Saturday, May 27, 2006

Islamophobia vs Hesperophobia

Everyone knows about "Islamophobia", or at least has heard of the term. My take on Islamophobia is simple—it ain’t a phobia if the fear is rational or justified. And Islam is something to be feared and resisted by any means necessary, Hence, “Islamophobia” is a term of pure taqiyya, bollocks and Islamic Correctness.

If we’re going to talk about ‘phobias’ and toss the term around willy-nilly, let me introduce you to a term you may not have heard before—Hesperophobia. Hesperophobia is fear or hatred of the West. You’ll find copious and prolific examples of Hesperophobia in the MSM, particularly in the European Wing, and it can be found at hysterical levels in the Islamic Realm on an ongoing basis.

The word Hesperophobia was coined by political scientist Robert Conquest. Its roots are the Greek words hesperos, which means “the west” and phobos, which means “fear,” but which when used as an English suffix can also carry the meaning “hate”.

Read more on Hesperophobia here.


John Sobieski said...

It is the correct term, unfortunately 'hesper' doesn't sound Western, making the term easy to understand. Westophobia sounds contrived.

dag said...

I tried "Anti-Semericanism" without any joy. Now I fall back on Anti-Modernity to get my point across, it including the mental West of India and Japan and Australia and so on.

friendlysaviour said...

Correct terminology, so important.
Look at the Ad. industry. They sped millions to come up with a couple of words that sum up a product.
Soundbites, are an example of this essential tool.
Get the right term and hammer it home until it becomes THE word that sums up the subject.
Understanding the term becomes automatic for the uninitiated reader.
Worth getting a whole lexicon together.
How a bout a competition?!

friendlysaviour said...

Islamophobia has for too long been a weapon to beat the rational thinker with.
I despise this term with all my might, but it helps me know the enemy I am dealing with, and it's apologists.
Like the over used term "islamist"
We all know the nature of that one, and the nature of what it covers up.

Cubed © said...

“Islamophobia” is a term of pure taqiyya, bollocks and Islamic Correctness.

It is, and your characterization of "phobia" as irrational is the one used in medicine.

I like the sound of "Hesperophobia." It may be a new word, but with continued use, it's something that could become widely understood!


I like the idea of a competition. Way back in the early days of Jihad/Dhimmi Watch, there was a desire to have some word that would adequately express what we have (contempt, in my opinion) when we think of Islam.

"Fear" of any kind just doesn't seem to do it. "Hesperophobia" would apply to what Muslims feel for us.

I'm still looking for a word that would translate closely to "contempt for Islam."

friendlysaviour said...


friendlysaviour said...

islamopharium = jihad lock-up
islamo-verse = worn-out verbosity
islamadverse = adverse to islam
islamhistamine = medicine for above.
islamotaqi = lying bullcrap
islamotaminated = health warning
islamopaedic = religious pervert
islamonebulous = meaningless fantasy
islamomorbid = personality disorder
islamorphic = ability of islam to change face to conquer.
islamimplosion = final end of islam as chaos theory ends belief in koran and rabid infighting destroys from within.

Nilk said...

Islaminated = my benchtop.

(sorry - it's past bedtime and I couldn't resist!)