Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cheema Muslim Outrage™ Update

Remember the would-be jihadist from Pakistan, Amer Cheema, who committed suicide in his German jail cell earlier this month? Well, over the weekend in Pakistan, a huge crowd of more than 50,000 followers of the Religion of Peace™ attended Cheema’s funeral, giving the attempted murderer a hero’s send-off:

SAROKI, Pakistan May 13, 2006 (AP)— More than 50,000 people turned out Saturday for the funeral of a Pakistani student who died while under arrest in Germany for allegedly planning to attack a newspaper that published caricatures of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

Amer Cheema, 28, was arrested in March as he tried to enter the office of Axel Springer, the publisher of Die Welt.

The newspaper was one of several in Europe that reprinted the caricatures in a show of support for freedom of expression after their first publication in a Danish newspaper angered Muslims.

The reprinting touched off even more outrage in the Islamic world, especially in Pakistan, where tens of thousands of people took to the street in often violent protests.

Islamic tradition bars drawings of Muhammad to discourage idolatry.

According to German police, Cheema hanged himself in his Berlin cell on May 3 using a noose made from his clothes. On Saturday, his coffin arrived at Lahore airport from Germany and a government helicopter carried the body to Cheema’s family in Saroki, a village 90 miles northwest of Lahore.

Chanting “God is great!” and “We are slaves of Prophet Muhammad!”, more than 50,000 people attended the funeral, dispersing peacefully afterward, said Fayyaz Bhutta, the district mayor.

Cheema was a 'student', is that right? So were the Iranians that stormed the American embassy over 25 years ago, as a matter of fact.


hutchrun said...

The sunnis go to war in shiite Iran:

TEHRAN: Al Qaeda-linked Jundollah guerillas executed 11 men at a roadside in southern Iran and strung a wounded 12-year-old boy from an electricity pylon before fleeing to mountain hideouts, police said yesterday. Interior Minister Mostafa Pourmohammadi said some of the militants had been killed by security forces. Media said others had fled into the Kofout mountains in southeastern Kerman.

friendlysaviour said...

Daily islam writes the history of it's madness.
moslims living in the West like to think they are immune from these conflicts. These conflicts are the very stuff that created that "religion."
Safe in our Democratic countries, the moslim watches the lies of radical clerics on Arabian satellite TV.
They dream of the day when their children will inherit the civilisation that our ancestors created.
They speak among themselves of the "inferiority" of the kafurs they live amongst, deriding us as condemmned "unbelievers."
Daily their political planners use money from the sponsors of their hoped for demise of the West.
Daily they chip away at our hard-won freedoms and their actions lead to more and more loss of our Liberty.

But slowly we are awakening to the truths of islam, despite their best effortd to deceive us. Despite our own liberal politicians wishes to suppress our patriotism, our respect for our heritage

Long may islam's confusion reign. Long may they continue to fight among themselves, for each and every action dispels the myths of their supposed "peacefulness."

hutchrun said...

Bloody Danes are gonna stew in Islam:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali resigning from Parliament, relocating to US

eyesallaround said...

I thought suicide was wrong in the ROP... unless of course you're taking out innocent women and children.. freakin' sociopaths..

friendlysaviour said...

hutchrun,... that is bad news.
I see the Dutch Minister is "Minister of Integration" what a joke!"
Luckily, electronic media will ensure she is not forgotten.
The Dutch are in a stew alright.

hutchrun said...

`Tis the same all over:
An encounter with truth
By K. Easwaran Nambudiri

Desecrated temples, decapitated idols, obscene graffiti on temple walls; bulldozed houses and destroyed locality of minority Hindus; burnt pages from sacred Vedic texts; couples being dragged to death after being tied to a jeep and appeals by “non-communal” Muslims to surgically remove the ‘cancer’ called Hindus.

Anonymous said...

We must remember it's only a tiny minority of extremists that have hijacked a peaceful religion...

friendlysaviour said...

jonz,.. such a tiny minority..they told me so I believe them.