Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Special Guest at Apostate’s House--The Fortune Teller

Yesterday we had a fortune teller over at our house. The dude, who was all of 25 years old, claimed that he had fought the infidels in Afghanistan as a Jihadist. After his trial by fire, he had then become a disciple of a devout Moslem fortuneteller, who had taught him the art of fortunetelling. Well, that was his story, at any rate.

Anyway, once he was in our living room, he went into one of those special moments called the fortuneteller trance. He started murmuring that there will come a time, very soon, when all Americans and Europeans will convert to Islam and will then annihilate Israel and kill all the Jews in the world. And when they’re done with that, all the Moslems of Arabia and elsewhere will kill the Americans and Europeans, and then there will be peace. Nice vision, eh? He also said that the time for this was coming soon—he ‘knew’ this because Mohammed said, he told us, that when people with the facial features of Mongolians will overrun Arabia--that’ll be the sign of the end-times.

Furthermore, he told my parents that I will be a king. That felt good at first, really—but then when I thought about it later, it was all bullshit, because the ‘fortuneteller’ obviously had no idea about my big secret … or he would have told my parents right away that I wasn’t a Moslem. ‘Knower of the unknown’, yeah right!

Fortunetellers have a special place in Islamic culture, and they have a very special place in Pakistani culture. These people are usually held in the highest regard, even more than the cleric of the local mosque. They often know the Koran by heart. Sick people trust them more than they do the doctors, and if they are healed, they give these fortunetellers a lot of money and countless gifts.

Islamic fortunetellers are Sufis, but as they follow the Koran to the letter, they are actually following a mix of Sufism and Wahabism. There are, however, some fortunetellers who are just Sufis, but you don’t see this sort very often.

When someone casts magic (which is something I personally don’t believe in) on somebody, it is the fortunetellers that supposedly remedy it. But then, if someone wants somebody punished, they come to the fortunetellers. Fortunetellers claim they don’t use magic, but they use the Koran. So it is the holy book of the religion of peace that is used to hurt others. Wow!

As I have seen countless times in my own life, there is no spirituality in the day-to-day practices of Islam. But when it comes to the (not so well) hidden agenda of Islam, a spirituality of sorts creeps in. In the creepiest forms and shapes, it takes over this religion of death. All of a sudden, such spirituality carries a new meaning. This spirituality is no longer about the peace of mind or giving others comfort, but it is about winning the war against the infidels no matter what.

In the fortuneteller’s own words, in my family’s house, he told us this: “My father married an African woman. She has placed black magic on him so she can get his money. We (Moslems) don’t have magic; we use the Koran and we are using that to punish our enemies. The punishment of the Koran and Allah is most severe.” To this, my parents nodded knowingly and in approval.

Now, there has been voodoo and stuff like that in Africa for ages. So, what is so important about the Islamic version of voodoo? It is because the African religions have never wanted their followers to take over the world. Islam, on the other hand, flatly says that as long as there is ‘fitnah’ (literally, polytheism—commentators of the Koran say that this means any religion other than Islam), the killings must continue until Islam is victorious. And if a bit of Islamic black magic helps this along, so much the better.

What will happen the day American Moslems start believing in this crap? Maybe they do already. I don’t believe in the power of magic, and I sure as hell don’t believe in the sick power of the Koran. But it is the belief of the Moslems that matters. Just as I explained the effect of mosques on Moslems in a recent post, this manic sort of spirituality is similar in its effects. The power of the Koran’s words, the affect of these words on those who believe, exists and must be reckoned with.

To many in the West, it is strange how Moslems feel so comfortable on their path to death. Well, I know how and why they feel that. They believe that if they have even one word from the Koran, written in a special way by a special person of Allah, in their pockets, hanging around their necks—they can achieve anything they want. With such things, they are the kings of this world and they can trample anyone under their feet. Their true victory, as they see it, might not be in defeating their enemy. But when someone kills them or if they die while doing something for Allah, they attain martyrdom, and eternal bliss.

And who is Allah’s special person who writes that one word from the Koran in a special way? Although some do it on their own, I must admit, it is the Islamic fortune tellers for most Moslems.

Now, someday, when I get my freedom and my own home, the first thing I will do is invite an Islamic fortune teller over. I will believe in the guy only if he knows beforehand that I am going to be kicking his butt real bad. We’ll see then!


John Sobieski said...

We have our own 'fortune tellers' here, they are called psychics. One particular annoying one is John Edwards, a very slick guy who talks to dead 'love ones.' These guys get rich and when I see them on Larry King or someother show, that host just falls off a cliff in my opinion. Then every city of a decent size has some little house along some street that is transitioning to all commercial with a Fortune Teller sign out front. Obviously there are people who want to pay for it. I guess its universal.

Always On Watch said...

Avenging Apostate,
So much for the peaceful Sufis. I used to believe that we didn't need to worry about them. I don't believe that any longer and came to that conclusion some time back. This post confirms what I knew.

...all Americans and Europeans will convert to Islam...

I've got some news for this fortune teller. That is not going to happen! His vision is not a vision at all--just his own wishful and twisted thinking.

I know a great number of Christian holdouts. I am one of them.

God bless you, AA!

dag said...

Sufis are the worst of the lot. Churchill writes of them in the River War about the Battle at Omdurman where they died like flies by the hour, and then they died some more afterward, except, of course, the successor to the Madhi who dressed up like a woman, fled on a donkey, was tracked down and hanged.

Sufis are not laid-back hippie Muslims. They are the most fanatical of any I've ever met. All that trance is Islamic madness condenced. They are very scary people. Kowing that leaves us prepared for them.

Like you story, mate. Lots of fun to read.

Anum Mahktar said...

avenging apostate, I aren't the Canadian woman whose story I told. Her story has been reprinted from the web. Hers was merely of view that is your future

Anum Mahktar said...

Always On Watch said...

Disturbing story here.

Always On Watch said...

Stephen Schwartz has been promoting Sufism.

friendlysaviour said...

Avenging A,...
I would like to confirm the existence of such moslim fortunetellers in the uk.
They are often African moslims, and advertise on small hand-bills posted through doors around Towns where they live.
Mostly using mobile phones, they promise more or less any kind of result you wish for.
Passing exams, getting well, finding lost ones, relieving the "evil eye", and even promising a little dark magic against enemies.
I believe that what you decribe is confirmation of the background to the times of mohammed and his followers.
Considering nothing about the revelations has been changed in 1400 years, I guess it follows that many other superstitions and practices have remained frozen in time.
It has been said before that islam appears to be a concoction of notions taken from the pagan past of the bedhuin people. The belief in Djjinns, or genies as we know them is still prominent.
Black magic and the evil eye are superstitions they still carry with them.
This may be an advantage in someways to those who oppose them.
A religion that proposes that the hair of dogs and cats becomes "unclean" when it falls from the animals body, seems to me to be fundamentally weak, and capable of all manner of superstition.
Can we imagine the susceptibility of the moslim mind to these ideas of magic? Are psyops looking into the destabilising possibilties this exposes them towards?
Of course moslims exposed to western concepts and technologies will be less sensitive, but a mind that can be convinced to destroy it's host-body is already mentally primed to believe ideas that must be taken as factual without the possibility of experimental research or proof.
Any academic work done on the koran from within, must always end with the result that proves it's true.
Any other result would be an apostacy and the researcher would suffer the consequences.
Binlina himself is a Himmler-type who believes his own self-created fantasies that he is chosen for god's purpose of bringing about the "End of Times" in which the moslims are handed control of the world and live on the fat of the land for the period in which the mahdi comes to live on earth and announce the eternal rule of islam.
B L has the looks similar to the descriptions of the the returning one, certainly enought to make many simpler moslim folk take notice.
The prophesies describe this "messia" as leading the moslims from the mountains into battle against the infidel soldiers and vanquishing them.
At the same time it describes what may be an (nuclear) explosion at the dome of the great mosque at Damascus.
What is going on in iraq is a kind of attempt to manifest the conditions of the prophesies.
Indeed, they may get what they want, but with different consequences than they imagine.
The perpetuaters of these ideas are crazy enought to nuke one of their own cities, if they thought they could blame it on the US and therby "prove" to the faithful that the Time had come and drag the World into the great confrontation between the moslim and the "others."
Whatever one believes to be the facts about this kind of black-magic, it certainly forewarns us of the dangers we are confronted with.

dag said...

Yes, Schwartz is a sufi, and he tries to pass himslef off as an ageing California hippie, a cool guy who charms the youngsters with his hipness. That one is a snake. He's a slick snake too. I don't have any details at hand but now that I think about it I'll see if I can find my note and make it clearer. Thanks for the reminder.

Always On Watch said...

BLD: all manner of superstition

Superstition is the enemy of true faith.

Avenging Apostate said...

Hers was merely of view that is your future.

I am not sure what you mean by that exactly but if that means I will convert to Islam someday, well forget about it.

Keep praying to your sick Allah...It would have been fun if he were something/someone alive/with life though.