Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ali Sina's New Book - Understanding Islam and the Muslim Mind

Ali Sina has posted the Introduction and Synopsis for his new book Understanding Islam and the Muslim Mind. I hope everyone sends an email to Ali adding themselves to his list of purchasers when the book is available.

Islam is the reason no true and long lasting democracy can be established in any Islamic country and it is also the reason why these countries are generally poor, underdeveloped and backward.

The truth is that democracy cannot be imposed from above. To build democracy, you need a foundation. The foundation of democracy is freedom. Freedom comes first.

In Islamic countries, people don’t have an understanding of freedom. They confuse freedom with anarchy. They are actually afraid of it. Freedom means freedom of thought, freedom of expression and freedom of action, as long as your freedom does not limit the freedom of others. But this freedom is frightening to Muslims.

It’s not their own freedom that is frightening to them. Muslims take full advantage of their freedom in the democratic countries, to promote their faith. In fact they want more and demand freedoms that are not available to others. What is frightening to them is the fact that in democracies their opponents will also be free. To Muslims this is a frightening scenario. This would allow the critics of Islam to express their disagreement with their religion freely and promote their own thesis that may be more attractive. This is intolerable to Muslim sensitivity.


friendlysaviour said...

.."This is intolerable to Muslim sensitivity."
There lies the fundamental problem that faces the Free World.

Always On Watch said...

I signed up.