Sunday, March 12, 2006

Iron Rita's 'Are You Dutch Enough' Test

OK, imagine this. Here you are this pious Muslim in Pakistan, right. Your brother has been talking about the sweet life living off the dole in Amsterdam. You are eager to get on the dole yourself so you apply for immigration to the Netherlands. You receive this letter telling you to come to the embassy for an interview. You go to the Dutch Embassy for your 'Are You Dutch Enough' test and bam, they show you a gay makeout video and ask you 'What'cha think?' You like it? Is that not funny or what? Iron Rita, you are one cwaazy woman. We'll follow this and see how it works out.

OK imagine this. You're some backward ignorant Muslim girl of 18 in Afghanistan, you have no education, no knowledge of Western culture, except you hate it because it's evil. Your dad just sold you to an uncle in Amsterdam in marriage. Now you go watch this gay video. What'cha think? You like? It is wild.

Gay film to test Dutch migrants

March 13, 2006
AMSTERDAM: Two men kissing in a park and a topless female bather are featured in a film that will be shown to would-be immigrants to The Netherlands.

The reactions of applicants will be examined to see whether they are able to accept the country's liberal attitudes.

From Wednesday, the DVD -- which also shows the often crime-ridden ghettos where poorer immigrants might end up living -- will form part of an entrance test, in Dutch, covering the language and culture of Holland.



eyesallaround said...

Heck you don't even have to waste the money on film, just show them some cartoons! That's how far out in left field they are!!!

Pim's Ghost said...

Oh, Pim is looking down on this and laughing he head off. I love it!!

friendlysaviour said...

As well as viewing men kissing and topless bathing, are the proposed immigrants going on a trip to the local coffee house to be treated to a massive stoker of the finest Dutch homegrown?
I feel a cartoon coming on.
I think all new would be immigrants should be shown the results of the believers handywork and sign a contract that the moment they are suspected or involved with that kind of Sh*t, then they are out on there ear, no messing.
Also electroic tags for a year.
No better still ,....just say nooooo!