Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Uranium Dancers

See the 'pigeon' of peace in the background? It doesn't matter that Iran is an economic basketbase and their people are as poor as dirt and ignorant. All they know is Islam, and Islam must rule the world. Dance, dance dance!


friendlysaviour said...

I notice that the poor pidgeons are tethered by a cord.
Being kept for a little blood sacrifice later?
Or is the pidgeon on the left actually tugging at the white cable lead of that fellows I-Pod?
I wonder what I-Tunes he's listening to?
"Burt Bacharac does Mo's Favorite Fourty Melodies."
(sorry Burt!)
or Sinatras' "Strangers on the Plane"
or that great little number,
Garry Glitter doing "Man and Boy, a Mullahs Love Story." from the Broadway musical of the same name.
or Cat Stevens nifty new album, "The Sound of Music,.. Al's 99 Names."
arranged for strings and brass.
Or could it be the new version of the old Al jolson
favorite, "Mahdi,My Maaahdi"

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Talk about 1984 style imagery. This one takes the cake. And of course, leave it to al-Reuters in its caption to talk it up as 'peaceful purposes' just like they're a department in the Iranian Propaganda Ministry.