Friday, March 24, 2006

Muslim Youths Vandalize Center of Paris

I knew this would happen. You have to read the article closely. The Muslim youths came in, ready for some hell raising and scaring the shit out of the sissy French infidels and those prissy students. You would never know it reading the article, but that is what happened. And France is in total denial. And France is lost. When one of their glorious cultural icons like the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower are set on fire, then Paris will truly burn. The World will be absolutely shocked but not me. But will it be enough to awaken the West? Probably not. I think we need a million infidel carcasses to stop the denial.

Guardin, Riot police seal off Paris streets as protests escalate

· Rampaging youths set fire to cars and shops
· Unions agree to meet PM but refuse to call off strike

Angelique Chrisafis in Paris
Friday March 24, 2006
The Guardian

Cars were torched and shops burnt in central Paris last night after the seventh big protest in eight days against the government's controversial employment law ended in clashes between hooded youths and riot police.
The youths, some of whom had come in from the suburbs, grouped on the pavements on the Esplanade des Invalides, one of Paris's main boulevards, and armed themselves with baseball bats, wooden sticks and metal bars.

As students and sixth formers moved towards the city centre chanting protests against the prime minister, Dominique de Villepin, and the interior minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, the armed youths began to snake up the side of the crowd. Covering their faces with tracksuit hoods and scarves, they moved fast in groups of 20 to 30. Several car windows had been smashed and a bus shelter destroyed.

Two hours later, when the protesters reached Les Invalides, hundreds of riot police had sealed off the entrances to streets leading to government ministries. Several groups of teenagers began smashing cars and shop windows. One shop was set alight and five cars were upturned and torched as riot police began pushing the protesters back.

Mr de Villepin is now embattled on all fronts over his controversial "first employment contract", known as the CPE. Mr Sarkozy has distanced himself this week, suggesting there should be a six-month trial period for the law, which would make it easier for employers to sack workers under 26. The government says such flexibility will encourage companies to hire young people and slash unemployment. The daily Le Parisien yesterday quoted an unnamed political source close to the president, Jacques Chirac, saying that if the controversy did not subside Mr de Villepin could be sacked.

Trade unions yesterday agreed they would meet Mr de Villepin for talks but it was unlikely they would call off a strike planned for next Tuesday. With transport and air workers already pledging support, the strike was being dubbed Black Tuesday by one French paper.

As the protests continued, pavements were littered with glass, parked cars had had all their windows put out, and benches had been ripped up to throw at police. One tourist took mobile phone photos, saying it was a portrait of modern France.

A university student who had been at the protest and watched the violence erupt said: "It was both students and young people. But the police have arrested a hell of a lot of people who had nothing to do with it. They are fascists."

A town planning student, Viviane Macé, said: "Bands of young guys have been running past the protesters with baseball bats all afternoon. It is a small minority of people but I can totally understand what is going through their minds. They feel as desperate as we do and they have got no other way to express themselves. They feel violence is the only action to take. I think some people might not even know what the CPE is. It says a lot about our society that people feel the need to express themselves with bats and metal bars."

One woman who had come to protest from the Seine-Saint-Denis region, which experienced the worst of last autumn's youth riots, said: "There are now kids in the worst areas of the suburbs who are being born into families where the parents have never worked. It is desperate."


dag said...

John, this is hilarious to me. I just spent a bit of time writing about youths burning cars in France, and when I finished posting that and a few other things I stopped in here to find a story about youths in France burning cars. No, that's not unusual, but it's the story illustrated, the very thing I was on about that you posted an hour later and gave detail to. I'll doze off laughing tonight.

eyesallaround said...

Wow, France is screwed up! Not only the Islamo-fascists, but the youths also (unless they're one and the same).

friendlysaviour said...

John, God forbid that the Louvre may burn.
We do forget that the police and military in France are well armed and trained.
At the last resort, will there be the political will to unleash the full force of Law and Order?
I think that the burning of a National icon will be the last straw.
Then the President will have to act and Mars will stride the Boulevards amid the swirling smoke of turmoil and war.
Even Adolf Hitler stopped short of burning Paris.

Mirco said...

Hitler ordered to burn Paris, but his commanders don't follow his orders.

I don't think they will burn, attack or destroy some monument of France, this type is too ignorant for this.

If they do something, will be to attack and terrotize the people, destroy their properties; like now.
But a day, some people, somewhere, will not find the police to stop them in time and will do something awful (like killing some hundred of people, etc.).

Then the reaction of the french will be out of proportion, and many more will suffer for the consequencies.

Eugenio Mastroviti said...

From what a number of Parisian colleagues tell me (we have an office there and we're in daily contact) it seems that the demonstrators, even the violent ones, are not ethnically/politically/religiously homogeneous. The tradition of "casseurs" - people who join demonstrations with the explicit aim of causing clashes with the police and destroying "symbols of private property" like cars and shop windows - is very old in France and surely not related to Muslims. It's not like demonstrations like those of these days are unheard-of in France (or Italy).

The fact that some of the demonstrators might come from the banlieue is very far from proving your point, I'm afraid.

Always On Watch said...

France is overrun with Muzzies and Muslim immigrants. No wonder there is a problem with unemployment.

The Eiffel Tower is not Islamic--too tall.

American Crusader said...

what is amazing to me is how little coverage there has been on this latest rounds of violence in Paris.

micro is correct about Paris. Hitler was incensed when Paris wasn't burnt to the ground.

Debbie said...

Ooooo, nice blog. Thanks for the comment at Right Truth. I have just blogrolled you.

No, there is nothing peaceful about Islam and the US is destined to the problems that France and all of Europe are experiencing if we do not recognize that fact. We already have enclaves of Muslim societies setting up in the US right now. I just posted on it yesterday. I am so sad about that. I never thought that would happen.

Right Truth

friendlysaviour said...

micro and eugenio, ..thanks for the comments, but please take a look here.
"Vandalism at the Sorbonne"
Is this not rampant and crass destruction of part of Frances Heritage. Do we just shrug our shoulders and say "it was just a few old papers?"
A nation that abandons it's past will have no future worth defending.
We have all stuck our heads in the sand for too long. None will be free of the tyranny that is growing around us in Europe and elsewhere.
If we do nothing, if we fail to take some action, I cannot say what, then when we finally come to realise that it is too late, how will we act then?
The time is now, prepare for the worst. Our jobs and family are worth protecting. Are they not?
Will we leave it to our craven, stupid, millionaire politicians to look after us?
We are fools if we do.
There are things every person can think of to take protective measures. We may be ready. Or have we accepted defeat before the conflict begins in earnest?

Cubed © said...


You will like one of my favorite expressions, supplied by an Anonymous commentor (so I cannot, unfortunately, credit him), but it goes like this: "One day, our collective heads will come up out of the sand, probably propelled by the force of an explosion, and we will all stand with mouths agape, like so many fish out of water, trying to comprehend a situation we have all done our best to ignore."

France has earned everything it is getting. I sure do hope they have the moxy to defend things like the Louvre, though, as a major repository at large of souvenirs of the entire history of civilization.

I wish that France were noted as much for her courage as for her cuisine and haute couture, but I too must wonder if there will be the will to unleash the full force of Law and Order.

I have no doubt that Muslims would, if they thought they could, destroy the Louvre, Notre Dame, etc. etc. It's what they do; the ancient Buddhas in Afghanistant were just the latest sample of their respect for human achievement.


Youths are youths, especially the ones of the "testosterone persuasion." I'm sure you're correct, that there isn't total homogeneity, but the majority this time, just as last time, and just as the next time, are Muslims.

Because of French socialism and Muslim intransigence re: assimilation, Muslims are "overrepresented" among the unemployed young, and because of their narcissism and their Bedoin psyches, they are eager to seek revenge 1) for the sheer fun of it or 2) for the perceived "insult" of being fired if they can't or won't perform.

Just as the French have earned what is happening, so have the Muslims.

A marriage made in heaven, it would appear.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

France is so beholden to the leftist socialist agenda, that even tiny steps towards free market reforms are met with leftist hysteria and violence in the streets.

Of course, the Muzzies are in a perfect position to exploit France's weakness, and dare I say, terminal decline.

The Doc said...

France's Youth Formula gone bad: Socialism & Islam!
These are two ingredients that Western society can do without.

friendlysaviour said...

CUBED,.. thankyou,what a saying!
positely aphoristic.
I want a tee-shirt with that on it to remind me everyday.
The troubl is, Ftrance is just 25 miles accross the English Channel.
Will I live to see the French refugees streaming over to Britain as Paris burns? It looks like lier every year.
Bon appetit mes amis, while we can enjoy.