Friday, March 10, 2006

Malaysia continues its support for Iranian nukes

Muslims, acting as Muslims often do when confronting the Kuffirs, are sticking together in support of Iran's nuclear program. Too bad the infidels cannot demonstrate the same level of unity as much as the ummah is showing right now on Iran's nukes.

The current head of the (previously discussed here at PI) 'Non Aligned Movement", Malaysia, continues to insist that Iran's nuclear program is entirely peaceful. Really, they truly believe that! Read the following official Malaysian government news release, if you dare:

KUALA LUMPUR, March 9 (Bernama) -- The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) has said that no nuclear material in Iran has been diverted into prohibited activities. Iran had taken corrective actions and there were no new failures in its nuclear declaration, Malaysia's Resident Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Datin Paduka Dr Rajmah Hussain, told the IAEA Board of Governors meeting in Vienna, Austria. Malaysia is the current chair of NAM.
'No new failures' in its nuclear declaration? Oh thank goodness, that's a relief. Never mind Iran's old failures, of course, as numerous and grievous as they are. And where's the NAM's proof of Iran's supposed goodwill as described above? Quite likely, the supposed 'proof' is solely Iran's say-so. Certainly, the NAM would have the world meekly accept such promises at face value--never mind Iran's repeated, premeditated, self-confessed lying and deliberate deception to the infidels about their nuclear program.

And heaven forbid that anything other than negotiation and, ahem, 'dialogue" be used to resolve this pesky issue.
NAM strongly believed that diplomacy and dialogue must continue in order to find a long-term peaceful solution for the Iranian nuclear issue ...
Allow the Iranians to keep stalling, in other words. The Iranians can pretend to stop building nukes, and the west should go along, and no one gets hurt. Except maybe those evil Joooz in Israel, they might eventually get wiped off the map. Ah well, such is the price of negotiation and diplomacy.

"To this end, NAM is of the view that engagement of other UN bodies at this juncture should be avoided. All parties concerned must exercise patience and restraint and should not resort to any action which may escalate into a tense situation and create unnecessary confrontation."

I wouldn't worry much about the UN. It's not like the UN can do anything meaningful, or anything to stop Iran's Manhattan Project. All the UN can hope to accomplish is to have sanctions passed against Iran. This scenario is unlikely, as Iran has China and Russia's vetoes on the UNSC bought and paid for, and have for quite awhile.

But even if the UNSC manages to have sanctions placed against Iran, its not likely this would mean anything. As the Russian Foreign Minister said this week:

"I don't think sanctions, as a means to solve a crisis, have ever achieved a goal in recent history," he said.

The Russians, of course, want to avoid sanctions against Iran in order to A) not hurt their lucrative business with their friends in Teheran and B) obstruct the US agenda in general. Strangely, I find myself agreeing with the Ruskie minister, but for different reasons. Simply put, sanctions won't work against Iran, because they never have worked against anyone. For one example, Saddam found his way around the UN sanctions...a man so corrupt, he made the corrupt UN bureaucrats look like small change.

Those Iranian maniacs, bent on possessing the tools of armageddon, are the very paradigm of restraint and patience here in Malaysia's Islamic Fantasy world. Iran's thug-in-chief and his continuous over-the-top rhetoric is ignored here in Kuala Lumpur, a very intriguing sort of selective Islamic tone deafness. As far as official Malaysia is concerned, Iran can do no wrong.

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Aisah_6 said...

"Muslim leadership the world over has historically been the most cynical manipulator of Islam - and this is especially true of Malaysia," says one analyst.