Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Traitor in the White House

We already knew it. It's just another confirmation. Bush is a traitor to the conservatives of America. He is a full blown liberal, spend with no end, open borders fanatic, Islam loving traitor. Why, oh why did I ever vote for this man? The lesser of two evils is the only reason I can give. Et tu, Bush? I despise the man.

WASHINGTON -- President Bush generally favors plans to give millions of illegal immigrants a chance at U.S. citizenship without leaving the country, but does not want to be more publicly supportive because of opposition among conservative House Republicans, according to senators who attended a recent White House meeting.
Several officials familiar with the meeting also said Democrats protested radio commercials that blamed them for Republican-written legislation that passed the House and would make illegal immigrants vulnerable to felony charges.

Bush said he was unfamiliar with the ads, which were financed by the Republican National Committee, according to officials familiar with the discussions.

At another point, Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada and other members of his party pressed the president about their concern that any Senate-passed bill would be made unpalatable in final talks with the House.

Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, the second-ranking Democrat, said the lawmaker who would lead House negotiators, House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner, had been "intractable" in negotiations on other high-profile bills in the past. Bush did not directly respond to the remark, officials said.

The Republican and Democratic officials who described the conversation did so Wednesday on condition of anonymity, saying they had not been authorized to disclose details.

Bush convened the session to give momentum to the drive for election-year immigration legislation, a contentious issue that has triggered large street demonstrations and produced divisions in both political parties. Senators of both parties emerged from the session praising the president's involvement and said the timetable was achievable.

"Yes, he thinks people should be given a path to citizenship," said Sen. Mel Martinez., R-Fla., a leading supporter of immigration legislation in the Senate.

Martinez said it was implicit in Bush's remarks that many of the immigrants illegally in the U.S. would be permitted to remain during a lengthy wait and application period.


Cubed © said...

"Bush is a traitor to the conservatives of America."

John, he is a traitor to all Americans, whether all of them know it or not.

I have been terribly suspicious that Bush has long been a fan of the "New World Order" or "One World" concept. It seemed that this was the only explanation for his abject refusal to move off the dime re: the whole border matter.

I recently saw the April 24th article by Joseph Klein over at

It's a gut-wrencher, and just adds fuel to my (paranoid?) fire about his worldview.

Cubed © said...

BTW, Arlen Specter has said that the approach to the illegal alien matter favored by the illegals themselves would pass soon because he believes that we "little people" have "short attention spans" and that we will soon tire of opposing it.

I just e-mailed him to tell him that he grossly misunderestimated us.

Given all the stuff to be concerned about these days, I can see where he might think so; there's so much to do that we do tend to get a little distracted, discouraged, and tired.

I think I feel a nagging streak coming on: If we made a list of our concerns (Islam, borders, etc.) and found a candidate who seemed to "get it," we all know that the Republicrats would not nominate him. However, if enough of us are pissed off about these matters, a candidate who embraced our concerns might well break through the barriers constructed by the Republicrats and form a viable Third Party.

The pivotal term is "enough," and personally, I think there are "enough."

It'll be fascinatin' to see what the May Day activities produce.