Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Islamic Plague Map

Everytime I look at one of these things, I always think of a plague. Note the UAE is almost all Shiite just like Saudi Arabia. Click on the map for a larger view.

Are there Muslims in the cartography shop? Israel's borders are wrong and it's more than just a typesetting error. And Tyre, ancient Tyre is kinda where it is labeled I believe but the Tyre of South Lebanon (that Israel invaded in the Lebanon Wars), where is that? And where is Tel Aviv? Or is Tyre what the Muslims call Tel Aviv? If so, who made this map? Weird. And what is Jabal 'Amil? Apparently some hills symbolic to Shias. Whatever. What's it doing in Israel? Isn't Israel menancing looking on that map, ready to take over the world? oooh..scarey.


Always On Watch said...

Very near Washington, D.C., the Islamic Saudi Academy of Fairfax County, Virginia, has wall maps which don't show the nation of Israel at all!

ISA is the school from which Ahmed Abu Ali, convicted for conspiring to assassinate President Bush, graduated. Abu Ali really didn't have to go to Saudi to learn to hate Israel and the United States.

PS: ISA is owned by the government of Saudi Arabia!

Moved Elsewhere said...

Saudi Arabia is predominately Wahabbi although it does have Shiite minority.

Chris said...

Tyre is the ancient town of Tyros or Tarsos. by the way, this map reminds me of greece was during the hellenestic era (300-100b.c.), right after Alexander's death. how nice would be if this was remaining under western control.

wahabbis are so primitive creatures living in s.arabia..arent they? Those are the worst muslim fraction

Bunch Of Trouble said...

There are no good muslims. There are no good canibals. There are no good pediphiles... There are no good suicide bombers..

Cubed © said...

That map resembles, and is every bit as scary, as the ones used by the CDC to track the spread of epidemics. Well; Islam is a disease, so that's not surprising.

We have, to continue the analogy, a very weak immune system.

AOW, that ISA is just a Petri dish for disease! We need to find a vaccination/cure, and I know I'm a nag about this, but the vaccination/cure lies with teaching our kids - explicitly - what Islam's bad ideas are, and - explicitly - what our good ideas are.

I'm certain that you heard the talk about how almost nobody knows all five provisions of the First Amendment. . . Maybe we should begin with a thorough examination of our Constitution! You know, the thing that the Muslims reject as "man-made" instead of the "Word of Allah."

Chris Mantas - you are SO RIGHT! It's no accident that Greece and the Hellenistic World and Europe and the United States are - make that "were" - all related; if you diagram the spread of Western ideals, the "family tree" begins with Aristotle, Alexander's tutor, and was transported by Alexander throughout the ME area and then to Europe and the North America. Now the whole place under Islamic control.


Bunch, That cheerleader position is yours! You're hired!

Mark said...

When I worked in Saudi, I noticed that all maps had Makkah as the centre of the world! :-)

I used to scratch my head; then it all fell into place!

Chris said...

i once went in tunisia. In taouran me and a friend went away from the group, that was well protected from an agent who did not leave us much space to go around the city that is on the road to the desert and is considered as a holly town, to see how it was look like. We went to the local stores and asked for some whiskey or beer to drink. After several negative answer someone said that this is not a tourist area, that we shall respect the fact that it was friday and it is a holly day for muslims. Then he did to us the cut-throat thingy with his right hand to show how much he was appreciating the foreign tourists. I just remind him on my way off from his store that Tunisia is still a mediterennean country and they gotta act like mediterrenean and i offer him some wine that i was carrying with me. Dunno whether he appreciated it or not but sometimes u gotta remind them where they are.

friendlysaviour said...

Are you sure this map ISN'T a WHO map of the spread of avian-flu?
Please tell me it is!
I love these ancient history lessons!
No, seriously.
We must know and respect our past.
Got to go, I feel the need to go out and burn some flags.

Cubed © said...


News Alert of a sort; please run over to if you haven't already, and take a look at another blog that has been taken down because of threats.

The author of a kids' comic book style expose of Islam (there goes the very effective use of ridicule again!) has been able to leave a resource for the book in case anyone wants a copy.

Homeschoolers and parents should take a look (I left a couple of comments made by reviewers in the past) at it, and maybe consider getting copies now.

We have virtually no teaching tools for kids when it comes to Islam, and this may be one of the few available at this time.

Thanks, all.

friendlysaviour said...

cubed... you are so right about teaching young people the other side of the story of islam.
Ways must be found.
There are some possibilities.

Anonymous said...

Islam is not the plague. Chistianity and Judaism are the actual plagues as they're old rotten religions. The God of Moses and Jesus has sent the new (Islamic) laws in Qur'an, just as the God did in past. Think before you open your mouth!