Sunday, March 05, 2006

Testing Your Dhimmi Radar

Gays have gaydar. You know, they can spot another gay person in a few seconds. Now that you have seen many dhimmis parade across your video screen accusing you of 'islamophobia', Do you think you can spot the dhimmi if he speaks in a foreign language? hmmh has a posting about another one of the writers, Maryam Namazie, who signed the Manifesto. She spoke to a Danish TV newsmagazine.

Before I tell you anymore, watch this video of her discussion with the journalist in English, followed by two University professors discussing Islam in Danish. Of these two professors, which is Dhimmi even though you cannot understand a word he or she says? The video is about 8 minutes total with Maryam Namzie the signatory to the Manifesto first and about 5 minutes long.

Maryam Namazie - definitely not a dhimmi.

Is he the dhimmi? Rasmus Boserup - Copenhagen Univ.

Is she the dhimmi? Tina Magaard - Arhus Univ.

Watch The Video Now Before Going to hmmh's site

Now go to hmmh's site and read his tranlation of what they said.
hmmh -Another video by a Muslim woman

The West is infested with dhimmis!


friendlysaviour said...

Infested with cockaroaches

Always On Watch said...

Do we get this type of discussion on our televisions here in America? Mostly, I watch the talking heads tippy-toe around the danger which Islam poses.

Maybe it's my imagination, but since Prince Alaweed invested in FNC, discussions there have become more dhimmitudinal. Excuses, excuses--that's what I hear.

freedom said...

You are right about the dhimmi radar.
The guy is the dhimmi.

MissingLink said...

I must say I got it right.

Pim's Ghost said...

My "Future Dhimmis of the West" radar is functioning very well! I will not be a dhimmi in the West. Never. I will fight to my last breath. To paraphrase Scarlett O'Hara, "As God is my witness, we will never be dhimmis again!"

fido said...

Oh how true it is, not a day go's by without a dhimmi coming up to fawn before the head choppers.

kepiblanc said...


A poster advertising a new book, titled "What is Islam", has been banned from Copenhagens busiest railway station in order to "not stir up additional unrest".

The irony of this absurdity is that the author of named book, Mr. Joergen Baek Simonsen, is a well-known uber-dhimmi, frequently appearing on national TV trying to convince the ignorant masses that Islam is really a religion of peace, love and tolerance....

The publisher of Mr. Simonsen's book is a bit surprised: "this book is certainly well-balanced and not offensive towards Islam". Undoubtedly.

Now, instead of calming things down, the decision to ban the poster is sure to restart the flame war between those in favor of censorship and those not.

moskeptical said...

i didn't even have to watch the video...