Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"even though i've been raised as a mussulman, i'm not one of them."

Courtesy of Winds of Change, here's a blog that is worth your time and attention. This blogger writes under the name of Isaac Schrödinger and his byline is the title of this post. Isaac is a Canadian student who was born in Pakistan and spent most of his life in Saudi Arabia--a background rather similiar to PI's own "Avenging Apostate".

Isaac writes about his personal journey from darkness to light in a four-part series that is both provocative and educational.

  1. In Darkness. Growing up in Pakistan & Saudi Arabia.
  2. The Land of Trinity. "A life changing event was to occur. Up till now, I had lived in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. My mind had been imprisoned by fear and ignorance for all this time. The Land of Trinity would completely shatter the cage." And some parts are pretty damn funny, too.
  3. IX.XI At university in Canada.... "The program was about the merciless lampooning of Osama in every late night show. One of the guys was very agitated. "I understand why he makes fun of Osama all the time. It’s because he’s a rotten stinking Jew. But I don’t get why Leno jokes about Osama so much?”...I found out later still that the guy was a member of the Muslim Student Association."
  4. In Delerium. "There was no respite from the conspiracy theories in Saudi Arabia..." But there was the finalization of a choice.

We're proud to now feature Isaac on PI's blogroll. There's far more to his site than these essays--be sure to peruse Herr Schrödinger's site at length.

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