Friday, April 14, 2006

A Coalition of One?

Gerard Baker at Real Clear Politics has a great column on Iran as they continue to defy the world with their nuclear weapons program, and how a war with Iran may only be, in the end, ultimately waged by a coalition of one--the US.

By the recent ominous standards of Iranian political theatre Mahmoud Ahmadenijad's declaration this week that his country had promoted itself to the nuclear club was at least mildly entertaining.

From the TV pictures, it looked a little like a low-budget version of an Olympic Games opening ceremony. Austere, athletic-looking men in traditional garb pranced to and fro against a backdrop of doves in flight, while orotund pleas for peaceful cooperation fell earnestly from the mouths of political leaders.

Sadly, like the Olympics it was all a magnificently empty charade. In the nuclear weapons field, Iran is the diplomatic equivalent of one of those Eastern European shot-putters, urgently protesting its innocence while frantically pumping itself full of opposition-crushing chemicals in the locker room. Teheran should have failed its steroid test a long time ago and yet it's still in the international game.

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moskeptical said...

I believe that judging by the bluster origininating from iran "the coalition of one" will at least include the US and Israel

dag said...

I like to think the coalition of one will include America, Israel, and me.