Monday, May 22, 2006

Disturbing Article About Losing to Islam

Hello everyone. Sorry for not being around much the past month. Moved to new digs and consumed an enormous amount of time. I'll be posting more as it winds down now.

Eleanor at SixthColumn posted an interview with Abigail R. Esman with some excellent comments. We all hope for Europe, we want Europe to wake up and smell the coffee. But ennui is the nirvana for the masses. The article is posted at Front Page, "Losing to Islam." What bothers me is all this striving by Ms. Esman to describe "Islamism" as some form of extreme Islam, foreign, not the mainstream. See, I don't buy this, not one bit. The only difference is in the emphasis on the sword. The goals are the same, some use the tonque, the media, $$$, only the tools are different. It's all the same. It's tiring and depressing to watch our politicians to stumble over each other to apologize for Islam, to cover up, to deny the reality. Bush himself today went on and on about his 'light unto the Muslims' propaganda. It seems to have no meaning to me, hollow, just some insipid script by some insipid writer. No Koran around there, and even if there was, would anyone bother to study it?


wyomass said...

I’ve been lucky enough to spend about 2 of the last 2 ½ years outside the US looking in. I was on the east coast of England weeks after the bombings in London. (I was in Amsterdam for Katrina and China during the elections)..In short, my comment is this:

Europe is f**cked. They are in a deep state of denial about what’s happening right in front of their own eyes.

Islam is a disease, Mohamed was a pedophile, and even the most minor of criticisms would throw the Brits/Euros (not all, but most) into some bizarre PC state of mind about ‘we can’t be racists about this” B.S. Then like some trained parrot they would start blaming the US /Israel for everything that’s wrong with the world…and I mean everything.

I’m still stunned by how many Brits/Euros I met who defended Islam out of some ‘fear’ of being labeled an Islamaphobe or a racist. (Or worse..Pro US/Israel)

Europe is finished. The war there is lost. They have already surrendered….trust me.

Cubed © said...

"The goals are the same. . ."

That's the Biggie. Too many people do not recognize the importance of ideas, the influence of philosophy. They think that because we don't "bleed" when someone talks, that there is "no harm done."

Understanding things like "The goals are the same..." is a function of the intellect, a process of education. Unfortunately, the progress of the enemy is being made very quickly, so given the steep learning curve that is necessary, we may not have the time to teach about the danger through education; it will probably require the kind of "one step learning" or "instant education" that we require when we bleed.

Most of us think that there is little doubt that another attack, a "bleeder," is on the way, quite possibly because of our government's abject refusal to secure our borders, especially the border with Mexico.

But by that time, there will - I hope - have been enough publicity about the danger of Islam that when the "bleeder" happens, the truth will suddenly become apparent to most people, and they'll finally wake up and do what's necessary.

The Ayaan Hirsi Ali story has an upside. She was forceably stripped of her citizenship for what amounted to an act of self-defense (distorting her name in order to escape an attempt to violate her right to choose whether to marry), and then accepted an offer to come to the U.S.

It is my sincere hope that others who understand the nature of the Islamic threat, and whose countries no longer dare defend their citizens against it, will also come here. I know, our own cowardly, dishonest, unprincipled government is making that very difficult, but if the Mexicans and terrorists can do it, maybe you can too!

I'm not kidding; remember, there's always the Canadian border, which is longer and less attended, and Canada has virtually no concerns about who enters its territory. So if things ever get to be too much, give it some thought. Dress in heat-retaining clothing to keep the infrared-detectors from picking up your signature...

I know not everyone who comments here likes Ayn Rand, mostly because she was an atheist. But don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. If you can, read the part of Atlas Shrugged where Galt's Gulch is described. It was a valley hidden in the mountains where all the people who were under attack from the postmodernists (collectivists, Leftists, liberals, socialists, communists, etc.) in a society crumbling from the impact of the influence of postmodern thinking could go for respite from the insanity.

If enough people who recognize the insanity of submitting to Islam were to gather together in one place as their countries die, we might even have enough people to make a successful stand, and to re-light the world!

friendlysaviour said...

wyomas,..true, on the surface Britain looks all F***** up, but I have lived here for decades and know people of different viewpoints. Yes, most seem to be in denial, but there are rumblimgs deep in the psyche of the Briton.
No, we will not all roll over and take whats coming.
I heard quiet folk talking about what may happen to the moslim equilibrium around the time of the July bombings. If there had been more successful attacks, the reprisals would have been hard to quell. If the lads of England ever get miffed enough about the state of things, and given the right conditions, all I can say is, there will be unbridled vengeance sweeping the streets of old Blighty.
One push to far, is what it will take. The mushy liberals will stand by and wring their hands as usual.
Just another attack will be the start of the end for those idiot folks who think they can change the Nation with bombs.
If too long passes, then there will be the danger of the numbers game.
Sad that our free democracy with all it's faults should be put to the test, but it's coming.
Cubed,...should the day come when all seems lost, there will be many new arrivals on your shores.
I hope we do not fail the test,and we shall not have to regroup to survive. That Canadian border is long though!
I hope Ms. Ali will be heard even louder from her new home, as much of what she has said received little coverage in England.
One thing I have noticed is the sense that the muslim ummah in Britain is not so sure of it's progress. I think they sense the change in the wind, and realise that tolerance of their more aggressive kindred is wearing thin.
Now there is talk amongst their pundits, that they must remove the radical teachers from the average mosques, due to the malign influence they have had on young British moslims. It may be too late for that though.

minuses said...

Defeating Islam at FFI:
I have had fun here at FFI and have started to doubt my own religion.....THIS IS NOT GOOD.

I hereby testify that:
1) I believe that there is one Allah
2) I believe in the prophets
3) I believe in the four books sent from Allah..
4) I believe in the Angels
5) I believe in the day of judgement (Qayamat)
6) I believe in the resurrection after Qayamat

There is a purpose for my existence on this Earth and that is to serve only Allah....and his FINAL PROPHET is Muhammed (pbuh).

The Myth Of Mecca needs greater exposure.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Muhammed is a false prophet and worse. Getting anyone to doubt Islam is a very good thing and should be praised to the skies.

Cubed © said...

"No, we will not all roll over and take whats coming."

That is so encouraging to hear, dlb; Britain and the U.S. have certainly had our family squabbles, but our deeply shared values overcame even such indiscretions on the part of the British as the burning of our Library of Congress (of course, Blair has apologized for that. . .).

It would absolutely kill my soul to see the birthplace of the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution disappear under the heavy hand of the anti-intellectual, anti-innovation, anti-reason, anti-humankind, anti-reality, vicious, immoral, and just plain NASTY Islam!

you mention the ". . .rumblings deep in the psyche of the Briton."

I will absolutely count on those deep rumblings to preserve our common heritage.

We have a similar situation here, only some of us call it "the great American subconscious" in reference to those principles of the Founders that used,> to be, but are no longer, taught in our schools.

Despite that, and even though the average American can no longer articulate those principles, he knows that "something isn't right" when Islam is exposed, and illegals cross our borders by the millions while the president does nothing.

"Something isn't right" is all that we have left; it's a sense that we were better off before, that all is not going well, and that we need to take some sort of corrective action.

It is my belief that Islam made its move on the West too soon to accomplish its goal.

I'm counting on that.

Debbie said...

You are all correct. I hope it is not too late for Europe, but I'm not sure. We in the US need to do all we can to make people understand the real threat from Islam.

Start with your close family members, make them understand. Make them share with their friends, etc.

The take over from Islam will come gradually, one little lose of freedom/democracy at a time. Some won't even notice it happening.

We who know WILL see it, and it is our responsibility to point it out.

As I have posted on, there are already enclaves of Muslims here in the US. Muslim communities with their own mosques/schools/laws. Don't say it's not so, it is. Arkansas of all places has one of these communities. I live in Tennessee and in places like Memphis and Nashville the trends have already started.

Once you allow these neighborhood organizations to partially rule themselves, it is only a step away from allowing them their own rule.

Wake up America

Muslims are running for political offices in Europe. They may not have the votes to win elections yet, but it won't be long. Don't you think once in power they will not try to install sharia?

Right Truth

friendlysaviour said...

debbie,.. words of wisdom.
It is the drip drip effect.
Why should we bend our ways to suit this cultural poison?
You must emphasise the importance of American values and the Constitution. Outlaw those who seek to change it for their own ends.

Gormless Norman said...

Hi everyone,

Pastorius and myself had what I think was a pretty good discussion over the last few days about the possiblity that we can still prevail -- see here at CUANAS.

Pastorius surprised me by seeming somewhat optimistic, which was a surprise because I had thought he was one of the few people more pessimistic than me. But he has the view that we will ultimately prevail, but in doing so will lose essential aspects of our civilization. We didn't really go into what this means.

I pointed to VDH's "Suburban Jason" article from a while ago, where VDH cheered me up by saying that Europeans still have some vestigal feistiness and are still capable of fighting back savagely -- sort of like bld points out in this thread, about the rumblings in the brains of the Britons. Pastorius said something like this too.

I think my own view is more pessimistic, and is probably closer to what Debbie says here. My worst case scenario is a peaceful transition into the realm of Islam that happens so slowly that nobody even realizes it's happening.

The Mohammed cartoons episode is a perfect example of this, and also of how we can expect no help at all from the cowardly media. Most people probably wouldn't even know what you were talking about if you went up and asked their opinion about the "Mohammed cartoons." They would be like, "what are you talking about?" Meanwhile, under their nose, a basic tenet of our civilization has been forfeited.