Friday, April 21, 2006

A less rousing point of view

Ally and fellow blogger Mike Jericho is less than sanguine about us infidels' prospects against the Islamic monolith, at least for the Eurabian corner of the realm. Mike is one of the more bluntly worded bloggers I know of out there in the b-sphere and I make no apologies for his direct approach to writing. If you can't handle a few four-letter words, read no further.

Unlike most anti-Islamic bloggers, I do not believe it likely that the Islamic advance can be curtailed before a significant portion of Europe has fallen.

That's the same Europe who unfortunately possess ICBMs.The Europeans won't recognise the problem, not even after they have fled to sanctuaries like Australia and the USA. They'll delude themselves into believing that they didn't flee, and that Europe was always destined to become Islamic. Then they'll go on voting for far left parties until there's a bloody civil war in what remains of the west.

So from now on, most of my posts will be less rousing. I'm not attempting to change people's minds anymore. If you're too fucking ignorant to know when your enemy is sneaking up behind you with a big fucking axe, nothing I can say is gonna save your ass.

From now on, I'm just going to chronicle our descent into darkness.

For more reasons as to why the future is a bleak one, go here and here.


friendlysaviour said...

thanks for the link to the challenging
article, over at the Gates.
NOthing is written in stone. (Except, perhaps, Moses tablets.)

Pastorius said...

I'm feeling pretty much the same way.

Pastorius said...
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Nilk said...

Pastorius, there are a lot of us feeling that way, and the number is growing.

It's like a trainwreck only instead of slow motion, it seems to be accelerating.

And I think I just mixed my metaphors.

John Sobieski said...

I for one refuse to give up Europe to the barbarians. Yet watching the slow chipping away of European culture by Islam is disturbing. I often wonder are there blogs critical of Islam in French, in Dutch, in Spanish, in Italian that are as vibrant as we have in the US? I believe the answer is no. So where do the citizens of Europe who see the dhimmification of their society grow and, even if they don't know what it is 'all about,' or know what to call it, they don't like it.

I have read that Europeans tend to just close themselves into their own private circle of friends, they go to work, they socialize with their select group, and ignore the greater issue of the demand for accomodation for Islam, no matter how stupid or the precedent each encroachment establishes.

Where is the JihadWatch of France, England, or Italy? Yes, there are sites like the BrusselsJournal and Dutchnews and a few others here and there, but nothing like the vibrant anti-dhimmitude voice any American can find and read and participate through blogs and websites focused on the threat of Islam.

What is sorely lacking in the infidel nations are leaders who are smart, who have critically studied Islam, have read the history of Islam with Europe, don't buy into the taqiyya. Of course, we could say the same thing for our American leaders. But looking at Europe, I guess we should be thankful for what we have.

Cubed © said...

Does anyone suppose that should Europe fall that people here in the U.S. will wake up?

I think our only hope now is to elect a president who understands what's going on. There actually are some politicians who do.

Pim's Ghost had a discussion not long ago about the possibility of the formation of a third party; both the major parties are two sides of the same coin, with very few important differences, and their continued presence in office will continue to lead us down the same path we are now traveling (Islamification and the destruction of our national sovereignty). Both parties have set up nearly impenetrable barriers to the formation of third parties.

Despite their best efforts to obstruct any oppostion to them, I truly believe that these two issues - Islamification and the loss of national sovereignty - may be sufficient to motivate people to vote for politicians who "get it," and ultimately, to enable the formation of a pro-American party.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Not so much a pro american party as an anti-dhimmitude one, I think. A party that favors a sort of World Democratic Anti Islamic Alliance. Call it a Global Infidel Alliance.

Epaminondas said...

I don't know about europe, yet, but I think the trends are bad, however, it's not going to get that far, like all absolutist, zealots in history, "THEY" will do something far overreaching, ugly, undeniable in its requirement to act, and we will simply do something so awful, or Israel Iran handing one to Hizballah, that the entire dynamic will be altered.

Do you really think that before or as they vote in Shariah it won't be accompanied by some cataclymic event?