Friday, April 28, 2006

'Moderate' Malaysia Update

It's another Friday here in the Islamic Republic of the Malays (et al). And you know what that means--time for another haranguing at the neighborhood mosque.

And what happens if Muslims don't go? Well, in the fair Malaysian state of Kelantan (AKA 'Kelanstan') Muslims who skip a trip to Allah's house risk a quick trip to jail.

Muslims who skip Friday prayers can be punished

KOTA BARU: Skipping Friday prayers is a major sin for Muslims and it is punishable under the (Kelantan) state’s Syariah laws, said Kelantan Bar Committee chairman Datuk Wan Harun Shukri Noordin.

Therefore, Muslims in the state must remember that Friday prayers are compulsory, otherwise they can be jailed or fined by the religious authorities, he said yesterday.

He was commenting on a recent case in which a Muslim man was fined by the Syariah Court here for not attending the weekly prayers.

Wan Harun said Syariah laws may differ slightly between the various states and their religious councils, but skipping Friday prayers was a clear offence in Kelantan and this rule applied to all Muslims working or residing in the state.

State Local Government Committee chairman Takiyuddin Hassan said all states had similar legislation stating that it was an offence not to attend Friday prayers, but in Kelantan, the enforcement was more orderly.

That was the reason why the man was hauled to court for not going to the mosque on a Friday, he said.

Is that that euphemism now, 'more orderly'? Just like Hitler's Germany was 'more orderly', I would be willing to wager.

So technically, Muslims who fail to attend Friday prayers anywhere in the country could be arrested at any time, if Allah's police chose to be, ahem, 'more orderly' regarding their enforcement.

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