Saturday, April 01, 2006

Et tu Berlin?

France's Muslim problem is much worse than Germany. But it is clear that Germany has a growing problem with Muslims. Why does America and Canada want to import the misery Muslims always bring? Multiculturalism is a disease. While I and many of the readers of this site do not suffer from it, our leaders do.

Police brought in as teachers lose control at Berlin school

31 March 2006

BERLIN - Violence at a Berlin school dominated by Arab and Turkish youths and the nearby slaying of police officer, shot in the head while trying to arrest muggers, has fuelled alarm that troubled parts of the German capital are lurching out of control.

Police have now been brought in to help control the situation at the Ruetli school in the immigrant-dominated Neukoelln district, with six officers checking students for weapons.

Teachers at the school published a letter this week widely interpreted as saying conditions at their school had become so bad that it should be closed down.

The letter said teachers had lost all authority and were now so afraid that they only entered classrooms with a mobile phone so they could call for help in an emergency.

"The mood ... is dominated by aggression, lack of respect and ignorance," said the letter, adding: "We have reached a dead end and there is no way to turn around."

When reporters went to school on Thursday they were pelted with paving stones by masked youths from the schoolyard as the district's mayor stood helplessly at the entrance of the building.

"While sheer chaos dominated behind him, the mayor talked about the failures of the 1968 generation," jeered the Berliner Kurier newspaper.

Teachers complain that over 83 per cent of the 224 children attending the school are foreigners. The biggest group, 35 per cent, are Arab children mainly from Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.

Turks, with 26 per cent, comprise the second largest group at the school.

Germany has about 7.3 million foreigners or 9 per cent of the total population.

A problem in German schools is that especially Arab male students often refuse to respect the authority of women teachers, education sources told Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

Peter Struck, education specialist at the University of Hamburg, was blunt about problems posed by foreign students in German schools which separate children headed for university and those who are not, who get dumped in less-competitive "Hauptschulen."

"It is often Hauptschulen which are hit with difficulties because they have a concentration of problem students and high number of foreigners which means that the boys are often being raised in a home environment which glorifies violence," said Struck in an NDR radio interview.

Students at the Ruetli Hauptschule were not shy about expressing their views to reporters.

"The German (students) brown nose us, pay for things for us and stuff like that, so that we don't smash in their faces," said a foreign student from the school as quoted by the Berliner Kurier.

But there are also conflicts between Arab and Turkish students, mirrored in battles between the city's foreign-dominated youth gangs.

Integration of foreign youths in Berlin is often poor. Even second and third generation children frequently do not speak fluent German and many fail to complete school - all of which leads to a high jobless rate among immigrant youths.

White German families are moving out of districts like Neukoelln and into better parts of the 3.4 million metropolis or into new suburbs ringing the city which were swiftly built after the 1989 opening of the Berlin Wall.

Berlin's education senator, Klaus Boeger, rejected any idea of closing the Ruetli School and police are now on duty around the building. Arabic and Turkish speaking social workers have been rushed into the school.

Meanwhile, the funeral was took place Friday of a police office whose brutal slaying earlier this month in Neukoelln shocked the city.

Uwe Lieschied was shot in the head at close range after he tried to arrest two men who had been involved in a street robbery. Declared brain-dead by doctors, he died after being in a coma for several days.

Lieschied, aged 42, was well-known officer in the district who was involved in efforts to clean up the notorious drug-dealing scene in Neukoelln's Hasenheide Park.

Police have arrested two unemployed men of Turkish origin in connection with the killing and officials say one of them has confessed to shooting the officer.

Germany has strict gun control laws and the shooting of police officers or use of firearms in murders is generally rare.


eyesallaround said...

Looks like the chickens have come home to roost. I bet the Germans were sympathetic to the stone throwing palestinians. Well now the table's turned and it's their turn to cry. I think mowing down the stone throwers with several hundred rounds of lead would solve the problem and bring back the needed respect.

John Sobieski said...

Will the German politicians slink into dhimmitude or confront the problem? Years ago before I knew what has happened to Europe, I would say they would fight. Now I am not optimistic. Germany's demographics look horrible - indigenous are not reproducing and the Muslims are breeding like mad.

George Mason said...

I think you are right, John--the Germans won't fight. Nor will the rest of Old Europe. With O.E., we are watching a dissolution of civilization. Reminds me of one of those science programs where some predator ingests some hapless organism, and we get to watch while the ingestee gets dissolved, and its components then become part of the predator.

Cubed © said...

Wow. This article is getting a lot of play in the Blogosphere this morning - it must be striking a real chord, for which I am very, very, grateful.

Brooke said...

I think that after WWII, the Germans and all of Europe, for that matter, have been broken.

I have no doubt that this will come to our shores in the fashion that it is in O.E.; what remains to be seen is if we can throw off the bondage of the PC left, or if we'll all start paying our jizya tax like good little dhimmis.

Always On Watch said...

"the mayor talked about the failures of the 1968 generation"

Somehow I doubt that the mayor had a real clue, but it was the Sixties which brought into play moral relativism and multiculturalism. The Sixties Free For All Philosophy has directly contributed to allowing for hordes of Muslims to invade the West and to maintain, without impunity, their vile ideology.

The Sixties laid the groundwork for the failure we're seeing today.

If the Germans will willingly go into dhimmitude, Eurabia has arrived in full ugliness.

friendlysaviour said...

hello America.
Today I listened to the radio news and heard Condi Rice with uk Foreign Office boss Jack (man 'o) Straw, as they were greeted with derisive cat-calls and jeers, from a few hundred vocal Muslim protesters.

Whilst being interviewed, a Pakistani woman told the world that Condi "was a ""mass-murderer, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of helpless moslim Iraqis, Palestinians,
Afghanis,"" you name it, she's the hatchet-woman of all of of islam.
Well, all that followed an abandoned trip to one of Bradfords thirty or so mosques, because there were threats that if she went there, the mosque would be occupied by a mob.

Jack Straw's Constituency includes 20/30% moslim voters.
Condi handled it all saying that this is what democracy is for, "allowing people to speak their mind."
She went on with Jack, to meet some "moderate" moslims to hear their views. The conversations were full of condemnations for Guantanamo Bay and Iraq war. Jack Straw is desperate to gain a few votes in the local elections, because much of what was a Labour heartland is now more like part of the old Colonial Raj.
Talk about pidgeons coming home to roost.

So what is Condi Rice learning from her trip to Bradford?
Some say she's rehearsing for a dab at the Presidency.
Has this nice lady the steel for such a job. If she was serious about listening to the moslims, will she be turned like the British Goverment into sandal-licking Dhimmi status?

UK politicians are more concerned with trying to keep a lid on the rise of Right-wing opinion, whilst doing sod-all about the continuing rise of the islamic population from high birth-rates and uncontolled immigration.
White British are not the only citizens uneasy about race and religious relations.
Little is said about the large Hindu, Christian African, Sikh, and now, Eastern European populations. Most of which will certainly become
embroiled in tensions and eventually
fighting if and when conditions become tense enough.
The uk, due to the modernising actions of previous Conservative governments decades ago, has maintained a bouyant economy, and high levels of employment.
With a change of conditions, the powder keg of moslim animosity will likely emulate that of those in France.

In the uk many moslim nationalities have aquired high levels of wealth and prosperity, they have much more to lose than the North African youths that burned cars and smashed businesses.
How this may play out is anyones guess.
It will take the right conditions of course, but one can see trouble brewing on the energy front with the example of rising gas and petrol prices.
With Europe now reliant on Russian gas and the uk being one of the least well stocked in future proof supplies, (only a few days supplies stored, compared even to France who have many weeks supplies stocked,) any major disruption to industry and transport could have rapid and devastating effects on the economic situation. Then we will see the problems rise to the surface.
It does not bode well, in the longer term.

I recall going to a Berlin police-station, thirty years ago, following an accident, the Officer took his pistol out and placed it on the table. "Don't worry," he said, "I have not had to use it in my whole career."
This was when Berlin was an island surrounded by East germany.
How things have changed. Then there were small districts with a few thousand "guest workers," mainly Turks. There was a left-leaning student tendency, who quite regularly, smashed a few windows and ran around shouting. This was had mostly disappeared as soon as the East and West were reunited and the draft dodgers could go back home.
Now a new spectre haunts the Streets of Berlin, and the police will have to show their toughness to withstand what may be thrown at them.

Like a cancer growing silently and slowly, the new threat invades the host-body, incessantly gaining more strength and guaging the hosts weaknesses.
Yet there seems to be not one mainstream politician throughout Europe, capable, or willing to speak the truth about these future spectres. It is as if they think that the booger-man will go away if they ignore him long enough.
Jack and Tony, Jaques and Merkle, do us all a favour and educate yourselves, then perhaps solutions can be sought and the pot may never boli over.
All they can do is look after their well-pensioned jobs and try to create a Euro-state without borders, as a buffer, no doubt, to the rise of any concentrated trouble.
Their strategy is fatally flawed, as they are not aware of, or refuse to face, the rise and rise of the crescent moon over Eurabia.

Take heed America, do not fall asleep at the fire-side, keep the coffee pot brewing.

Always On Watch said...

Take heed America, do not fall asleep at the fire-side...

Too many Americans don't see the threat! Another spectacular attack would wake them up, and every day we hear that such a terrorist strike is inevitable. It's depressing.

Always On Watch said...

Take heed America, do not fall asleep at the fire-side...

Too many Americans don't see the threat! Another spectacular attack would wake them up, and every day we hear that such a terrorist strike is inevitable. It's depressing.

Always On Watch said...

Take heed America, do not fall asleep at the fire-side...

Too many Americans don't see the threat! Another spectacular attack would wake them up, and every day we hear that such a terrorist strike is inevitable.

Now we've got hordes of Latino immigrants marching through our streets.

The future of America looks bad right now. It's depressing.

friendlysaviour said...

always on watch,.. you are a strong people, you have been generous to Europe and the World in so many ways.
Do not doubt your strength, self-doubt is your enemy.

John Sobieski said...

I think AOW has a very good point. On the web, we should have hundreds of commentors on articles. Instead we are glad to get double digits. Now either the comment to read only ratio is abysmal, or there are a lot of Americans who are ignorant or apathetic.