Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mufti Charles and his Concubine Camilla

Mufti Charles meets the Grand Mufti What else can I say? Click on photo to enlarge.

Update 3/23 - That is a photoshop of a Reuters photo. Pretty good. Fooled me. See Patrick at Clarity and Resolve.

From IslamOnline, more details:

"The recent ghastly strife and anger over the Danish cartoons shows the danger that comes of our failure to listen and to respect what is precious and sacred to others," Prince Charles told an audience of some 3,000 people at Al-Azhar University, Islam's most ancient seat of learning.

"I think of the experience of Muslims living in Europe who are subject to varied and continuous expressions of Islamophobia."

He asserted: "The true mark of a civilized society is the respect it pays to minorities and to strangers."

Twelve cartoons, including one showing the Prophet with a bomb-shaped turban, were first published by Danish daily Jyllands-Posten in September and reprinted by European newspapers on claims of freedom of expression.

The drawings, considered blasphemous under Islam, have triggered massive and sometimes violent demonstrations across the Muslim world.

Prince Charles paid tribute to late prominent British Muslim scholar Zaki Badawi, an Egyptian-born graduate of Al-Azhar who died last January, calling him "a man of wisdom and learning."

To the applaud of the audience, the prince expressed his pride and pleasure at the presence of Badawi's widow in the first row, listening to his speech.

Unity Through Diversity

Sheikh Tantawi accompanied Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, who donned a headscarf, in a tour of Al-Azhar Mosque. (Reuters)

The Prince of Wales also reserved harsh criticism for some Muslim countries over the treatment of non-Muslims.

"I think of Christians living within some Muslim nations, who find themselves fettered by harsh and degrading restrictions, or subject to abuse by some of their fellow citizens," he said. [At least he said something.]
Prince Charles underlined the need for the followers of all three Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – to speak with courage of the enduring values of faith and to "affirm them again and again to a world troubled by change and dissension."

He expressed his conviction that "our beliefs and values call out for peace, not conflict."

Prince Charles called on wise men and women to respect the religion of others.

"I believe with all my heart that responsible men and women must work to restore mutual respect between faiths, and that we should do all we can to overcome the distrust that poisons so many people's lives," he said.

"We may have a human weakness to criticize and to compete with each other. But what we have in common, as people of faith, calls upon us beyond this towards mutual respect and understanding."

The Prince of Wales emphasized the message he had championed 12 years ago in his landmark speech on "Islam and the West" in the University of Oxford.

"History shows that giant leaps of creativity in knowledge – in science, literature and the arts – have occurred when the members of the Abrahamic family have worked together."

Quoting the Qur'anic verse "O Mankind! We created you from a single pair of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other" (Al-Hujurat 49: 13), Charles highlighted the fact that differences do not erase chances for unity.

Concluding, he said he believed "we have a duty to speak for the principles of our religious faiths", highlighting the need to "protect our traditions – Muslim, Christian and Jewish – acknowledging and celebrating our rich diversity…"

Prestigious Honor

After his speech, entitled "Unity of Faith", Prince Charles was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Al-Azhar.

In a brief speech, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Sheikh Mohamed Sayed Tantawi hailed the significant role played by Charles in the field of inter-faith dialogue.

Ahmed Al-Tayeb, president of Al-Azhar University, then announced the decision to grant the Prince of Wales the Honorary Doctorate from the prestigious university.

Some Al-Azhar scholars had criticized the decision to bestow the degree on the prince, citing he was non-Muslim and not a even a scholar.

In an indirect response to the argument, Sheikh Tantawi repeatedly cited from Prince Charles Oxford speech and described the prince's ideas as the fruit of "serious study."
When the doctorate — in a maroon leather folder — was handed over, there was a surge of applause from the audience.

A visibly moved Charles bowed slightly to the crowd and waved in thanks.

Among the dignitaries attending were Usama El-Baz, political advisor for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak; Esmat Abdul-Magid, former Arab League Secretary General; Egypt's Minister of Waqfs Hamdy Zaqzouq; Egypt's Mufti Ali Goamaa; representatives of the Egyptian Church, in addition to a host of other politicians and Al-Azhar heavyweights.

Before the speech, Sheikh Tantawi accompanied Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, who donned a headscarf, in a tour of the oldest functioning mosque in Egypt, Al-Azhar Mosque.

The royal couple, currently on a 5-day visit to Egypt, were briefed on the great role of Al-Azhar and its engagement in Islamic studies.

On Wednesday, March 21, the royal guests are to open the British University of Cairo, where Egypt's First Lady is to deliver a speech marking the occasion.


eyesallaround said...


friendlysaviour said...

Charles has a long history of interest in Arabia. I think he gained his liking for it from the explorer Ranulph Fiennes and similar. And late night dormitory stories, of the foreign legion, read under the blankets by torch-light.
I think he still harbours the romantic notion of the mysterious east.
Unfortunately, the mysterious east is no longer so, as daily we see the
chaos and anarchy this belief system brings in it's wake.
We no longer have to travel the desert on a camel with only a goatskin water bottle, marvelling at the wonders of Bedhouin life.
Reality, islam stylee, arrives at the satellite dishes of the faithful and it is not the same message as the old Muftis give out to Charles.
Those old scholars are probably as out of touch with reality as he is.
When you have a lucky dip bag of verses to choose from, it seems all you have to do is pick one to suit whichever dhimmie dogooder tuns up trying to understand the mysteries of the orient.
WE will threaten the evil cartoonist devils with verses that call for death to the infidels, but when Charley boy turns up in the back yard, we will roll out those old goodies about us all being sons of abraham.
I just hope his heir, Harry, has got a bit more spunk.
Anyway I think Camilla looks very fetching in her white outfit, just a bit like Lawrence of arabia as he returns to the Council of arabs at Cairo, the bit in the film where, just after Lawrence helps them defeat the Turks, they all start falling out and looting the city before going back to the desert.
Must go, I hear the call of the dunes.

dag said...

Yeah, he fancies himself a Lawrence of Arabia, but he'll end up as a Charles the first.

leavingtheleft said...

It is also said that Lawrence Of Arabia was buggered by a sheikh and thus began the love affair with the Arabs.
Charlie been buggered then I guess.

Jauhara said...

It is good to hate the british. They so strive to deserve their inevitable doom and destruction. Just watching them requires extra butter on the popcorn.

Nilk said...

I had this idea that non-muslims were not allowed in mosques?

Mark said...

Y' All!

Doesn't Charlie boy look a right Charlie? :-) A dork by any other name! :-) What a freak!

It reminds me of the time I used to dress up as a child and play cowboys and Indians! It used to be such fun, playing in the back garden.

Trouble is: This guy's for real! Now that's the sad and scary part!


dag said...

Non-Moslem men can enter mosques with no real problem aside from having to leave their shoes at the counter when they enter. What problem? Well, aside from smelly socks the only problem is that when one goes to retreive the shoes they're suddenly not there anymore, lost, not to be found, a catastophe, the will of Allah. Oh, a bit of baksheesh and there you go, problem over. They love having infidels enter their mosques.

Mark said...

Looking at that photo of Charles again. Doesn't he look a twerp?

Mark said...

It's a pretty sad state of affairs when the Royal Family of Great Britain have the CHEAPEN themselves like this, isn't it?

Mark said...

That should read 'have to cheapen themselves like this'.

usiconoclasticpatriot said...

This vulgar display beggars belief, as the Brits say. The only reasonable response of free and civilized people to this bizarre behavior of Prince Charles is to vomit. Charles is a disgrace to the Royal Family, to Britain and to the Church of England. We can only beseech the Queen to insist that Charles stop this disgusting behavior at once!

usiconoclasticpatriot said...

I am sorry that I am so slow. Obviously, this is Charles in drag

Always On Watch said...

Caption under the picture in the article to which you linked:

"I look forward to a world in which we share a vision that acknowledges our differences with respect and understanding," Charles hoped.

Muslims haven no respect and understanding for anything which is not Islamic.

friendlysaviour said...

Just took another look at the picturee.
Take a close look at the "red-carpet" they put out for Charles.
It looks like an old threadbare stair-carpet they have lifted from the Mufti's Granny's house.
What cheapskates!

Mark said...


It looks like an old threadbare stair-carpet they have lifted from the Mufti's Granny's house.

You never fail to make me laugh!

Don't you think they must have thought it good enough for an infidel prince and princess?

Mark said...


Do you feel like I do? Aren't you ashamed that our Royal Family is stooping so low?

Avenging Apostate said...


I had this idea that non-muslims were not allowed in mosques?

Non-Moslems are allowed in the mosques, only in the hall. Don't ever try going into the rooms that are in the back though, you might end up in big trouble. Also if people know that you're a non-Moslem, make sure you don't touch the Koran unless a Moslems hands it to you, because Islam doesn't allow non-Moslems touching the Koran, non-Moslems are unclean, they say.


Well, aside from smelly socks the only problem is that when one goes to retreive the shoes they're suddenly not there anymore, lost, not to be found, a catastophe, the will of Allah.

LOL. Tell me about it!!! What my folks thought of after losing quite many shoes was that they bought cheap 'slippers' to go to the mosque. But even those get stolen at times.

friendlysaviour said...

Mark, I am slightly bemused by Charles at the moment.
Of course he has to do his bit for Britain and he is "advised" all the way. He knows that we are better off staying friendly with the few Arab States that still have a modicum of decency.
I do not envy him. I think he is a genuinely peaceful person, but will that be enough when he may become Chief of Staff?
I think that his comments in the recent "Stuffed chinese waxworks"
episode, reveal another side of Charles. I believe He genuinely grieves the loss of Empire and all that went with it.
He is so constrained by Diplomatic etiquette. I may take the p1.ss, but I still respect him for the load he carries.
I was fortunate enough to go to one of the "Concerts at the Palace."
I really enjoyed the day out and think that the Queen remains a National Treasure, God bless her.
And God Bless Charles. He surely will need His help.

patrickafir said...

heh It's just that Chuck cuts such a dashing figure in his Muhammadan mandress!