Saturday, March 25, 2006

"Paris Burning! II" Coming Soon To a TV Near You

A little more is leaking out about what is going on in Paris despite the herculean effort by the dhimmi press.

Strike sends France closer to abyss - The Scotsman

FRANCE faces a week of chaos with a strike set to paralyse a nation already shaken by furious protests against new employment laws.

And criminal gangs [Muslims] from Paris have begun a spate of crimes in the centre of the city while police are occupied with the protest marches.

Horrified Parisians have found themselves the victims of robberies and violence even in some of the smartest areas of the city and some of the best-known tourist spots. [Definitely a booster for Le Pen although he has been acting weird lately working deals with the Muslims.]

Britons have been warned by the Foreign Office to avoid Paris because of the risk of violence.

Student leaders yesterday snubbed an invitation to talks with Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, dramatically increasing the likelihood of further strife this week.

Villepin made the new plea for talks yesterday, saying he was ready to discuss the most contentious points of a youth jobs plan that has sparked repeated violent protests and the strike action. He also proposed more scholarships for students to help them between graduation and their first jobs. {Where do I sign up for that?! Sounds great. A scholarship but you don't go to school or work.]
"I hope that, through dialogue, we can rapidly find a solution," Villepin said.

The leading high school and university student unions had refused to meet Villepin and delivered him a letter instead. The students said they were angry that Villepin said he was ready only to discuss changes to, not withdrawal of, the law - which makes it easier for companies to hire, and fire, young workers

"This is serious: it's a joke to propose dialogue in this manner," said Julie Coudry, president of the Student Confederation. The largest student association, UNEF, also refused talks, while two smaller, less representative student unions agreed to meet Villepin. [These students want the social utopia of the 50s, early 60's. ]

The lack of any breakthrough left France facing the prospect of increased chaos amid widespread transport disruptions in Tuesday's strike.


Villepin said he is ready to discuss modifying its most criticised aspects: the length of the trial period and the conditions of how employers would break off a job contract.

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday urged unions and the government to reach a compromise through Villepin's offer for talks.

"I urge all the parties involved to take this outstretched hand because nobody, and I mean nobody, will come out a winner if there are no discussions and no compromise," he told party members.

Sarkozy's appeal for calm on both sides will be seen as a thinly veiled snub to Villepin. The two are bitter political rivals.

In total, there have been 1,420 arrests and 453 police officers injured since clashes first broke out on March 11, Sarkozy added.

In addition to the prospect of continued student protests and this week's strikes, the authorities are having to contend with the spectre of disaffected youths [Muslims] from the outskirts of Paris coming into the centre of the city to wreak havoc. Last summer and autumn France's suburban youths rioted on a nightly basis, burning cars and buildings and hurling missiles at police. The belief is now that these same groups of youths are heading for the centre to commit crimes, hoping that police will be tied up overseeing the students. [Just scaring the scrap out of the infidels and getting a little booty..that kind too.]

While the authorities regard both the students [social utopians] and the suburban youths [Muslims] as a challenge to be kept under control, the youths [Muslims] have had no qualms about attacking the students [social utopians], whom they regard as being another kind of target.

Youths [Muslim] with baseball bats have attacked students and others hurled concrete chunks at riot police, who responded with baton charges and tear gas.

Violence has flared in the shadow of such famous tourist spots as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, and districts such as the upmarket 7th arrondissement.

British travellers have been warned to avoid some of France's most popular tourist spots as a result of the disturbances.

The Foreign Office was urging Britons to check where demonstrations were expected to take place, and stay clear of planned protests.

It also warned that travel plans may be disrupted by next week's mass strikes.

The Foreign Office updated its advice to travellers to France in the light of the continuing protests. The advice reads: "Demonstrations against the French government's new employment law, some of which have become violent with missiles being thrown and cars and property being set alight and destroyed, continue to take place in some parts of central Paris, some of the city's suburbs and in other cities throughout France.

"Employee and student unions have called for a further day of mass demonstrations and strikes throughout France on Tuesday 28 March 2006 which may disrupt some essential services, including transport links.

"You are advised to check the latest position with your operator and to avoid any areas where demonstrations are planned or taking place," the Foreign Office added.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman said the advice was meant to be descriptive rather than proscriptive and people were encouraged to decide for themselves whether to travel or not.

[Let me be clear. France's tourist industry is about to collapse when Paris goes up in flames. It's coming now. The Musulmans believe they are ready to unleash their terror. Weather's getting better. The first razza was a great success.]


dag said...

I've predicted twice now over the past number of months that by mid-April France will begin a new revolution along the lines of the previous biggies such as in 1789, 1848, 1871, and 1968.

My argument is based on weather. In another two weeks the weather in Paris will warm sufficiently to allow young men to congregate out of doors in the evenings. Having had the winter to meet indoors and to brag about their previous exploits against the state and the French people, to have had time to romanticise and expand their roles in the last bout, they will now be emboldened by the lack of Frrench resolve first time out, and they will have soties to enflame their little minds, making them eager to out-do others in coming battles.

Look at the housing conditions in the so-called suburbs: Muslims live in extremely crowded quarters, having often to sleep in shifts to make room. Whem young men leave the flat in the night for the warm air of Spring, they will find excitemnt and adventure in the rioting they feel from past pracitce that they can get away with. There's nothing to stay home for, and nothing to go home to. They live in a state of atomic reality, each moment being psychologically unconnected to any other, so that they can do something one minute and not think about it the next, like burning, looting, or even killing. And I ague that they will, moreso as the time progresses and the weather becomes hotter, very hot in the middle of summer when the least active will retreat in July to sleep on the rooftops.

I suggest that by August, France will be under a state of martial law, the army possibly overthrowing the government, and the yoots in full armed confilict with the state as it is.

This, according to my speculation, will lead to sympathy riots among Muslims across Eurpoe and also across the Muslim world, a la the cartoonifada.

I raise this issue because I seek employment in Paris. I have some skills that might make me welcome in certain curcumstances.

If anyone has concrete ideas or offers, please leave my a note at no dhimitude.

Thank you. Dag.

hutchrun said...

Muslims and leftists totalitarians destroy France’s millennium Christian legacy

If the French populate is abandoned by its government, it will defend itself. However books and manuscripts can not defend themselves.

The state has failed in its 3 major missions:
1- To protect its territory.
2- To protect its citizens and their goods.
3- To protect and to transmit its cultural and religious heritage.

friendlysaviour said...

dag,..."I suggest that by August, France will be under a state of martial law, the army possibly overthrowing the government, and the yoots in full armed confilict with the state as it is."
Eventually, I think the Gallic Fortitude will come to the fore, after much trouble.
It may take very serious rioting, but eventually the people will unite and attack the common enemy. It will take some shaking to wake the French up.
As, if, and when it happens,then there could be a strong reaction.
"I suggest that by August, France will be under a state of martial law, the army possibly overthrowing the government, and the yoots in full armed confilict with the state as it is."
If the army takes matters into it's own hands I believe the reaction will be AGAINST the rioters, because the State and Chirac will fail to act for fear of worse to come.
I concur with your view that at the point when we see the police start using real force, we will be faced with a kind of dispersed "Tionaman"? Square situation.
The Al Arab and Ja zeera cameras will selectively show injured mossie as they are carted off from the battle front.
WE could see a repeat of "Palestine" the movie, play out on the boulevards.
The moslim Ummah will probably cut oil supplies to Europe to divide the infidel. Americaa will stand back because of the lack of support Bush got from Chirac.
UK will try to placate the mislims at home and we will probably see some outbreaks of trouble here in uk.
I believe we will see some of the mossy gun-arsenal be broken out of storage with some random, and targetted attacks.
This will cause chaos for the police who are not equipped sufficiently.
If things don't cool quickly due to some factors, then we will see moslim activists traveling in from the rest of Europe to join the Jihad. We will of course see European assets around the world being attacked.
Strangely that may leave America in a kind of vaccuum, unable to get involved but with the heat taken off her as Europe gets a dose of the waves of love and pieces of schrapnel that the mislim umah has reserved for us.
Yes martial Law will be the only option but as the Right and other Opposition to the jihad goes onto the street, then it is as lkely that the State will attack the Resistance as much or more than the jihad.
What a F...... mess it could turn out to be.
I don't know if I can fully endorse this year as being the launch-point of the European jihad, but I definitely feel there is more than a 50% chance of the opening scenes being rehearsed.
dag,.. these skills, are you an urban warfare spcialist? Do you know a few thousand more? France will need all the help it can get.
I sincerely hope that Chirac and co. have got some advance planning sorted out. Or they may get caught with their collective chorduroy pants around their ankles.
Democracy will be tested to see whether it has the mettle to survive. We could see big camps being set up to hold the arrested combatants. The world-publicity will be very negative. France will be accused of being nazi towards moslims and this could be the excuse for an attack by the jihad on some important assets, like one of the Many nuc. powr staions . I personally would put a ring of Patriots and Navy-type fast firing gattling guns around every such major asset, right now. If I was Chirac, I would not be waiting.
Such action would give a new sense of committment to The majority French populace and set the limits of tolerance against the jihad.
Any such attack would hurt the rest of EU very badly. Look at Chernobyl. There are still Welsh sheep farmers who are unable to sell product due to fall-out, all those years ago.
If the political classes of Europe do not get their snouts out of the trough, we my see desperate reaction using the French deterrent, (recently modified to be used in a non-annihilating way to knock out electronics with EMP burst at high altitude, but who will they target? It could escalate out of all reason)
Well dag,... holy sheesh kebabs, I certainly went out on a tangent with this one.
Have we learnt enough from the "cartoon-protests" yet?
The jihad is primed and the tinder is dry. I hope if it kicks off, that we shall capitalise on the results, if we are able, to put an end to these tendrils of dry-rot that have inveigled their way into the structure of Europe.
John, ..thahks for yet more thought provoking post.
Lets loolk on the bright side, Nature may have some surprise that will affect the outcomes.
Lets face it, it may pour with rain all Summer!
It's happened before and then those bed bugs will just stay at home.
We can hope.

Always On Watch said...

Hutchrun's three points are accurate, IMO.

I believe that Paris will see hand-to-hand combat in the streets, but I also believe that the media will continue to use euphemisms so as not to alert the rest of the West to the truth. Already here in the U.S., people whom I consider to be quite informed don't believe that Islam has anything to do with the present riots in France.

Cubed © said...


Don't you just LOVE the euphemism, "youths"? The driving force of the Paris riots is the Muslims; between the socialist stance of France, which always has greater employment problems than more capitalist societies, and the fact that the Muslims refuse to assimmilate (read: make themselves useful in the society where they have taken up residence), they - the Muslims - form the majority of the ones who would be affected by the "perform or get fired" law. Given their Bedouin-like revenge-counter-revenge orientation and their volatility, OF COURSE they will trash their neighbors' property and kill them, if necessary. It's only natural...

Of course, it's also only natural that visitors will spend their money elsewhere. If you want to see the Louvre, get a coffee-table book.


Well stated re: weather as a factor. The first biggie came at the tail end of the Little Ice Age, after decades of cereal crop failures. Unfortunately, they wouldn't break with tradition and eat potatos, which thrived in the colder climate, because potatos were "ugly," even though the king tried to set a good example by eating them himself. Starvation, self-inflicted or not, is a powerful motivator.

I sure hope that watching their city burn is at least as great a motivator.

I shall watch for "warm weather" activities with interest. It's always been the "campaign season" in temperate climates, so it makes sense that the boys will go out to play then.

I'm utterly intrigued by your proposed "employment." I used to hate the movie "Deliverance," which I have never even seen, but now I think I will buy a copy and take notes.

BTW, I bought myself a small length of blue ribbon, and fashioned a little pin out of it to wear on my clothing. Not as visible as a scarf, but I've already had a couple of people ask me to explain it. I'd LOVE to see a plastic stickie blue ribbon to apply to cars, too, like the ones for cancer and support the troops.

"I believe that Paris will see hand-to-hand combat in the streets"

One can always hope, AOW, one can always hope.

"...people whom I consider to be quite informed don't believe that Islam has anything to do with the present riots in France."

Incroyable! I hope we don't have to hit bottom before we launch an appropriate response.


Looks as if we are doing the same thing along our own borders. Long live the Minutemen! If you want a job done right, do it yourself.

That's where AOW's suggestion that there might be hand-to-hand combat in the streets of Paris comes in; since the government of France is far too dandified to engage in messy jobs like self-defense, and won't perform as mandated in their job descriptions, it will be up to the citizens to do the job.


"yoots." LOVE that! What movie was that? I remember seeing it, but not the name. It was SO FUNNY!

"...eventually the people will unite and attack the common enemy."

Let's keep our fingers crossed.

You said, "I personally would put a ring of Patriots and Navy-type fast firing gattling guns around every such major asset, right now"

Like I said, if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself. Good luck, you guys.

Duffy said...

As the tourism industry goes, so goes France. It is a huge, huge piece of their economy. It is the number one tourist destination in Europe and number one for Americans. Take away those dollars and they're in a tailspin very quickly.

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