christian leaders' views.
6)Decentralisation. We cant have all the centres in Brussels.
7)The president of EU shall be elected.
8) Common defence policy!!! That's an important part. Europe does not need NATO, it can create its own army and defence and of course like NATO's ammend 13, all EU member states will have to defend one of their members in a case of war!

eyesallaround said...

If the people can not vote the bad apples out, then it's sort of a reversion to the Royal system. I guess Europeans have always been more drawn to living "under Royalty". I don't know why, but they seem to like being treated more like children than Americans. To each his own!

Pim's Ghost said...

I think the EU rather proved themselves when they put sanctions on Austria for electing Haider years back. That is no response to democracy. The many laws within EU countries punishing freedom of expression and speech (always applied to non-Muslims it seems) are similar worries.

dag said...

Redefining socialism leaves the people with socialism redefined. What's the point? It's a waste of some fine trees one might otherwise use to hang criminals from.

Oh yes, I keep forgetting that I'm an unsophisticated American cowboy.

Marat, he is too.

Kleinverzet said...

Well, they certainly can try. But we Dutch are a stubborn lot. If we've said 'No' once, we get very irritated if we're asked again (and again, and again).

Anyway, the attempt seems to be thwarted before it is even properly undertaken. The Polish Prime Minister Mr. Kaczynski has already said there is 'no chance' any EU constitution will be ratified in Poland.

This thing *is* dead. As well as it should be.

friendlysaviour said...

The EU constitution should stay dead until, like Chris said, we have in writing that our existing values stay put and no more special treatment for Islam. Keep Turkey out of EU. Keep them with a good trading status, but don't give them pasports to take over Christian Europe, Eastern Orthodox or
Anglican/Catholic. Yes and those of other faiths including atheism, fine, but keep it where it belongs, not in our faces.
I think we need NATO as long as EU is in flux, we do not have and never will have a capable united military. British troops cannot be everywhere.
Also, Nato, get off Serbias back.
Look to the brewing toublemakers that have built their base in Bosnia, and Kosovo.
The Serbians are not animals to be herded into Submission. European politicians, read your History books.
Remember those brave Serbs who peacefully stood on that bridge as Nato bombed all around them.
You want brave resistance to the invading ROP, look to Serbia.
It was shameful how they were bullied into submission, by NATO.
NATO should not be used by American Democrats to make themselves feel better.
Arrest Clinton's gang and Paddy Ashdown for war crimes against

Chris said...

there is a case against Bill Clinton and that moron Robertson for crimes against humanity in Serbia. This includes:

1) the bombing of the Chinese embassy (only Al Qeada could do this thing and CIA that train them well)
2)The bombing and killing of civilians while they were working on the Beograd T.V. station. (Does this reminds you of 9/11?). Of course i shall not talk about freedom of speech under NATO's attacks. NATO proved how much it likes freedom of speech.
3) The usage of plutonium made missiles that can create skin cancer
4) The bombing of civilians in general.

Europe belongs to europeans, nor to americans nor to muslims.

I wasnt suprise that right after 9-11 many Greeks supported what happened and a popular newspaper had a picture of WTC and of the Beograd tower both on flames. What was the difference? oh..the one was american and the other was not. Different nations means different perceptions and behaviours. How americans would feel if someone was bombing the neo con Fox TV?

I believe that we can work together in a common defence policy and NATO is not so popular. NATO acted as a terrorist organisation in balkans and brought muslims in our backyard. So, why to believe and rely in a criminal organisation such as NATO?

Chris said...

talking about europe, who the fuck is Sarah Ludford MEP? she must be out of mind.. check http://www.sarahludfordmep.org.uk/news/482.html

Probably she has bought illegally villas in turkish occupied north cyprus and she wants to get away from justice.

Yesterday a coach that was carrying MEPs was attacked from 'gray wolves' terrorists. They attacked with stones. I suggest that this part of the turkish-EU process or another step to bring together islam with Europe?
In addition, i cant understand why they call PKK terrorists (according to EU and state department) and they have not named Gray wolves and MHP party as a terrorist orgasnisation. What do they afraid?

friendlysaviour said...

Chris....stirring stuff.
I don't think that is the military of Nato or just "the Americans" that are at fault.
I can understand that your perspective is different to us further West.
We were only fed the stories that they wanted us to know about Bosnia< Serbia,ex-Yugoslavia.
I instinctively felt something was wrong when those things happened.
Again, I say, WE ARE SO IGNORANT here, of your part of the world.
I appreciate your views, it helps me look for the truths about it.
I still do not blame Nato forces themselves and I do not rule out usefulness of Nato.
What went wrong was politicians using false information to deceive West Europe and American public, that Nato was "confronting evil"
in Serbia.
It is difficult to support the Camps filled with Albanian moslems, seeing them starve, but how much of what we were fed was correct and accurate?
What were these camps a reaction to?
Weren't the same stupid journalists covering those stories the same ones that fall over backwards in the face of Islamic propaganda today?
The very same journalists that bleat on about wicked Israel is?
Wicked Sharon, wicked Milosovitch.
Whats the difference?
One is needed by America/West as a bulwark aganist Islamic terror, the other was sacrificed in appeasement
to Islamc terror.
Are there any US democrats got a better take on this?
I am afraid I cannot stomach Clinton sailing round the world building up his halo for posterity.
It's all talk talk.
I expect he may be first to tell Europe that we "have to accept Islamic dominance" and give in to the inevitable. No way Hose.
Will we be faced with the same problems when the new European war breaks out.
I may head for Serbia then, as UK crumbles into dhimmie status.
Someday the truth about Clintons objectives will come out.
Nato, yes for our security, No for political manipulation of European populations.
What looks good from across the Atlantic, may not look so good on the ground in Europe.

moskeptical said...

A little enlightenment. I and many americans who's tax dollars fund NATO would be more than happy to withdraw from Europe. Let's just make a deal up front that we will not be there to save your ass when the next mongol, nazi, communist,or muslim horde decides to consolidate europe because of your weakness and indifference. Done deal.

The Serbian thing is an embarrassment to all thinking americans. Let me get this straight. Clinton demands of the President of a soverign country that he must grant independent statehood to a band of muslim terrorists (KLA) because of international perception of persecution and 'genocide'. This is the equivalent of Tony Blair demanding that GWB allow cubans in florida to have their own 'nation' and sending a carrier group to enforce his demands. Not sure if we would think that this a reasonable deal.
In any case we scored a ton of goodwill from the musselman for our intervention.