Tuesday, May 30, 2006

France, Save Thyself.

There is so much to alarm anyone in this story. If you read between the lines, you get the feeling that the remaining Frenchmen in the suburbs of Paris are prisoners, terrified. Have the Muslims reached critical mass in France? We'll see.

Police Injured As Violence Flares In Suburbs Of Paris (Again)
The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 5-31-2006 | Colin Randall

Police injured as violence flares in suburbs of Paris

By Colin Randall in Paris
(Filed: 31/05/2006)

At least 100 youths, many brandishing baseball bats, clashed with police in a new outbreak of violence in the same Parisian suburbs in which nationwide rioting started last autumn.

The disturbances, which were described as "violent and intense" and left several policemen injured, extended from late on Monday night into the early hours yesterday.

Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets after coming under attack, while Xavier Lemoine, the centre-Right mayor of Montfermeil, one of two affected suburbs, was left fearing for the lives of his wife and seven children after a stone-throwing mob gathered outside his home.

The disorder was a worrying reminder of last year's violence. France is anxious to avoid a long, hot and troubled summer on run-down estates populated by families of African and Arab origin who feel alienated from society.

Mr Lemoine became a hate figure when he introduced a tough new anti-delinquency law banning people aged 15 to 18 from congregating in groups of more than three in the centre of the town.

The ban was suspended after a legal challenge, but the mayor caused further anger by providing a witness statement that enabled police to arrest a young man accused of assaulting a bus driver.

After the incidents at the mayor's residence, youths attacked the Montfermeil town hall, shattering its glass facade with missiles.

Petrol bombs were thrown, although they failed to ignite, and four cars and a large number of rubbish bins were set on fire.

Riot police later confronted gangs of masked youths on a nearby estate and made three arrests.

Trouble also broke out in the neighbouring suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois, where the deaths of two boys, electrocuted in a power substation last October while apparently being chased by police, provoked three weeks of unrest from the north of France to the Riviera.

First reports suggested that Monday's trouble flared after the arrest of the suspect implicated by the mayor in the bus driver's assault. A later theory linked it to the arrest of a woman who became agitated when her home was raided following the detention of her son for burglary.

Mr Lemoine, who was placed under police protection a month ago after an earlier missile-throwing attack on his home, said yesterday: "The violence showed that the lives of my family and my seven children are in danger."

But a police union accused the mayor of exposing officers to risk of injury as a consequence of his "untimely" political decisions and the leader of France's opposition socialist party, François Hollande, claimed the mayor had created an "instrument for violence" by stigmatising young people.

Dominique Perben, the transport minister, said the overnight events were "a reminder" of last year's riots and argued that the problems of the suburbs were an issue for "the entire political class" the day my station disappeared


friendlysaviour said...

Lets watch this space.
How much will it take before the riot police are compelled to use all methods to quell the rioting.
Ultimately, only one tactic will remain,...curfew and shoot first commands.
Then the pidgeons will be roasting their toes as the internet traffic spreads the images around the World.
That is what Chirac and his feathered friends fear most.
An arab backlash that destroys the foundations of compromise multiculturality. this is what the bredren want. They must be faced head on across the barricades.
The Socialist elite of France will face the irony of battling on the OTHER side of the barricades than thet did in 68. Or they will crumble and be swept away by events.
Will the tinder be swept across the European borders?
Will populations more resilient, be resolute and face the foe?

friendlysaviour said...

Last night saw further trouble in the suburbs following attack on abus-driver. There are calls for more action by the police as their seems to be a paralysis of ideas on how to deal with the riots. (for that is what they are)

Always On Watch said...

I haven't heard a think about this in the msm. I'll check today's paper later, after I get off from work.

Freedom Fighter said...

I think this is a test run for further jihadi violence planned for later in the year...I predicted it when I reported on Le Jihad Francais last year, noting the response of the French government.

They will do nothing, but keep looking to find a way to appease the `youths' (notice how the MSM avoided any hint of the fact that the rioters were Muslims?).

I predict large electoral gains for Le Pen and the French right wing nativist parties...which means this will be settled in the streets.

Unfortunately,that also bodes ill for the 600,000 Jews left in France who will be caught in the middle.

If I were a French Jew, I'd be packing up to leave for Israel, Australia or the USA.

The Pope at Auschwitz had it right this Sunday. The Battle for Europe is about to begin.

friendlysaviour said...

Lets not forget who fired the opening salvos in Madrid and London.