Friday, April 07, 2006

What would truly "Moderate Islam" look like?

As I have said or alluded to many times here, while there may be moderate Muslims, Islam itself is not moderate.

But what if Islam really was moderate? How would Islam behave and act if it was a genuine force for moderation, peace, and tolerance in the world? A fellow blogger over at The Religious Policeman some time ago attempted to definitively answer this provocative question. His answer is an excellent and thought-provoking read:

1. A Council of Muslim scholars today produced the definitive "New Quran". Based on the original version, it omits all that Dark Age anachronistic stuff about stoning adultresses, beating wives, beheading Kuffars, amputations, lashing, lying to unbelievers and Jews, the so-called sin of Apostacy, and eternal Jihad, and instead concentrates on the good bits about worshipping God, loving all his creatures, respecting our fellow-men, and being charitable to one and all. It will henceforth be the definitive religious text for the Faith. The "Old Quran" will be retained merely for its historic and poetic interest.

2. The Supreme Council of Imams yesterday announced that, after a fourteen-century continuous war which it finally realized it would never win, a peace treaty has been finally concluded with the Kuffars, who would henceforth be known as "fellow-humans". All territorial claims to the rest of the world have been dropped, specifically including Bali, Southern Spain, and Israel. Any acts of war or terrorism by individuals or communities will be punished by excommunication, banishment, permanent prohibition from entry to the Two Holy Mosques, and denial of burial in Muslim graveyards.

3. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has today declared itself open to all religions. All faiths will be permitted to worship openly without let or hindrance. As evidence of its serious intent, it is allocating space in Makkah and Madinah for the building of a Christian church, a Jewish synagogue, Hindu and Buddist temples.

4. A travelling exhibition, entitled "No More Lies", has this week started its round-the-world tour in New York. It disavows all the previous lies espoused by the Muslim Ummah, including the classic""Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is an authentic document" lie, the "4000 Jews got a phone call on 9/10 not to go to work tomorrow" lie, the "we don't know what nationality the hijackers were" lie, and the "Holocaust was a journalistic practical joke" lie.

5. Muslim charities today declared that henceforth, just like Western charities, they would help suffering people around the world, regardless of race or religion. They were able to demonstrate their sincerity by going to the assistance of people affected by a natural disaster in Latin America.

6. Imams throughout the world celebrated "World Faith Day" by preaching that Islam was only as good as, but no better, than all other world religions, and that all were equally valid ways of seeking personal salvation.

Compare the fantasy Islam portrayed above, and the Islam of the real world, and you can see just how huge the gap is between the two.


John Sobieski said...

Some fantasy. My bones will have dried up and turned into dust before that becomes reality.

hutchrun said...

4. A travelling exhibition, entitled "No More Lies"

That one is worth following up on. A travelling xibition that shows up Islam for what it is and the holocausts it perpetrated, and continues to. There`s a wealth of info out there to show up the mossies.
Books, stamps, posters etc. can be sold at these xibits and that would further the cause.
And after CAIR`s debacle with Mr. Whitehaead, the time is right.

Pastorius said...

Wow. A great new perspective. Thanks.

George Mason said...

As skeptical about Muslims and Islam as I have become, it would take a lot for me to accept them as fellow human beings on earth, and not some anti-human disease. Were these six to come to pass, they would go a long way toward convincing me. Necessary, yes. Sufficient? Let's let them get that far first before throwing rose petals.

Moved Elsewhere said...

Very good post! Those who retail themselves as moderate Muslims -- Ahmadiyyas excepted -- cannot name an authentic sect or branch of Islam they represent. Ask them what modern, formal, documented interpretation of the Koran and Hadith they subscribe to and they are speechless. Ask them what formal school of Islamic jurisprudence they accept and they cannot name one. Ask them how to find a local mosque of moderate Islam in the yellow pages and they will be at a loss.

Debbie said...

Had me going there for a minute, ha. I sure don't see that happeing.


friendlysaviour said...

ken, shows just how little authentic religious belief has to do with modern day representations of islim.
islam has been branded as much as tesco. Islam is a factory for misconceptions designed almost by reverse engineering.
They seem to have taken a reflection of the good intentions we had when creating Human Rights legislation and political correctness rules, and in this reverse image, our good intentions become the daggers with which we shall be severed from the roots of the History of our Nations.
Was it Gorbachev who puzzled as to why Europe was so intent on re-creating the yoke of Communist State Rule, that Russia had just shaken off?
State rule and islam have many common elements and are, perhaps, instinctively bed-fellows.