Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Islamic Plague Spreads Rapidly In Spain

Spain has become remarkably similar to France since the Madrid bombings in 2004. With the election of
UberDhimmi President and Prime Minister Jose Luis RODRIGUEZ ZAPATERO (since 17 April 2004, see BBC Spain's Socialist President), Spain has transformed their immigration policy. In 2004, he pushed through a mass amnesty that granted citizenship potentially to over a million Muslim illegal aliens. Since then, immigration, legal and illegal has exploded. Within 2 years, the number of illegal immigrants entering Spain has exceeded 3.5 million. The total population of Spain is 40 million. With the number of Muslims granted citizenship and the number of illegal alien Muslims now in Spain, their Muslim population easily exceeds 10% and may be greater than 15%. Like France, the indegenous Spaniards have basically quit reproducing, and the Muslims are breeding like no tomorrow. Granted, France achieved this horrific situation in 30 years, while Spain has achieved this in less than a decade; in fact, the majority of this explosion of Muslims has occurred in the past three years. So what should we call Spain? Spanistan? Spainabia?

Pop Stats from CIA Handbook

Spain counts cost of growing intake of migrants
By Anthony Ham, Madrid
March 11, 2006

....In 2000, there were 900,000 foreigners living in Spain. That figure has now risen to 3.7 million (8.5 per cent of the population), an increase of more than 400 per cent. By one estimate, Spain has received more immigrants in the past five years than France received in the previous four decades. Last year, Spain received 560,000 immigrants, one-third of Europe's total.

This massive demographic shift is starting to take its toll. A survey published in January found that 60 per cent of Spaniards believe that there are too many immigrants in Spain. In 1996, the figure was just 8 per cent.

The poll also found that almost twice as many Spaniards see immigration as a more important problem facing Spain than terrorism and there is a widespread perception that the riots that rocked France late last year may offer a vision of the country's future.

"In Spain, you never had to worry about armed people coming into your homes," Fernando, a Madrid office worker, told The Age. "Now things are different and it's because of the immigrants." [Sounds like a RACIST to me.]

Complicating the issue is the awareness that the future prosperity of Spaniards depends upon large-scale immigration. Spain requires 350,000 immigrants — who, according to a Spanish Government study, generate twice the levels of tax revenues they consume — every year over the next two decades in order to save its generous tax-financed pension system from bankruptcy. [Is this true? twice what they consume? Is this from some 'study' that is beyond criticism, like the Koran? Just asking.]


Cubed © said...

Sigh. Well, I suppose they never considered changing their tax-funded pension system as a partial solution. . .

Remove the carrot, apply the stick.

At least the number of people who think it's a problem has dramatically increased. I've always maintained that we "little people" are smarter than our elitist rulers. And the Spanish may rest assured that last year's France is next year's Spain. Hold onto your hats, amigos!

I wish we could all take seriously the words of Spanish-born American philosopher George Santayana when he spoke of those who ignore history being condemned to repeat it.

Start with the Moorish invasion. Looks as if it's being repeated as we speak.

Always On Watch said...

As I understand the situation in Spain, the immigrants--Muslims--are surging in from the south. Portions of Spain taken back from the Moors during the Reconquest are now dishonoring Ferdinand and abandoning many traditional ceremonies honoring the Reconquest.

As Cubed pointed out, another Moorish invasion. The first one began in 711 A.D., and here is another invasion. History repeats itself!

The total population of Spain is 40 million. With the number of Muslims granted citizenship and the number of illegal alien Muslims now in Spain, their Muslim population easily exceeds 10% and may be greater than 15%.

Spainabia, indeed!

friendlysaviour said...

Ther are some million or more Brits let alone Dutch, german. you name it, living permanently in Spain. Some are old, but many are not. I think they will have some input eventually.
One of the main reasons they emigrate, is to get away from the hate-monger ROP's.
You are not alone Spanish friends.
We cameto your aid in the Civil War. Will we not stand by you once more, when the need is strong?