Saturday, April 22, 2006

License to Kill

When does a nation have a license to kill? That's easy enough to answer. Any Islamic and/or Arab country, with Russian and/or Chinese support, pretty much has a free hand to perform as much 'ethnic cleansing' as they want. Or they are free to oppress any designated minorities within their borders (Jews are preferred in this role, but any non Muslims will do in a pinch). Chinese and Russian support can include any preferred business relationships, diplomatic support, or weapons deals. Having friends in Beijing and Moscow also brings along the all-important UNSC veto, which is very handy in keeping away sanctions. Just ask Sudan about that.


hutchrun said...

It`s not going to end soon (unless the shiites nuke mecca or something like that):

CNPC’s oil investments in Sudan are its largest global oil operations, currently producing 500,000 b/d, and expected to reach 750,000 b/d by 2007.6 Sudan alone supplies China with 7% of its oil needs and is its fourth-largest overseas oil supplier (after Saudi Arabia, Iran and Oman). Sudan is a long-term play for China, especially since the highly prospective (in oil) southern region remains virtually unexplored, and Chinese oil firms are gaining in petroleum exploration and development operating experience in the country.

Sudan’s proven oil reserves consist of 700mn barrels in the Muglad and Melut Basins in mostly northern Sudan, both discovered by Chevron in its pioneering exploration work in the 1970/80s. In the southern region, high potential for finding future oil reserves exists in the “Sudd” (Arabic meaning barrier for its dense aquatic vegetation) swamp. The Sudd is a massive clay-soiled bowl-type basin where the White Nile yearly overflows its tributaries as it flows north through Sudan and Egypt. Energy professionals believe the Sudd likely holds an additional 5bn barrels or so in recoverable reserves. Together, these aggregate reserves (Muglad, Melut and Sudd) will be sufficient to maintain production for nearly 60 years, meaning Sudan will be a major oil supplier for China for decades.7

hutchrun said...

`they are free to oppress any designated minorities within their borders`

They sure are. And police reports don`t help:

Nilk said...

So does this mean that there is a War for Oil in Sudan that we're not involved in?

The Anti-Jihadist said...

It's a war with oil, or to be more precise, ethnic cleansing with oil. Sudan has oil, although its not in Darfur where the ethnic cleaning is taking place. The Chinese get the oil they so despertately crave, and that valuable relationship gives Sudan some handy cover at the UNSC whenever talk of 'sanctions on Sudan' comes up. The US is the major power that is trying, unsuccessfully, to get those sanctions put on Sudan, and that's as far as US involvement goes.

So yes, it's a war on oil, and the US is trying to punish the country with the oil.

friendlysaviour said...

AJ & hutch, ..thanks for this point to why the brutality in Darfur goes on unabated. I have yet to find much coverage of the logic behind the horror stories. It is a subject relatively uneplored in Brit media.
I am sickened by our Governments weasly words and hand-sitting about the matter.
Large parts of Africa are being turned into killing grounds from greed and power struggles. And this goes on hidden from view much of the time.Similar things are happening with the habitats of the primates with their carcasses being consumed like farm-meat. "Humanity" knows no bounds in depravity it would seem.
Those invested with power so often sit and ignore from the side-lines, hoping to pick up advantages from the mess. The UN whines about irrelevant issues while reality happens.
I am sure that as many have suffered in Darfur as Iraq, but we do not hear the Human Rights lobby screaming like they do about Bush and Baghdad.
THis illustrates to me the dangers of a global economy, where we lose our industry and China gains ascendancy on our cash, just so we can buy so much disposable, wasteful crap. It is a dilemma, and change will be forced on us if we do not change ourselves.