Thursday, March 09, 2006

Two Heroes That Would Make Great Movies for Hollywood

I have been commenting on the sad state of the movie industry at There's no need to rehash that since everyone knows how Hollywood rides in a different orbit than the rest of us plebeians, the 'Others' as the Muslims now say. While driving today I was thinking how can Hollywood get a new tune. After all, the lure of money and failure to get it with the current leftist movies will eventually override their craziness. There are many heroes in the centuries of Islamic conquest. Jan Sobieski, the inspiration for my anglicized penname, and
Charles Martel. These men did incredible things. They saved Europe. On top of that, their lives were absolutely a scriptwriter's dream come true. Struggle, valor, love, intrigue, bravery, glory, honor, trust. It's all there. Hollywood, redeem thyself.


friendlysaviour said...

"The Hammer and the Veil" part 1.

Martel's men had waited for six long days and nights, on high ground amid the treelined slopes, formed in a great phalanx, a square set formation within which the Frankish infantry, lightly protected but armed with mighty broad swords and battle axes, waited patiently.
After the passing of the sixth day, finally the haughty General Abdh Rahman engaged his mighty armoured cavalry and began succesive charges into the Frankish lines.
The men of Gaul stood their ground as the muslim hordes, eager to pillage the town of Tours, pressed their numerical advantage home. Out numbered three to one, the stout Frankish, descendants of the Norsemen, fought for their very lives as wave after wave of mail-clad Arabs hurtled at them on their mighty stallions.
"They shall not pass"
"NEVER SURRENDER" ..jamais reddition,went up the battle cries as the blood of the barbarian
cavalrymen was spilt upon the fields of France.
The Frankish swords honed sharp and true hacked their way through the 100,000 wild eyed Musselmen.
The future of Christendom, the sacred monastries, the future of Europe and it's freemen was at stake.
The brave heroes of the Gaullish forces then surrounded the Arab general, Rahman, and he tumbled down wrought in twain upon the soil of Gaul. That day the blood of 100000
Musselmen did feed the sacred earth of Gaul.
Not since Julius Ceasars battles with mighty Vercengetorix had so many lives been laid to rest.
Gual was free from the yoke of slavery to an alien call, no more did allawahakhbar sound across the smoking air, but drums and trumpets of celebration and bells of joy.
The Arabs ran for their lives, back accross the Pyrenees, harried by the few frankish cavalry.
SO The "Hammer" Charles Martel who would give life to his descendant the mighty Charlemain, cleansed the soil of foreign stain.
Forever his name remembered as the saviour of Europe and the Free World.
Let not his memory be despoiled by cowardice this day.
On with halbart, up with shield,
advance the mighty swords upon the enemy. Victory to the brave and resolute.
I drink a toast of cognac to our great hero, Charles MARTEL.

LIBERTE. mon amis, VICTOIRE et

dag said...

We here in Vancouver, Canada and in Alabama and in Illinois and in Australia and in so many other places this evening can't lay claim to any great feats of war but we can claim that we met the enemy head on in our struggle to defeat Islam and jihad by sitting in public to discuss the issue in an open and public forum. We won't be silent. Islam is an evil poligion, and we meet openly to say so.

We had our eight public meeting this evening of the Blue Revolution. We will not be silent. Others wil join tillwe are the massive majority, and then Islam will fade from fear of us.

Just by showing up in public to speak openly about Islam we do our small parts to defeat jihad. There's no grat trick involved. It's simply a matter of showing up and sitting openly in defiance of Islam and the pall of fear of being known as anti-jihad that does what we must do for now. We won't be silent.

Pastorius said...

I agree with you that eventually Hollywood will be forced to come around because of fiscal concerns. Over the past few years, there has been an influx of Christian filmakers, writers, directors, and this movement has resulted in successful movies such as Bruce Almighty and Hellboy.

Put this movement with the general movement towards conservatism and family post 9/11, the popularity of The Lord of the Rings vs. the vageuly anti-American flop King-Kong, and the continuing popularity of pro-American actors like Bruce Willis, and we will see a change forced by good ole' American capitalism.

I think there is a way in which Hollywood has actually been trying to go more conservative, it just hasn't been working. I think it might be that, to their warped sensibilities, movies like Kingdom of Heaven and Munich may be their attempt to reach out to people like you and I.

I know conservative Jews who are staunch supporters of Israel and AIPAC who thought that Munich was a good movie. Having read about it, I understand that it was a nest of vipers, but we must understand that to those who occupy the politically correct left, just showing Muslims with guns in their hands, contemplating killing Infidels and Jews is a kind of step forward.

Let me be clear, I think Hollywood is full of shit, and I do not go see their stupid movies anymore, but I do think they are attempting to change, and I think they will eventually be forced to.

Either that or they will have to severely cut back on their cocaine habits.

Cubed © said...

Oh boy, if only some talented script writers etc. came foreward, but none of the Big Boys would finance the effort, I would take some money out of my Social Security check and invest as heavily as I could. If there were enough of us who wanted to put something in the tin cups, we could probably get the thing out there, even if only as a DVD.

Art is so important in communicating values. That's why it's so tightly controlled in totalitarian societies like Islam and the Soviet Union etc.

I am not kidding about the idea of buying shares in an effort like this; if they could do it to build the Green Bay Packers a stadium, surely we could do it in this case!

friendlysaviour said...

cubed and pastorious....
Look how films formed an important part of the resistance to nazism during second world war.
Certainly in Britain they were vital in keeping up the spirits of the UK population whilst the bombs rained down.
The nazi film-propaganda machine continued to show normality even as the Reich crumbled around the german people.
Lessons will be learned from that period.
Hollywood must re-invent itself. Certainly, the film fananciers of West-Hollywood must think about their future.
Creative types are the first to crumble under pressure, No one will be immune from the creeping vine of sharia. When the tendrils start to squeeze the neck of Hollywood, then we will see a change of view, I sincerely hope.
If not, they will be making films for the new islamic caliphate of Caliphornia.
Welcome to Hollywood.

Dag...what you are doing is a good way forward.
Think on this, though.
If you go to my local shopping Centre to talk out loud,where you would be certainly the minority,if you were not arrested, or, if you were not beaten up or worse, right there and then, you would certainly be remembered for future attack by our religious friends.
Our political fools have allowed the ratio of rop to locals to increase to one third. The Brtish police are so PC, they would wait until you were bleeding to death before they bothered to come to your aid.
I speak as a recipient of the violence of rop.
Each must find their own protest according to circumstance. I admire your approach.
One day we will join you in your brave stance, I believe.