Wednesday, April 19, 2006

'Give true picture of Islam'

This is an article in one of today's papers: "Give true picture of Islam". These statements are from one of Malaysia's sultans; every state here has one--each king (AKA 'raja') has their own little kingdom to call their own. Now, this particular sultan is either a taqiyya master or a master of naivety about you-know-what. Perhaps he's able to be both at the same time?

‘Give true picture of Islam’

KUALA KANGSAR: It is the responsibility of every Muslim to portray Islam as a moderate religion.

Perak’s Sultan Azlan Shah called for a collective effort to promote Islam as respectful of other religions and cultures at an investiture ceremony at Istana Iskandariah here yesterday.

He said through their speech and actions Muslims would determine how others viewed Islam.

“Muslims should understand the realities of living in a multiracial country where its people come from different religious and cultural backgrounds,” he said.

As soon as one can build a new church or temple in Malaysia as easily as one can build a surau or mosque, and as soon as one can change his/her religion on one's national ID card without hassle, then I will believe Islam here is 'moderate'. Until that time, Mr Sultan can take his ridiculous rhetoric elsewhere. I don't wanna hear it.

He drones on in the same vein:
“Avoid being too rigid in your interpretation of issues affecting those from other religions, as it could lead to unrest in our country.

“Islam forbids the practise of extremism among its followers. It must be made a religion that is respected and not feared.”

So, the time-honored Islamic practices of calling for the deaths of apostates, homosexuals, adulterers, and banning all religions save Islam in many Middle Eastern states is not 'extremist'? Executing rape victims isn't 'extremist'? Iran's calling for the destruction of Israel and genocide isn't 'extremist'? Sudan's ethnic cleansing, under cover from the Arab League and the Malaysian-chaired OIC, isn't 'extremist'? Jihadists murdering civilians in Tel Aviv, London, Madrid, Bali, New York and countless other places isn't 'extremist'?

Earlier, in his speech, the Raja Muda of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah urged Islamic leaders to take an active stand in providing an accurate picture of Islam to the West to support world peace efforts.

He said the tension between the West, especially the US, and Islamic countries and communities was a major challenge.

“There are too many conflicts between the two, with each leaning towards war in an effort to attain peace,” he said.

“But peace will never be reached through battle. Peace can only be achieved through dialogue with open hearts and minds, and the intention towards identifying common areas and building relationships.”

Oh yeah, of course. Malaya was freed from Imperial Japan's rule through 'dialogue' and so was Nazi-occupied Europe. Give me a break!
Raja Nazrin further pledged to participate at world forums and discussions to help in building bridges of understanding between Islam and the West.
'Bridges of understanding' sounds, to me, an awful lot like 'getting the infidels to submit to what we want'.


John Sobieski said...

How can anyone listen to such drivel and take it seriously? Ignore what your eyes see and your ears hear. Right.

friendlysaviour said...

Can only be naivety. How could any clued up person from that school of thought not know the full picture?
It sounds like a piece of euro-taq that is conjured up by the "interfaithers" of the CoE. Until the violent verses of the koran are universally negated by the Mullahs, Clerics and ayatollahs, there can be no reason to believe the words of this Sultan, or any other apologist for the jihad.
Having lulled the listener into thoghts of "that's all right then, they are nice afterall," the difficult parts of the koran will re-appear to haunt us. The same Sultan will then preach on how inevitable was the fall of dar-al-Harb!

hutchrun said...

He can fart all he wants but the world is getting wiser by the day to islamic crap.
As advtd. on
What the West Needs to Know

hutchrun said...

Students mustn’t learn about the Prophet

Since Islam is now becoming such a highly sensitive issue these days, I guess it will no longer be appropriate to teach non-Muslim students the times and life of Prophet Mohammad anymore as we do not want these students to misconstrue the text thus creating more problems, which we can do without.

There is now such a gray area on what can be said and what cannot be said on such a topic that it would be best that it be left out of the school syllabus.

That sure needs supporting.

European Kafir said...

that sultan is a welcome object for my own personal "danish"-caricature-drawing attempts.

George Mason said...

"Give true picture of Islam" is absolutely the LAST thing that Islamists want. Nevertheless in their chronically disordered and disabled minds, they want to "believe" in Orwellian "truth." In fact, the true picture of Islam can be found only in some outstanding books published in the last 10 years, and on websites and the blogosphere. And, the Islamists cannot stop it. No wonder they act like thrombosed hemorrhoids.

leavingtheleft said...

Century-old Hindu temple in KL torn down

friendlysaviour said...

hutch,.. that film sounds like the dogs bollocks. I wanna get a copy.
I had the idea to do somthing like this but to give it away free and flood the world with millions of copies. That would kick up such a stink! If something like this could be made freely downloadable!!!
Even the cartoonophobia would pale in comparison to the reaction a truth-telling video might get from mozoids.
And your other comment,... I would say that most young Euromosloids have never heard of the verses, it has been skipped over for them as well as Joe West. The real string-pullers don't like the cat out of the bag. Tough, they are tooo late.

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