Saturday, April 15, 2006

A quick note on Easter

To the members of the real Religion of Peace, PI would like to wish all Christians a blessed and happy Easter weekend. We should not forget those who are practising Christianity and celebrating Easter in secret (like in so many places in the Muslim world), those who have 'reverted' from Islam to Christianity, and those Christians who are, daily, oppressed, persecuted and murdered at the hands of Muslims. Let us not forget their suffering this year or any other year.



John Sobieski said...

Happy Easter everyone. We can succeed in defeating the jihad against the infidels, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, and secularists if we recognize the enemy and his tactics. Defeat is not an option.

friendlysaviour said...

Best wishes for Easter to all at
Pedestrian Infidel.
Since I discovered you about a year ago, I check your column everyday I can, and it is a great source of information, and a link to the immense wealth of material available through the hundreds (thousands?) of sites that comment on the problems we face and the solutions we might find.
Special thanks to the erudite and informative contributors;
John S., Mark, Anti J., George M.,
Avenging A., and Euro K., ..and to the many commenters who extend the
scope of the posts. I hope my own eurocentric, and at times quirky comments do not detract overall.

Many thanks, best wishes.

Mark said...


My best wishes to you all for Easter, too. John, I love the way you said that we should think about the suffering of the 'reverts' to Christianity! :-) I like that one a lot!

Johnny Cash said...

Happy Easter to you PI, as well as all your contributors. For many Christians who live under the thumb of Islam, it is indeed a trying time as it is impossible to recognize Jesus Christ's resurrection in public. My blog is if you wish to leave a comment there.

dag said...

Easter greetings from me and those of us at The Fortress.

Cattypus said...

I am new here, so here is wishing everbody a great Easter!

The Doc said...

Best wishes for Easter to you and all your readers.

Always On Watch said...

A belated Happy Easter! This time of the year is filled with family, many of whom my husband and I rarely see.

Christianity is truly the religion of peace. Never, ever forget that fact.

Voice of the Martyrs delineates just how many Christians are persecuted and die at the hands of Mulimomaniacs. Pray for these beleaguered Christians.