Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spinning the 'Baby Boom' In France

Here's an interesting article at al BBC. It is written by some silly woman in total denial about what is happening in France.

Read it for yourself, but note this slight of hand. But not fast enough to get by me.

French government eyes 'le baby boom'

With all this, it is maybe not surprising that France is managing to buck the trend of European depopulation. With a fertility rate of 1.916, it is second only to Ireland in the birth stakes and, unlike many countries, its population is growing strongly.

According to recent government figures, France's population should reach 75 million (from 62 million today) by the middle of the century, in the process overtaking Germany - whose numbers the UN says will fall from 82 million to 70.8 million in 2050.

Women in the workforce

What is particularly gratifying to French planners is that the bulk of the current population increase - put at 0.68% a year - is caused by home-grown births and only a quarter to immigration. [Wait a minute. 68% is 'home-grown'. What does 'home-grown' mean? Are Muslims citizens 'home grown'? From my math, 100 - 68 = 32% immigrant, or 1 out of every 3 babys or new immigrant is a Mohammed. Now if 5% of the 'home-grown' is Muslim babies, that is additional 3.5% for a total of 35.5%. If 10% of the 'home-grown' is Muslim, that is 6.8%, and the total percentage of babies TODAY who are Muslim in France is 38.8%!

They can spin it anyway they want, they can chop and jive the numbers, but reality is that France will be a majority Muslim Islamic state in 30 years unless there is a major change. Whether 32% of the new French is Muslim (baby or immigrant), or 39%, France is in a terrible situation.


MaoBi said...

Your math is off but your point is valid.

0.68% is population growth. It means that for every 10,000 French today there is an extra 68 in the next generation.

friendlysaviour said...

France has it's tete on the guillotine block

Cubed © said...

France is doomed. I'm not certain that she has reached the point of no return, but I have seen no evidence that she is willing to turn things around.

Always On Watch said...

I don't see that France can be saved from becoming an Islamic state. As Cubed points out, no evidence to the contrary has emerged.

Michael said...

There is a similar situation in many European nations.

friendlysaviour said...

Islamic Europe?
Not till I and a few million more breath our last breath.
Nothing is written in stone, except the Book of Lies.

George Mason said...

Everybody talks about the Muslims having a death wish, courtesy of Islam. Old Europe is in extinction mode. What bothers me the most is that Old Europe seems not care one bit. Their Muslims will help them get their wish.

friendlysaviour said...

The politicians cannot hold back the waters for ever. The levee must burst one day.
Europe may be asleep but it will awaken with a sore head.
Ever asked an Eastern European what they think on the subject?
They are all part of Europe now.
The resistance will be in millions.
Europe is not finished yet.
The politician pimps for islam are.

Pearsall Helms said...

You've made a mistake.

What is particularly gratifying to French planners is that the bulk of the current population increase - put at 0.68% a year - is caused by home-grown births and only a quarter to immigration.

What this means is that the population is growing at 0.68% annually, and that a quarter of this growth (around 0.17%) is due to immigration.

This means that, taking France's population to be 60.7 million, it is increasing at a rate of about 413,000 annually, of which roughly 310,000 is due to the excess of births over deaths, and 100,000 is to net immigration (immigrants minus emigrants).

You can't infer the proportion of Muslim births from these numbers because, crucially, the French government collects no statistics on ethnicity (ethnicity largely predicts religion in France, given that so few of the indigenes have converted), so guessing the number of Muslims being born is a matter of inference and guesstimates, rather than anything resting on a solid core.

Of course, though, we can be certain that the proportion of children being born to Muslim families is well above the guesstimate proportion of 10% of the population (which I personally find a bit suspect, given that even ten years ago they were talking of five million Muslims in has surely grown by more than a million since).

John Sobieski said...

Points well made. Given the paucity of stats by religion or ethnicity, it is hard to know the real numbers. Rumors about 1 out of 2 babies being named Mo in this city or that city give you an ideal. I think the refusal to collect the statistics says volumes about the problem. I had recently read that the French government was no longer printing the names of new babies. Why? Never heard, but isn't it obvious. Too many Muslim names.