Saturday, March 04, 2006

Our democratic leaders are failing us!

9/11 was a turning point for the West. The US was attacked, but we have all been affected. This attack changed the nature of our democracies. Ever since, democracy the West over has started to weaken. Not only are our leaders doing nothing to arrest this weakening of democracy at home, but they are, indeed, helping it along, sometimes out of ignorance, sometimes out of denial, but always out of fear!

The odd thing is this: While democracy is weakening at home, the US and the UK have embarked on a foreign policy to try and bring democracy to the Middle East! Make no mistake about it: This policy is destined to fail! Indeed, it is failing before our very eyes. Just take the mayhem in Iraq as a manifestation of this failure. Further, take Iran! There, instead of there being a softening of the régime in that theocratic land, there has been a hardening of their animosity to anything Western, to anything democratic, to anything we consider fair and balanced.

Then we have Syria. What is happening in Syria today is the very opposite of democratic. In that country, people are returning to their Islamic roots, even down to the way that women dress in public. Indeed, many Syrians are touting the idea that their future lies in Shariah law!

The knock-on effect of bringing democracy to Iraq is simply not happening. If anything, it would appear that our attempts to make the Middle East democratic have produced the opposite effect: Attitudes against anything Western, anything democratic, are hardening!

There are a few good reasons why this is so. First and foremost among them is this: Islam and democracy are totally at variance with each other. They are immiscible! Period! Unfortunately, no amount of political spin is going to change this harsh reality.

In Islam, as I have said so many times before, ALL power rests with Allah, and filters down; in a true democracy, ALL power is supposed to rest with the people and filter up. The reality of democracy, of course, is not quite as simple as that for, as we all know, the politicians who lead us so often refuse to listen to the wishes of the electorate after rising to high office. Take the example of Tony Blair taking the British to war against Iraq. Many people were against the idea; but Blair led us to war anyway.

Still, all that having been said, the notion that power in a democracy rests with the electorate still holds true, since even the ‘deafest’ of political leaders has to put himself and his party up for re-election. Pay-back time is never far away!

This is not true for Islam. Islam has never thrown up a true democracy in its almost 1400-year history save, perhaps, for the example of Turkey. But even there ‘democracy’ has had to be held together by the strong arm of the military!

The natural form of government for any country where Islam is the dominant religion is Islamic theocracy, not democracy, since Islam does not, and never will, recognize a separation of the political from the sacred, a separation of mosque and state. Indeed, such a separation is anathema to it! But such a separation is the sine qua non of democracy!

There are many other reasons why the attempt to bring democracy to the Middle East is destined to fail, too. For a democracy to function correctly, the electorate has to be well-educated, and through that sound education, the electorate is supposed to become well-informed in order to make good, solid, sound political judgements. But to be well-informed, it is essential that the electorate be allowed free access to information. Information must not be controlled by government!

The Middle East fails on both these counts. In the Middle East, the level of education is wanting, to say the least. In fact, the rates for illiteracy there are very high indeed. Illiteracy and democracy make very strange bedfellows! How can someone be well-informed if he is illiterate? If a person is not well-informed, then he is not ready to make a well-informed decision at the polls! Moreover, in the Middle East, the people are often denied access to the greatest and most powerful tool for access to information: The Internet.

There are other reasons why it was folly to try and bring democracy to the Middle East; but the reasons already given will suffice for now for the sake of argument.

It is interesting, but very disturbing, to note that whilst the US and the UK have busied themselves trying to bring democracy to the Middle East, they have also been busy trying to curtail our freedoms in our homelands!

Prime Minister Tony Blair, probably more than anyone who held the position in my lifetime, has passed so much legislation banning this, that and the other that he has seriously dented the freedoms of the British. He wants even to curtail freedom of speech and expression to make it a criminal offence to criticize Islam and the prophet of Islam, Muhammad!

Naturally, the reason why he is attempting to pass such a bill is to appease the growing Muslim vote within the UK. In recent years, they have become disaffected because of his insistence on war in Iraq!

It is ironic, isn’t it, that we should be losing our democracy at home at the very time as we are trying to establish their democracy?

As I see it, the story of Western politics ever since 9/11 is a story of failure! Even in the recent response to the fiasco caused by the publication of the cartoons of the prophet, there are signs aplenty that Westerners are losing one of their cherished freedoms: Freedom of expression. Why? Because our Western ‘leaders’ – American, British, European, Australasian - have failed to stand together against the tyranny of Islam. They have failed to re-affirm their commitment to liberty, failed to re-affirm their commitment to freedom of expression, failed to re-affirm the West’s commitment to the very values which underpin our civilization. Dear readers, make no mistake about this: Our leaders have failed us!

But there is one failure which endangers our democracy and our liberty even more. It is should be plain to see. Indeed, it should be as plain as the noses on our faces. Our politicians, with but few exceptions, have failed to see this too, however. …

9/11 was an attack not just on the Americans, but it was an attack on the West in its entirety. President George W Bush’s response to this attack was pathetically weak and appeasing. The day after 9/11, he appeared on TV to make an announcement to the Americans and the world. In front of him was a copy of the Qur’an – a book which had hitherto made no significant contribution either to the US in particular nor to the West in general - along with the Torah and the Bible. He stated that America was not at war with Islam or Muslims, insisting that Muslims were the friends of Americans!

It was at this point that the Neo-Conservative idea of bringing democracy to the Middle East was truly conceived. The great pity is that it didn’t produce a still birth!

The President’s response to 9/11 was weak and appeasing and flawed and destined to fail! Why? The main reason is that he failed to define the enemy. The enemy, of course, is Islam itself. The President tried to say that Al-Qaïda had taken a perfectly good religion – indeed, he called it a ‘religion of love and peace’! – and had twisted it, and had warped it into a religion of hatred.

His whole performance was so flawed, so very flawed. To start with, he showed that he had absolutely no understanding of Islam, no understanding of what motivates Muslims, and no knowledge of what the Qur’an says very clearly about us infidels. No, Mr President! No! Muslims are not our friends! They say so! Indeed, it says so in the Qur’an itself, the book that Muslims hold so dear! And NO again, Mr President! Al-Qaïda has not bastardized the message of Islam. On the contrary, Al-Qaïda takes the message of the Prophet Muhammad and the message of the Qur’an very seriously indeed. Al-Qaïda’s message is the true message of Islam. You had better believe it, Mr President! You, too, Mr Bair! Islam must be recognized for what it is: It is a competing civilization to Western civilization, competing in all respects!

What the President should have said that day is this: We were at war neither with Islam nor with Muslims. That would have been true. But he should have gone on to say that it is abundantly clear the Islam and Muslims are at war with America, and by extension the West. That would also have been true. If he had done this, he would surely have been able to galvanize the West in its entirety, for it was plain to see that 9/11 was not just an attack on America, but an attack on liberal democracy. If he had done this, he would have unified the West at a stroke! Furthermore, he would have displayed true leadership.

All further policies should have stemmed from the simple fact that Islam was at war with the West.

Very unfortunately, this was not done; so the ridiculous concept of ‘Islamism’ was born – an idea conceived to let Muslims off the hook, and to let our leaders off the hook, too. This way, they could start to wage their ‘War on Terror’. This war is one which is destined to go on and on and on. The terror they refer to is actually the Jihad in action. The jihad, or holy war, is the tool used by Muslims worldwide to bring Islam to the rest of what Muslims consider the ‘chaotic, jahiliyyic, un-Islamized regions of the world. We should note, and with urgency, that the jihad in history has been employed with great success wherever it has been waged.

Our leaders steadfastly refuse to accept this simple fact. Mssrs Bush and Blair, please start listening to the people, and please, please, please grow a spine! Accept the inevitable, accept what will sometime have to be accepted if the West is to survive, namely that the Islamic world is at war with the West and all its values. You cannot, you simply cannot, duck out of this one, for to do so is a dereliction of your duties. Your first duty is to protect the very system that brought you into office – democracy; and in doing so, protect the people who entrusted you with the power you have over them. Till now, you have failed your electorates! Till now, you have failed to identify the enemy! Till now, you have therefore failed to do anything meaningful to stop the jihad, to stop the Islamization of the West!

You are failing to protect democracy! You are therefore failing the people!

©Mark Alexander


dag said...

I come to the concept of democracy from the other side, as it were, from the idea that it is not the greatness of democracy that we elect our own leaders but that we are our own leaders who have representatives of our collective-of-individual choosing. The governments of the West, I insist yet again, are not failing the people: the people are failing their governments. governments are not composed of people but are legal constructs that people use to organise public reality. We have no right or reason to blame this fool or that moron for our failings as the individuals who make or do not make our institutions workable to our best wants. Tony Blair didn't elect himself. Tony Blair won't elect himself. It will be those who sit at the pub complaining about the state of things while doing nothing more who will by default allow the election fo Blair and worse.

I've written some times heere and elsewhere about my experiences in mountain climbing. One might come away witht he wrong impression that I actually like it. I don't. It hurts, and it's frightening, it's dangerous, and at the end there's little to say about it. On top of all that, I am one lazy guy. I have the physical activity. It is no joy for me at all. I did it anyway until I could do it no longer at all. Idid it and now other miserable and painful things not because I like it but because I hate the idea of not doing it, of having others control my life. I'm ashamed to find myself on a bus or a lift when I could easily, or even with terrible difficulty, get to the same place under my own effort. So I climb and sweat and hurt and take risks of injury or death. I get to where others are, much later, dirty, sometimes bloody, cold, tired, hungry, in pain. So what? I do these things because I can and because it's my choice to take my own path for my own sake and for my own reward. I look at our nations, I see decay and horror, and I see myself slowly struggling up this mountain on my own to make a difference. I don't blame the lift attendant for the delay or the crash. I do on my own what I can and I win or lose on my own. In this case I win or lose democracy. If I win, I'll have only what others have, and I'll be sweaty, dirty, bloody, and in pain for nothing more than what others have. But I'll have earned mine. I won't take it from others, and I can't give it to others, but I can work for my own and no one can take it away. If I don't work for it and earn it myself, it's not real anyway.

We have these meetings on Thursday evenings in public. We sit out in the open and we say Islam is an evil poligion. We say things that upset others sitting around us. We take the chance of being attacked. So what? We win over and over again, and our victories are ours. We are democrats, and we are not beholden for that to anyone. No one to blame, no one to thank, no nothing for no one but we who do and do not.

I don't like the public bus. I don't trust the driver. I won't go that route. I'll climb on my own, and damn the rest. If, as I've seen too many times, the bus crashes and rolls down the hill side to turn into a mess of metal spaghetti and human meat balls, then too bad for them. If I fall, which I've done, I'll recover and climb again.

We'll meet at the Vancouver Public Library atrium on Thursday evening from 7-9:00 pm. We'll wear blue scarves. If you want to come and try to kill us, we're plainly visible. If you want to make your own way through your own life and have your own rewards from it, you'll join us wherever you might be. Or you can sit and hope someone else takes you comfortably to some place you'd like them to take you. Your choice. but don't complain. You get what you work for.

John Sobieski said...

Mark, it's a terrible problem. Look at the apathy of the European voter - the 'ennui.' Look at the pusillanimous dhimmis ruling Europe.

It's time to get involved. There are so many ways that do not take much time and effort. Everyone needs to set up a system for contacting your Senators or Representatives. Do you have your Senators' or Representatives' office phone numbers on your cell phone? Why not? Did you know that every opinion expressed, respectfully and with restraint :-), is noted, and a summary of those phone calls is given to your Senator or Rep? Do you have your Senators and Representatives in an email group folder so you can write them as a group or individually? Have you signed up for email and free faxes with many of the organizations like FAIR, NumbersUSA, etc that are against immigation invasion and are concerned about Europe and the monster growing in front of our eyes?

I'll do a post soon about this since I started from scratch myself. Add to my todo list!

friendlysaviour said...

There is a problem in this country the uk.
We do have politicos who have been elected almost by default, Dag.
Why? Because the people no longer believe in the intentions or abilities of those that govern us, to be able to honestly do what they were elected for.
This is a double problem.
The elctorate fail to turn out, the party faithful drum up the votes in the safe seats and hey-presto, you have the Tony Blair puppet show.
His party ranks of ex-liberals,socialists, ex-communists and newer additions of EU expansionists, followers of the global-trade mongers, and whatever hotchpotch has been cooked up using their forced policy to nominate MP's from both women and minorities, irrespective of ability, does nothing to inspire confidence.
What it does do, is give the Prime Mininster a coterie of anus sniffing mongrels that will bend to his will.
Those that stand against him on principals, are either booted out or have died young. (presumably through stress.)
Alongside these camp-followers are all the slimey slugs that slither up the greasy political pole whilst they and their families stick their snouts deepest in the trough.
MP's and their families have lined their pockets with Eurogeldt as several of them get nice cushy jobs in the Euroadministration, they get
very well paid plus free appartments, travel and all the usual tasty morsels these bloodsuckers assume is theirs by right.
These wetblanket wonders have no interest in their Countries future, they are willing to bow to any pressure as long as their pose remains politically correct.
They push this or that scheme for the sake of their own personal benefit.
Neil Kinnock, onetime Labour leader before he got his mealticket as transport- groupenfurhrer for the EU, now wants to spend billions converting the UK from MILES to KILOMETRES on all our roadsigns.
We are perfectly happy with miles, but it does not conform to the projected EuroStadt that his chums in Strasburg want.
No thought for the cost to the environment of all the metal, plastic and concrete that will have to be scrapped and replaced. All this while they crow about "carbon-trading."
What a load of bollocks, is the most apropriate phrase that comes to mind.
I read that the Kinnock family has cost in total about £34,000.000 in their eurocracy jobs.
We have a minister who wanted to flood the UK with super-casinos, and now she is embroiled with her husband, an international lawyer, in a massive bribe scandal with a Euro PM.
The list of such matters would fill a very thick book.
We did not vote for this, even those poor hopefuls who thought Blair was somehow different, and a better man than those gone before.
Is it any wonder that Democracy is not found to be appealing to the lands of Meusli?
No doubt this problem is replicated everywhere, and the best we can do is vote them out as soon as possible. Does that leave us hoping once more that the next guy doesn't foul up? I guess it does but at least there are remedies in the voting system.
This despite it's failimgs, is infinately better than a system that does not allow dissent or contrary voices. Which forces each section of society to play a narrow role. A system that provides no hope of change and relies on a continuum of conformity and enforces it with the harshest of penalties or death.
Yes, give me a good old lying two faced politician anyday, I can call him names and ridicule him, and as yet there is not much they can do about it.
It's called "free-speech"
It is all that stands between us and oppression.
We all know the alternatives offered by the rop.

Mark said...


I come to the concept of democracy from the other side, as it were, from the idea that it is not the greatness of democracy that we elect our own leaders but that we are our own leaders who have representatives of our collective-of-individual choosing.

I don't think it's that simple. Once the elected are in power, they ride rough shod over the people who voted them into office.

What I would like to see is a man (woman?) emerge that has the courage to actually lead. Leadership is what I am talking about. Churchill was a true leader. Blair is not. Blair just happens to hold the office of leader.

True leaders have vision, charisma, and the courage and determination to turn their vision into relaity. They are not governed by the opinion polls, as Clinton was, for example. (Clinton, though, was not alone; indeed, he was/is one of very many similar politicians today.)

A good leader can move mountains!

Mark said...


Mark, it's a terrible problem. Look at the apathy of the European voter - the 'ennui.' Look at the pusillanimous dhimmis ruling Europe.

It is a terrible problem indeed. There is much apathy and ennui in the voters in Europe. But it is actually understandable, since many people feel powerless to stop what's going on.

The UK is not as voter-friendly as the States is, I feel. The establishment is very entrenched there.

The rulers of Europe are truly dhimmitudinous. It's sickening! It's time they grew a backbone!

Mark said...


There's so much truth in what you say here. So much!

On balance, do you think it was a bad move for the UK to get into the EU?

friendlysaviour said...

Mark, ..
alas, alas for poor old Ted Heath. He should have stuck to sailing and conducting music, both of which he was good at.
Joining the EU was thought to be a way of creating a strong trading block, I think.
It suited post-war Germany and France, certainly.
We were wrong, I would say, to abandon our Commonwealth partners such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Before the word "GlobalTrade was used, the UK was already a global trader. We should not have given away so many good things to join EU.
We would have gained more strength and respect if we had stood by some old principals.
I think the politicians of the 50's, 60's and 70's wanted to move away from the wartime leftovers as soon as possible. Who can blame them.
I guess it will be always so, that in hindsight we see the errors of our ways.
I don't know for sure but I believe W.S.C. was in favour of a more united EUrope, but I bet he did not see it developing like it has. I imagine he saw Europe unified as a bulwark against either communism or facism. He was after all very old and tired from his supreme war-efforts. I cannot blame people of that era having hope for a United Europe.
Did they dream, however that it would become a gravy-train of thousands of beaureaucrats, desperately trying to justify their existence, and their huge paypackets.
I dread to think what sickening scandals lie just under the surface of so many of these maggots, masquerading as cultured Europeans listening to Beethoven in their dinner suits.
Ludwig would have vomited over them.
Wolfgang Amadeus would have shagged their wives.
Sorry Amadeus. How crude of me.
It is just the thought of the kinnokio roadshow doing his turn down Brussels way that irks me.
He should have stuck to doing the Blackpool Tower Summer Season, perhaps with Jim Davidson.
I apologise to any American readers as I'm sure this all sounds like so much Kak.
Well, Mark,... you did ask what I thought, teehee.

Mark said...


...alas, alas for poor old Ted Heath. He should have stuck to sailing and conducting music, both of which he was good at.

Remember the mutual feeling between Maggie and him? :-) They hated each other with a passion!

We were wrong, I would say, to abandon our Commonwealth partners such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Yes, Bld, I fear you are right. The EU isn't doing such good things to the UK. We are losing everything that was British about Britain. But most importantly of all, we are losing -nay, have already lost! - our freedom to govern ourselves as we wish. There are too many tiers of government, too.