Monday, April 17, 2006

Urbi et orbi

I just learned that the Pope wants Catholics to help the Palestinian people to build up their own country! Is that what he is using his Easter sermon for this year? Urging Catholics to donate to Muslims, and not, say, other Christians in poor countries? How about paying back its debts to the Jewish population first? Not that what has been done in the name of Christianity over 60 years ago could ever be made up with by money, though, I assume that everybody knows from what country this pope comes from.

The Christian Peoples Party of Switzerland (or CVP, whose members are Catholic, it’s one of the largest political parties in the country) had its annual meeting just last week. At the press conference they announced that they want to help Muslims to become, and I quote, “…better integrated in our country.” They want them to feel accepted and integrated, which might prevent them from feeling isolated, which of course must be the cause for Muslims the world over becoming violent.

I don’t think I need to comment on the above any further. It simply speaks volumes about itself… and European policy.


Conan said...

Quick where is the Pope's email adress? I am an ex-Catholic. Wonder why? Priests as pedophiles and a now a no-balls Pope.

Brooke said...

Ouch. My head!

Glad I'm not a Catholic, that's all I can say, 'cause I'd be hard-pressed to support the religion with the way they've been acting!

friendlysaviour said...