Thursday, March 16, 2006

Prostitution, the Islamic Way

It turns out that good ole Mo in his own wonderful style made prostitution legal and fine in that "religion" of his. It pretty much exclusively favors men, of course, and treats women as disposable objects. Who'd have thunk it?

The 1400 year-old practice of muta'a - "ecstasy" in Arabic - is as old as Islam itself. It was permitted by the [alleged] prophet Mohammed as a way to ensure a respectable means of income for widowed women (and of course pleasure for men). Pleasure marriages were outlawed under Saddam Hussein but have begun to flourish again.

The contracts lasting anywhere from one hour to 10 years, generally stipulate that the man will pay the women in exchange for sexual intimacy. Now some Iraqi clerics and women's rights activists are complaining that the contracts have been less a mechanism for taking care of widows than an outlet for male sexual desires.

Shites and Sunnis both permit men to take more than one permanent wife, but the rival branches of Islam are deeply split over the pleasure marriages. Most Shiite scholars today consider it religiously legal. Shiite lawmakers want Iraq's new constitution to give muta'a formal legal protection as under Sharia, or Islamic law. Sunni Arabs and Kurds, who are mainly Sunni, oppose the idea. But the practice is growing among Sunnis and Shiites alike.

Sunni scholars fear that giving official sanction to pleasure marriages - many of which are only verbal agreements between the couple - are little more than legalized prostitution that could lead to a collapse of moral values, especially among young people. "We have reports about one-hour pleasure marriages that are flourishing among students," says a Sunni imam.

A woman agreeing to a pleasure marriage that involves a one-time encounter might be able to count on about $100. For a muta'a that runs longer, she might be paid $200 a month, though amounts vary widely. (A women) says, "All my friends who have done this have told me they got married in this way just to meet their sexual desires, but later on they started to love that man, and he does not accept to get married permanently....Most of the men, at the end of the contract, feel contempt towards the women."

Contracts for pleasure marriage strongly favor men. Married women can't enter into a muta'a, although a married man can. Men can void the contract at any time; women don't have that option unless it's negotiated at the outset. The couple agrees not to have children. The women who unintentionally gets pregnant can have an abortion but must then pay a fine to a cleric.

To many pleasure marriages are legitimate in God's eyes. They bring responsibility and formality to what would otherwise be squalid and sinful, As one said, "There is a noble goal in this kind of marriage, it's to eradicate moral corruption."

Eradicate moral corruption? Hilarious!!


Chris said...

Since those Muslim lads like group sex and orgies why dont they turn to paganism? At least Zeus-Jupiter wont ask them to bomb anyone while Dionissus will always be happy to share a glass of wine or a spliff with them and to have as many lovers as they want!

Romans liked orgies and it seems that those ppl are on the wrong religion. AVE!

John Sobieski said...

Prostitution will be with mankind for eternity. Personally, I don't think there is any fair solution. Should it be ignored as in America or regulated as in the Netherlands? Islam's method of dealing with it obviously results in abuse and discrimination. There is no real solution.

Chris said...

Like every job, prostitution -that is the oldest profession - shall be recognized and treated like every other job

friendlysaviour said...

AJ,..great post. I read about this before but it seems to ludicrous to
It makes us no-good heathen devil-worshipping unclean kafirs seem positively moralistic!
So perhaps life under the lash of islam might be ok for us oversexed westeners,.. oh!
I just remembered, under sharia law this will only apply to them and us poor unbelievers, weeelll....
I think we might just find ourselves on the receiving end, as it were!
Can you imagine the new line in dating agences,,, "nice respecting girl, wltm a nice respectful man,...
with a view to marriage. (At $100 per hour, no kafirs please)"
Doesn't it all stink of hippocracy?
Chris, your comments just get better and better.
Can you sign me up with Dioniisus?

Papa Ray said...

They are way overpaid, I can get a BJ for $20.00 and most anything else for $50.00.

They even supply the condoms.

Papa Ray
West Texas

friendlysaviour said...

pr.. you is a bad boy!

Avenging Apostate said...

The practice of muta'a was made a part of Mohammed's sick religion when his band of murderers were away from home in battlefield and didn't have their wives/concubines with them.

A bunch of them, without asking Mohammed, had sex with some captured women. One of them said, 'We should have asked Mohammed, since he is among us--we should be sure we're not sinning against Allah'.

When they approached Mohammed and told him what they had done, he told them it was alright. He gave them the authority to have sex with captured women and then sell them off into slavery.

Not only his followers but Mohammed, who had at least 13 wives and countless concubines (of which only 4 names are known), did the same.

In Mohammed's time, under his barbaric rule, women didn't even get the $200 or equivalent, they, instead, were sold into slavery and into a life of untold deprivations and horror.

'Religion of peace and harmony that provides women equal rights...', my ass!

dag said...

I have a photo of a young American soldier in Irak who stands beside to young boys holding asign for him. It reads:

Cpl. X. from X killed our father and knocked-up our sister.

My postion is that if it were true it would be a good thing-- if the American married the girl and stayed and raised children to be Americans. I want Americans to move en masse to Irak and shoot all the fathers and knock-up all the girls and live for permanent and make Irak as American as Texas or Idaho.

Why bring people from Third World hell-holes to America? America is in the mind. Let us go forth and take the States to the world. Not a convenience, not a sham, and not a bloody awful girl killing Muslim left standing at the end of the day.

If we're better men than the Muslims we have to do better for the duration not just by the hour or the tour. Muslim girls are as good as any others, and they deserve men as goood as they can find. They sure as hell won't find men among their own.

fatwame said...

'if the American married the girl and stayed and raised children to be Americans. I want Americans to move en masse to Irak and shoot all the fathers and knock-up all the girls and live for permanent and make Irak as American as Texas or Idaho.'

Gosh, sounds just like what the romans did when they invaded britain... it stopped us performing human sacrifices and we evolved from other barbaric practices.

so yeah... good idea.

now, would anyone like to confirm what I have heard and that is that, an iman can divorce a man from his wife before entering a brothel, and then remarry him on exit... is this true?

Mike Jericho said...

Great find!

Chris said...

Blb, of course mate, maybe we can arrange an orgy with our muslim 'friends'. Nevertheless an Islamic country like Albania and of course the great caliphates of kossovo and bosnia have ended up the trafficing and heroine hubs of europe. probably allah loves women and dope.

friendlysaviour said...

chris.. thanks for that, I'm on my way, but leave out the m.friends!
Know any good places for sale?
serious though, it does seem that islam will co-operate with any gangsters if that will help the jihad.
Tens of thousands of kids in Europe get hooked on "brown" by pakistan heroin gangs and the same kids are used to get money and goods using stolen credit cards. They have made fortunes out of it. In the process they have ruined thousands of lives and families.
When it is convenient these same gangsters will "get religious" and tell us we are all corrupt infidel kafirs.

Chris said...

yeah, those ppl are so confused!one the one hand they are conservative and on the other they promote drugs and traficking