Monday, April 10, 2006

Brigitte Gabriel Recounts How Muslims Harassed and Threaten her at U. of Memphis

I am a bit stunned. Brigitte Gabriel is a lovely, charming woman. We are living in an ALIEN NATION. BTW, did you call your Congressman and Senator today and tell him to build that wall and stop Muslim immigration and not consider any guest worker or amnesty until AFTER the wall is AT LEAST half complete?

Muslims Muzzling U. of Memphis

Brigitte Gabriel

Universities, for those of us who lecture on campuses, are the battleground for the heart and soul of the next generation of leaders. They are the battleground where we must fight to win back the opinions and allegiance of American college students. This is made harder when Islamists in both the college and local communities try to intimidate us and deny our free speech on campuses in some of the least likely places.

We have grown to expect these things on the major East and West Coast cities “elite” university campuses that harbor radical professors and anarchist student and radical Muslim community activities. But not in the heartland where I spoke last week at the University of Memphis. What was shocking was that it occurred in the South, in “Bubbaland” as my friends from the region call it.

I was invited to give a lecture sponsored by Professor David Patterson of the Judaic Studies Program. When news about my appearance spread, the Muslim community both on and off campus launched a full-scale campaign to stop my lecture. They demanded that Dr. Patterson cancel my speech. E-mails flooded the University of Memphis administration and Dr. Patterson from Muslim students on campus and Muslims in the community and mosques. Here are some of their comments:

People like Brigitte are plenty in the world, they are the true enemies of Islam. And despite their rubbish talks, the truth about Islam is spreading like a wildfire across Americas and across the globe (All Praise to Allah).

Dr. Patterson, hosting of this lady is orders of magnitude worse than hosting of the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Do you honestly think the scheduled lecture will serve any useful purpose other than inflaming the Muslims, insulting them and spilling poison in the community?

It is interesting to see the reaction of the Muslim community to someone with Muslim-fired shrapnel in her body who speaks against butchering innocent people in the name of Allah. If they would put the same energy into condemning the radical element within Islam and join us in saying that slaughtering people in the name of Allah is murder not Jihad, maybe we wouldn’t be tempred to question their loyalty as American citizens. Dr. Patterson refused to bow to their intimidation and insisted on going on with the scheduled speech.

By the time I showed up at the amphitheater style lecture hall on campus, police officers were already standing at each entrance. Nearly half of the hall was filled with Muslims with their leaders dressed Osama Bin Laden style sitting in the front two rows at eye level making “their point,” that I wasn’t going to get away with speaking freely.

Just as the program was about to begin, a Muslim student walked to the front and asked the crowd to raise their hands if they believed that this lecture was “undemocratic.” They complained that I would be taking questions on cards instead of allowing them to ask them publicly. Experienced in these settings, I knew they would make speeches, spew anti American and Israeli sentiments and create chaos in the room during the Q&A. I decided that they were not going to do that. The provocative Muslim student behavior before I even began my lecture proved my foresight. Dr. Patterson explained that taking questions from cards distributed to the audience was normal protocol at university speaking events like mine.

Patterson tried to calm the unruly crowd but nothing was working. Fed up, I went straight to the podium and ordered everyone to sit. I told them, this is my lecture and I run the show. If they didn’t like the way I conducted my lecture and my questions they could leave the room, now. Shocked at my behavior and authority they shut-up. The non-Muslim members of the audience applauded.

I finished, asked Professor Patterson to make introductory remarks and returned to my seat.

Dr. Patterson introduced me by telling the audience what an eye opener this lecture had become because of the reaction. He stated that he never realized that here in Memphis a speaker should be threatened for his/her safety just to speak on a college campus. He introduced me and I delivered my speech with police officers on both sides as well as about eight others in the lecture hall and around the building.

Unknown to me, a Muslim student attending the University of Memphis was arrested weeks prior to my lecture for, among other things, possession of DVD’s on pilot training and charts on the layout of the Memphis airport. They found links on his computer to sites associated with a radical Sunni Muslim organization in Iraq, and searches for information on how guns and bombs can be smuggled past airport security. After witnessing the Muslim reaction to my lecture and what happened few weeks ago at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill when an Iranian Muslim student drove into, for Allah’s sake, innocent students gathering on university grounds, the Memphis police were not going to take any chances.

It is a sad state of affairs when any speaker on any American University campus has to be surrounded by police officers to protect their freedom of speech and person from intimidation and menace. America is the country where free speech is protected under our constitution. Who would have expected that in the home of the Beale Street Blues, W.C. Handy and Elvis, I would be confronted by Muslims trying to muzzle my free speech and perhaps all of us?

At the end of the lecture the Muslims immediately in front swarmed over me questioning and intimidating. Police officers quickly moved in and pulled me out straight to the police cars as the enraged Muslims started shouting.

Based on what happened to me in Memphis, I think its time for Americans to wake up as to what is occurring within their very midst. It is time to be energized and empowered to stand up and fight to take back our universities. Its incidents like this that spurs speakers like me to defend our civilization and everything it stands for.

Brigitte Gabriel is an expert on the Middle East conflict and lectures nationally and internationally on the subject. She’s the former news anchor of World News for Middle East television and the founder of


Dan Zaremba said...

It hard to find such brave academics like Dr. Patterson.
We don't have many of those in Oz.

American Crusader said...

If universities are the battleground for the hearts and minds of our future leaders, then we are in big trouble. Leftists ideology runs amok among the "intellectual elite" and most campuses are so liberal that they try to stop the military from recruiting on-campus. I graduated from Kansas in 1982 and even in one of the most Republicans states, KU was a hotbed for liberal causes.

American Crusader said...
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minuses said...

UK Dhimmis:

THE PO-FACED POLICE force of Greater Manchester, together with the Crown Prosecution Service and the vigorous support of teachers’ unions, have conspired to haul to court a boy of 10 on charges of racism. The judge looked at the allegations — essentially ones of name-calling, including “Paki” and “bin Laden”; he found them to be absurd, sent everybody home to reconsider the value of prosecuting at all and declared the case to be political correctness gone mad.,,6-2126683.html

friendlysaviour said...

What a telling story.
Thankfully some are willing and able to resist this kind of intimidation.
minuses,.. thanks for reminding everyone about this recent story.
What I want to know is this, ..who was the first person to lodgr the complaint with the police?
Was it the childs parents or some do-gooding teacher?
How ridiculous, a young boy is hauled before court for name calling, yet adult members of agitating jihad conspiracies like Hizb -ut Tahir are allowd to continue their hate-mongering against non-moslims.
I say shame on those toady-faced a-se- wipes who do this kind of grovelling to their would-be sharia masters.
What kind of prig-fool Police Chief makes his good officers scrape the barrel like this?
At least the judge had the good sense to throw the ridiculous case out of Court.
I wish all Judges had as much good sense. Shame about the Judge that just ruled that sham immigration-marriages go against euro human-rights legislation.

Always On Watch said...

Brigitte Gabriel is scheduled to attend the symposium I'll be attending on April 29.

Note the following portion in this piece:
Unknown to me, a Muslim student attending the University of Memphis was arrested weeks prior to my lecture for, among other things, possession of DVD’s on pilot training and charts on the layout of the Memphis airport. They found links on his computer to sites associated with a radical Sunni Muslim organization in Iraq, and searches for information on how guns and bombs can be smuggled past airport security.

Gabriel and Fallaci--my heroes!

OT here...Anyone else been hearing those 9/11 tapes used in court yesterday in the Moussaoui trial? And the damn judge is worried that these tapes play too much to the jurors' emotions??? ARGGHHHH!

Cubed © said...


It's a crime, the assumption that "emotions" are automatically "non-objectictive" and will automatically cause "overreaction."

This is simply not so. "Emotions" are a non-verbal "early warning system" of a perceived danger. It is the immediate response to something, be it good or bad. The "emotion" is then filtered with thought, and it is amazing how often "emotion" is right on, in both kind and degree.

If your basic thinking processes are intact, your emotional responses are usually pretty reliable.

When people like the MSM and judges suppress pictures and voices, they suppress important information. When we say, "They cut off Nick Berg's head" that provokes some emotion; when we see and hear Nick's head being cut off, we have a far more accurate and complete idea of what happened, and our emotional response is in direct proportion to the horror of the event.

What the MSM, the judges, and the government are trying to do is to keep us from having an appropriate response to events, because such a response is not what they want, and they don't think of us as reasonable adults.

It's a version of thought control; hide the data, and we can keep them quiet.

John Sobieski said...

You are so right cubed. They want to present the world not as it is but as how they believe it is or 'should be.' If that means deceiving us, so be it. Better to conrol the unwashed masses.