Sunday, April 09, 2006

Crazy Jihadin' Mo's birthday

This week marks more than Tax Day for the US infidels. This Tuesday also marks Crazy Jihadin' "Prophet" Mo's Birthday. This fine occasion is an official holiday not only here in the Islamic Republic of Malaysia, it's one in the rest of Dar al Islam as well. The fact that Mo and his kindred spirit Adolf, two homicidal psychopathic megalomaniacs cut from the same cloth, have birthdays only a fortnight apart in the same month is a supreme irony. One that is certainly lost on Mo's devoted followers, I would be willing to wager.

Here are my top ten ways for celebrating this year's birthday of Molestin' Mo:

10. Buy pork, eat pork
9. Post Mo's cartoons in some more places, online or elsewhere
8. Draw some new Mo cartoons, and share
7. Buy alcohol (Danish booze is a plus)
6. Buy the books of any counter-jihadist authors, like PI's own Mark Alexander
5. Read the Q'u'r'a'n and laugh
4. Send money to Jihadwatch
3. Convert a Muslim into a Christian
2. Go to church next Sunday
1. Put the Qurans at Borders on the bottom shelf


dag said...

This is one excellent idea. Thanks for bringing it up. Ill grab it from you tomorrow and send people over here to contribute.

Yeah, both of them.

Thomas_the_kaffir said...

Marvalous idea, i will celebrate with a ham sandwich and bottle of carlsberg export

friendlysaviour said...

Just finished my frickadelen burger,
(German though,) I will make up for that with some Danish bacon later.
I have brushed my dog's long fur and collected it (extremely haram!) and I've added the beautiful soft fur to my collection which I hope to have spun into wool to make the perfect anti-jihadist hat, to wear as I walk past the local mosque. That will have them falling over. It should be like garlic to a wampire!
I'm saving the silver-bullets for a rainy day!
I tried a couple of koranic verses but they made me cry at Man's stupidity and lack of real concience, so I said a prayer for their deliverance instead. Does big G. do B.1 b.'s or UAV's?
So I drink a toast in finest schnapps to our dear old Mo.'s birthday and thank God he's not around to wish happy returns.
Shame about old Adolf having to celebrate his birthday down there with Mo.
Still at least they are warm in this rather cold Springtime.

Thomas_the_kaffir said...

ok, so i've had my ham, drank my beer (danish) posted some Mo cartoons on my MSN account, drew some new ones and shown them to my family, didnt read the quran.. just looked at it and laughed, booked my seat in church this coming sunday. as for giving money to jihad watch last time i looked robert spencer wanted a $1000 a pop, sorry PI, i cant afford that as i'm a working class family man, but i'll try and give what i can.

Always On Watch said...

My post on this will go up later today. Title = "Commemorating The Date," I think.

I will, of course, mention this posting in my article.

European Kafir said...

Sounds like the 10 commandments for a good infidel!!!

John Sobieski said...

Thanks for the Borders idea. I'll have to drop by the one near me and mess with their dhimmiminds.

Cubed © said...

Oh, and don't forget, print up some little cards of your choice (cartoons, blog/website addresses, quotations from Muslims, titles of good books to curl up with) and put them in all the Korans etc. at every bookstore in town, ESPECIALLY Borders, on tables and chairs at restaurants, on countertops in stores, on park benches, bus seats, seats in churches and synagogues, in pockets of clothing in clothing stores, etc. etc.

Be a Pest to celebrate Mo's birthday!

Always On Watch said...

My article is up.

Pim's Ghost said...

Haha! I will enjoy the Easter ham with definite relish this year, and I will celebrate that little problem that Muslims have with Jesus. His crucifixion and resurrection. I do love hearing the arguments posed by Muslims to justify this belief/lack of belief. That never fails to crack me up.

So here's one more way to celebrate. Visit your nearest friendly Muslim chat room. I know there are some out there but I forget exact locations. Otherwise, check out AOL's Islam chat under People Connection--Life. Grab one of those free disks at the store and use those free AOL minutes. It's worth it> Just sit and watch for a while. Don't even jump in if you don't want to. Sometimes it's much more amusing to just sit back and giggle. Oh, and if any of them tell me what THE ULTIMATE INSULT is, I'll be sure to report back. I think this is turning into a quest.

Oh well, Happy Birthday, Mo. I'll send you an e-card.

Anonymous said...

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