Monday, April 17, 2006

Palestinian murderer du jour

The terrorist state of Hamastan has, apparently, belatedly managed to celebrate the recent Easter holiday in their own, ahem, 'quirky' way.

How did they do it? By blowing up a sandwich shop in Tel Aviv that was full of evil Joooz, of course.

Here's the spin on it from the Mainstream Dhimmwit Media...with helpful PI clarifications inserted within:

TEL AVIV (AFP) - Eight people were killed and dozens wounded in Israel’s commercial capital Tel Aviv when a Palestinian militant (AKA terrorist) blew himself up in the deadliest suicide bombing (and the wordhacks at AFP can't call these things 'martydom operations'? AFP must be Islamophobes!) of the last 20 months. The attack took place hours before the swearing in of the new Israeli parliament following last month’s election won by the centrist Kadima party of Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

The blast struck next to a fast food stand at around 1:45 pm (1045 GMT) in the southern Neveh Sha’anan district, close to the site of Tel Aviv’s old bus station. The area has been the scene of several previous attacks, including one in January.

The attack — the deadliest since a suicide bombing in August 2004 — was claimed by the Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad (we dare not call them terrorists, not ever), which has been behind all of the most recent bomb attacks in Israel.

(Allegedly) moderate Palestinian Authority president Mahmud Abbas condemned what he called an act of terrorism while Olmert vowed that Israel would react in the “necessary fashion”.

The Palestinian militant (thugs and murderers) group Hamas, which recently formed a new government following its upset victory in January elections, laid the blame at Israel’s door, calling it a natural consequence of its “aggression”.

Nothing but the usual schtick here, blaming the victim for fighting back.


John Sobieski said...

And our politicians and leaders remain in denial about Islam.

Brooke said...

If they didn't want to be murdered, they'd all convert to Islam...

Clearly, it's their own fault.

*Roll eyes*

If Israel completely overtook the Palestinians with military force at this point, I'd be just fine with that.

friendlysaviour said...

What annoys me is the way groups like
Islamic Jihad and Hamas and al Aqsa Martyrs, are contantly referred to as "MILTANT GROUPS" when it is quite plain that they are murdering b-stards, who should be called what they are,.. "TERRORISTS."
The BBC is the most obvious guilty party here, in this regard.
I think these terrorists must be diappointed at the lack of effect of their rockets, randomly fired into Israel, and so have returned to the same old tried and well-tested urban bombing barbarism.
Will it ever end?

Cubed © said...


Remember, they are all unrepentant members of the PC generation, and because of their upbringing, they just can't help it.


I'm with you. I think, somehow, that reason and good will won't solve the problem, and left to its own devices, the problem isn't going away.


"Will it ever end?"

Oh, eventually, one way or the other. I'm pulling for one way, not the other.

By the way folks, it looks as if that sale to Dubai of Doncaster's is a done deal. You remember them, they are the British company that we have contracted out to for the manufacture of sensitive stuff for defense contractors.

That Dubai conglomerate was created only in the past very few years in order to do exactly what it is now doing, and that is, to be a prime mover in the world economy.

I don't like it. I don't like it one little bit.