Wednesday, April 05, 2006

South Park Raises the Ante in Cartoon Jihad

I knew Matt and Trey would not let this nasty dog lie. Tonight on South Park the Cartoon Wars have been joined. They did a show about another cartoon, Family Guy. The big news was a Mo cartoon was going to be shown on the Family Guy. But Fox stops it, but then it is back on for the next show. Cartman is going to stop the show for his own evil reasons and Kyle is going to stop him. In this first part of a two part story, It ends with this classic voiceover: "Will Fox stand up for Free Speech or will Comedy Central wuss out?" It's a setup, dude! If Matt and Trey put any of the Mo cartoons in part 2 next week, will Fox censor them? I'll see you and raise you my brass balls! Thank you Matt and Trey! Well, Fox, gonna be a pussy? Gotta love it! [That's only a close approximation of the voiceover. I'm sure it will be shown many times, at least part 1]


Harpoon said...

And here`s the pure, truthful, arab media:

`But corruption existed to an astounding extent. Journalists and government officials had been hearing descriptions of Nafie's lavish displays for years. For example, all Al-Ahram employees knew that Nafie spent millions of Egyptian pounds each year to celebrate his own birthday. They also knew that his son, Omar, was the partner of businessman Ahmed al-Jarhi, whose company controlled most of the contracts to operate equipment used by Al-Ahram, including air conditioning, diesel engines used in the printing press and elevators - including the infamous elevator which worked for only a week before it gave up the ghost. Another of Nafie's sons is a partner in the "Cartier" Company of Dubai (not a branch of the international Cartier company), which sold Al-Ahram gifts for employees and guests valued at about 55 million Egyptian pounds (LE) annually. Both sons were also partners in the Art-Group company that won an exclusive tender to supply Al-Ahram with office equipment in a breach of Egyptian law; Egyptian law does not permit relatives of the management of a company to compete for tenders.`

friendlysaviour said...

yup, Harpoon,.. thats about the norm out there. Grease the palm with a little backsheesh. No wonder the deals done with oil and mideast trade are so murky.
How can you deal normally with a culture based on and thriving with "back-handers."
Any body for a gold Rolex?
John,.. We are still watching South Park from four years ago. Guess we'll have to wait to see this one. My favorite was the Santa visits mideast episodes.

Chris said...

i gotta download it from the internet though i prefer the simpsons

i guess you cant expect much from a neo-con network like Fox. Media will never be free as they depend from politicians and their policies, religion and etc. and they are controlled from some sick minds like Murdoch and Robertson.

Also = Egyptian law does not permit relatives of the management of a company to compete for tenders.`= there was a law here that relatives or the constructors themselves for public projects can not take part on any form of media. Strange..but EU came the next day and asked from the government to pull out this law while the media freaked out...probably the some ppl would lose their power and their filthy money