Monday, March 06, 2006

Iran cleric says Islam will conquer the world

Here's yet another pronouncement of Iran's official state policy towards the infidels, and the knife that is at our collective throats:

Tehran, Iran, Mar. 04 – A representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran University declared on Friday that Islam must “conquer the world” by defeating the West.

Hojjatol-Islam Alireza Panahyan, who was delivering the pre-sermon speech at this week’s Friday prayers in the Iranian capital, said that the West was trying to put fear into the hearts of Muslims through “torture and nuclear weapons”.

“We intend to conquer the world without [nuclear] weapons. Such weapons are not needed to set the stage for the return of the [Shiite messiah] Mahdi”, Panahyan said.
He called on Muslims to overcome their fear of the West’s might.“If you do not fear and take a stance, they will not be able to say anything and will try not to get into a fight with you, because they know that they will lose”, he said.
No nuclear weapons, he says. Boy that's a relief to hear that. But, I suppose anthrax, sarin and C4 are still allowed, though ... isn't that right, Mr. Peaceful Persian Cleric?


Mark said...

Over our dead bodies!

MissingLink said...

What Mark said!

American Crusader said...

Iran will use whatever weapons they have available, despite what this cleric states. Lying is just part of the game.

friendlysaviour said...

crusader, the nutters will use anything they have. I agree. Don't forget though, about a third of Iranians hate their Religious puppetmasters and just like to brew some good beer at home. I hope they get a chance to break free.
I have found many Iranians in the UK to be more European than the Pakistanis that live here in millions.
Iranians do not naturally respect Arab types. They remember who was truly civilsed first, and who invaded Persia.
Iran has had figurative artworks in the past. It is too easy to equate them with fanatics like the saudis.

You know if it wasn't for the idiots that run some countries, life on Earth could be quite peaceful. It will cost the West dearly to defend what we believe in. What choice do we have though?
I urge muslims to speak out in public if you want to just live in peace. Who cares what we all believe in, after all, if you believe in God, it is between you and him, when you die, not some peacock Ayatollah. You have just got to learn to stop shoving it down our throats.
I believe that dogs and crows are superior to many humans, but I won't hold it against anyone if they want to believe they are superior.
However I will fight to my last breath when the time comes.
Muslims, do not underestimate the strength of the British. Our politicians may be craven cowards, but our veins flow with the blood of our Warrior ancestors. If you push hard enough, we will fight. You will lose everything. We are not all foolish dhimmis.

moskeptical said...

too bad these cs's have oil. without that, they'd still be ranting to their camels from behind

Burt said...

Sounds the same as Bush new world order.
Only he actually started a war to impose his believes upon others.
Since it is well known that his leadership is Christian inspired, it is fair to say that Christianity is as violent as the Islam. And don't we all want world domination? Sure we do