Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fox and Comedy Central Chicken Out on South Park

South Park ran the final episode of the two part 'Cartoon Wars' last night. Will Fox and Comedy Central bow down and submit to the Muslims? You bet. In the last few minutes of the show where the scene with Mo was to be shown, you instead got a black screen with the words along the line of "Fox and Comedy Central refuse to show the picture of Mohammed." Of course I am disappointed. Dhimmification of the infidels isn't something that happens overnight. It is a slow grinding down process that can take years. Yes, we are in an accelerated phase now. Look at Europe, which is establishing a politically correct lexicon to replace those evil insulting words like "Islamic terrorist" and "jihad."

I am sure Trey and Matt are very disappointed with Comedy Central, Fox and Rupert Murdoch. After all, the decision to censor those 2 to 3 seconds showing Mo probably went all the way to the top. It is a failure of the West but just another in a long list of failures, failure to stand up against the threatened violence of Muslims, failure to understand the enemy, failure to understand that appeasement is perceived as weakness and strengthens the jihad. The result will be more demands, more appeasement for 'insults.' It is a slippery slope indeed. You should watch this show if you get a chance. Kyle gives a speech explaining to the Fox President why he must not give in. It is quite good. Cartman calls them "gay speeches." Even Trey and Matt have learned that when it comes to Islam, the powers that be believe appeasement is the best path. The final scene that Matt and Trey inserted is quite blunt, with cutout caricatures of Matt, Trey, President Bush and others all being crapped on by each other. To prove their point that Islam gets special privilege, they have Jesus Christ join in the crapfest, crapping on all of them.

Et tu Fox? Et tu indeed.


friendlysaviour said...

Strange how the only open major TV forum for unfettered critical analysis is a cartoon series?!
Long live South Park.

Pastorius said...

I am laughing, even as I am crying.

I just hope I don't laugh so hard I crap.

But seriously, this is a disaster. As you say, it is a long slow grinding process, but sometimes, certain warriors fight valiantly to retake the hill, only to have the generals cut off their supplies, so that the enemy can overwhelm them.

That is what has happened here. Really, if anyone could have retaken the hill, it was Matt and Trey, because they are so brilliant.

Always On Watch said...

This caving-in (dhimmification) by Comedy Central is another sign that the West isn't going to stand up its ideals. When I heard the news of the blacking-out of the cartoon, I was incredulous. But I've been feeling incredulous for quite a while now, as I continue to watch and fight against Islamification.