Monday, March 13, 2006

The Muslim notion of "reconciliation"

Here's a couple of Islamic "scholars" in Denmark carefully explaining their ideas on how Denmark can get back in good graces with their future Muslim overlords, in the post-cartoon era. Makes your skin crawl just looking at them, doesn't it?

As this AP headline reads, "Muslim preacher, scholars urge reconciliation between West, Muslims after cartoon crisis". Doesn't that sound so reassuring and comforting?

Alas, my friends, this is the Muslim notion of "reconciliation", and the devil is in the details. Bearing that in mind, here's the proposed scam:

1. Denmark should get on their knees and apologize unreservedly and beg for mercy

“We request an official apology from your government to the Muslim nation and to the Muslims in Denmark,” said Tariq al-Suweidan, an Islamic scholar from Kuwait.
2. End freedom of speech, permanently and forever
He also demanded that the European Union enact a law “that forbids the insult to religious figures.”
3. Denmark must cough up jizya for the Muslims, and lots of it
Khaled suggested a boycott against Danish goods in Arab countries would stop if Danish people and its government reached out to them for example by initiatives to promote small businesses or health care.

Funny how all that "reconciliation" seems to be going one way, doesn't it? And what if Denmark doesn't immediately submit to this, ahem, reconciliation plan? These scholastic terrorists have issued a barely-veiled threat:
“We feel there are forces of extremism which are aiming to light fires and transform Denmark from a peaceful country to a country which will suffer from conflicts,” said Amr Khaled, a popular Egyptian preacher.

"Forces of extremism," he says. My God, that's rich. Ironically, I see Khaled's words as right on target ... but we all know who the real forces of extremism are. (In case you're not sure, just look at the photo of the two gentlemen above.)


Always On Watch said...

End freedom of speech, permanently and forever

Well, that figures.

Any apology--and I do mean "any"--will not result in any reconciliation. Muslims are incapbable of reconciling. Centuries of history prove it!

John Sobieski said...

That ALi Baba guy with the mean teeth looks right out of central casting. I wonder if the Danes see what this is all about? It's all about submission. Will they submit?

dag said...

It takes very few people to run a nation the size of Denmark. It takes even fewer to make it ungovernable. We assume that the problem is directly due to Islmaic fascists, but let's spin the bottle till it points in the right direction: the problem for the Danes isn't that their government, run by a few hundred people, will give in to Islamic threats but that a few hundred Danes can wreck the whole elitist scam by saying no in a vigourous fashion.

Look at it this way: regardless of what the politicians do about the Muslim demands there are still individual Danes who won't agree with it if it proves to be so outrageous that it's outrageous to continue. Politicians only rule by the consent of the people, and I mean even Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Il Sung and anyone else we cn mention.

One hundred angry and desperate men and women in a nation the size of Denmark can and might destroy any facade of dhimmitude simply by not going along with it any longer.

I refer to such groups of extra -parliamentary oppostion as the IRA, the Tupamaros, the Red Army Faction. It only takes a handful of people who are committed to destruction to destroy what others have spent generations to build. And that is not necessarily a bad thing if what's built is rotten.

If a hundred angry Danes fight Islam and dhimmiutde, then that is more than the government can deal with. The further the government pushes the people into what is obviously against the better hopes of Danes the more likely it will be that somewhere in the nation there will be that 100 people who will resist.

The government can say and do as they wish, but there comes a time of reckoning. I won't expect a complete surrender to Islam. It won't take many Danes to make that surrender imposible even if the politicians cry and beg for it. Blow up a few mosques full of Muslims praying and the government is out of luck. They will have lost their legitimacy. It only takes a few to do that.

I expect that the few will rise in France this spring and over the course of the summer, and that by August we will see a full-blown civil war. The governments of Europe have abandoned the people, and the people will abandon the governmensts in favour of their own self-interests.

Will the military fire on natives? If so, will the nation turn on its own? All it will take is a few incidents of violence from the yoots that in turn provokes the natives to retaliate, and from there we'll see the beginnings of a real war again.

I've predicted a beginning of the next round in France to start in roughly a month as the weather improves in Paris. What will start the fighting? A loitering ticket, a car crash, a policeman responding to a minor crime. The point is that it needn't be anything in particular. The Paris Match will light tinder already waiting for the flame. And that need not be from the Muslims at all. It could very well come from the natives who are sick and tired of the politicians.

The politicians are afraid of the Muslims, but I'm arguing here that the politicians should fear their own people far more. I'm saying it could well be three idiot college kids like those in Alabama who burnt churches. It won't take much to make war on the state. It won't take many. And it won't necessarily take Muslims.

eyesallaround said...

OMGosh, the gall of these slimey b**tards. It would be so wonderful to see the Danes kick all mussies OUT of their country...

friendlysaviour said...

Thanks for this illuminating post.
Never trust a man whose teeth are TOO shiny!
Hey Dag,...
Your predictions,...I think if the right buttons get pressed by the Paris branch of Believers R Us, then what you say may be true.
Due to the nature of European travel, it is possible there will be large movements of people from other Countries towards the trouble, from both sides.
How will European jihadists see the troublke as part of their war and go to aid their "brothers".
If this is seen happening, how many Europeans will stand by and watch Paris burn?
It is the right of the European citizen to protect Democracy (not right..DUTY..) and that must mean throughout Europe, should Democracy and Freedom be threatened.
Of course the problem will be whether the Governments can hide the truth and spin the facts to confuse the populaion.
Here will be the key role of our blogging friends.
Just as during the 80's Falklands war. the UK government kept the news 2 days out of synch, but were defeated by the press who had access to French satellite tv that kept them informed. That seems like a long time ago.
Now blogs and the like are a sure way of keeping the communications channels open. Will they attack that? Difficult considering the nature of the web.
So th CIA may have gotsomething right after all.
When the Internet was proposed, was it not to provide unbreakable communications in time of disaster and comunication-breakdown?
The enemy will use the same but that leaves them vulnerable to being watched.
The French have still the notion of La Resistance close to their hearts.
How can their Government stand in the way of it. Look how the Lorry-Drivers union can hold up the French countryside when they get upset.
What about the farmeres. They are all armed and have big vehicles?
The people of France are strong, I would say unstoppabl.
If the jihadists kick off bibtime and France, La Resistance responds, who will stand in their way?
Vive la Revolution.
God bless La Belle France.

friendlysaviour said...

Dag,.. are you well up on the Antijihadist French blogs?
Have you some links?
Are there translation facilities for blogs.
I see the need to group and internationalise, ..Birds of a feather?

John Sobieski said...

BLD, I have the google tool bar. One option on it is to translate a currently viewed site. It works OK for a mechanical translation although lately it doesn't translate at all sometimes.

Avenging Apostate said...

Don't these Moslems always show their true colors? I love it when they embarrass themselves like that but I hate it when people don't understand what they're trying to do.

dag said...

Hi BLD. I can't get through to you directly.

I spend a good deal of time obsessing over the state of Europe, and of France in particular. Today I'll post on Le Pen as seen by Lawrence Auster. There are other things coming soon, and much in the archives.

Before I get into trouble, let me point out that though I'm not a pacifist I'm not a terrorist either. There are legitimate forms of resistence we can follow that might skirt the edges of politically correct behaviour, but none of them transgress the common law.

If the time comes, and I see it as this summer in France, that the people will abandon the governorship that has abandoned them, then things will be of a different nature.

At this time I'm putting my hopes in Phillipe de Villiers. Who knows? He might not be any better than any one else whose failed so far to make a proper course and set a right plan for the future of our struggle.

I tend to look to history for examples and models, and that takes me to the Spanish Civil War, to the International Brigades.

I look to Lenin as my model for organising resistence to Islam. I look further back in time to Jean Paul Marat for significant direction. Unpleasnat people, yes, but they succeeded where we must succeed, in the public arena.

Yes, the time might come when we are called to duty in foreign lands. We might do well to understand in advance what it is we must do when we understand what is to be done.

I'll try to find links to English language French blogs. For now the best I can suggest is a search of France Echoes. I'll update as I can. Try also "revolution bleu" and variations there on.

We definitely need to organise and internationalise.

Will return over the course of events with more.

Chris said...

one of the first thing that you may 'discover' if you search the greek ethnology and culture are the songs that talk about this guy...Digenis Acritas and the Acrites military corp. it was made from people who lived in the anatolian province of the greek-byzantine empire, near where is not Kirkuk in North Iraq. Those brave ppl were not only Greek warriors but also ppl from Catalonia, Celts and Vikings who were defending Europe from the Muslim imperialists.
When the Byzantine emperors decided to undermine the power of Acrites in favour of some individual interests the arabs and the seljuk turks stormed the empire and islam came in europe and still many parts, like Bosnia, kossovo,smirna and constantinople are under Muslim occupation. = this gives more info


Using this metaphor (by the way..refering to a previous article..Acrites shall also be some kind of a hollywood movie) think what will happen if europe decides to get rid of its 'acrites', the people who dedend its borders with islam. Those are intellect borders not geographical.

If we start apoligizing for the cartoons and limiting our freedom of speech that distinguish europe from others, then we will be in a situation like the one that the Byzantine empire had to face in the 11th century. We will have to preserve our values and keep them clean from the muslim barbarism. In the end...none apologized in Eurovision 2004 where the film showed a dervish dancer dancing upon the picture of Jesus Christ from muslim occupied Hagia Sophia!! Why we have to apologize? Muslims in denmark shall apologize to us for insulting our freedom of speech.

friendlysaviour said...

dag, Thanks. I will visit,
JS, That translator is so funny. Hours of fun.

Conan said...

I have a suggestion. You towel-heads can all fo fuck yourself. Gee I hope that offends them. Look at them..what year is this, 800 AD?

friendlysaviour said...

chris.. I love your posts, very interesting links as always.
It is good to see people with the same outlook on rop disagree about some matters but still discuss them.
I did not realise that about Eurovision song contest!
Conan...straight to the point.