Wednesday, April 12, 2006

France responds to its latest problems in their usual way

... by surrendering, of course. The proposed, relatively modest reforms that could have breathed at least some life into the permanently moribund French economy have been permanently shelved. The spineless, corrupt Chirac and his toady Villepin have indeed surrendered to the temper tantrums of its spoiled brat of a population, who, like any drug addict, is utterly unwilling to kick its socialist perks.

Meanwhile, the Muslim shadow of sharia and supremacy looms larger and larger over the entire bankrupt French enterprise. But since when have the socialists of Europe let a little thing called reality intrude into their multicultural paradise?


Conan said...

Multiculturalism means death to the original culture.

Always On Watch said...

We can see the harvest of multiculturalism being reaped right now in France. Yet most of the West goes blithely along, not recognizing that the same will happen to all cultures which suicidally embrace multiculti.

friendlysaviour said...

The dhimmis who know not what they are, continue circling eachothers backside sniffing for clues as to where they are going.
I will tell them. Round and round in circles.
Destination disaster.
Then they can all wring their hands and point the finger of blame as the smoke rises over the capitals of Old Europe.
Of course the source of all disaster will be found to be "conservative bloggers" and their supporters, intent on fomenting resistance to the inevitable submission!

Chris said...

Beg your pardon but many cons governments brough muslims to europe. Remember who supports the turkish entrance? this silly guy tony blair (he is anything except a socialist), dutch, finnish and berlusconi first of all. so multiculturism is not a lefty thing.

In addition, yes we want lifetime security and yes.. i want a month break during the summer to go for holidays in the islands, and yes..i dont like working more than 8 hours coz i have more important things to look after like my family, going out and etc.. so vive la france