Tuesday, May 09, 2006

More Mad Malaysian Ministerial Musings

On a regular basis, the local Dear Leader of the Malaysian Islamic State can be trusted to say the usual banal idiocies, and so on. My jaw stopped hitting the floor awhile ago upon hearing it, but that doesn't mean I can't share the madness with you, the reader.

So sit back and bask in the mighty wisdom of the Prime Minister:

KUALA LUMPUR, May 9 (Bernama) -- Malaysians must learn from the past conflicts and turmoil that happened in Malaysia in the last century and treasure the peace and stability they now enjoy, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Tuesday.

He said it was easy for young Malaysians who never witnessed armed conflict to take for granted the peace that they had known all their lives ... he said Malaysia had experienced four episodes of serious conflict and turmoil in the last century -- the Japanese Occupation, the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) insurgency, Confrontation and the May 13 ethnic riots.

Abdullah said today's prosperous Malaysia was built on the sacrifices of the police, the armed forces and the civilians who resisted the CPM in the towns, villages and deep jungle settlements.

Of course, everyone knows that the Japanese occupation of Malaya (part of World War II) and the Malayan 'Emergency' of 1946-60 (which was really a full-blown civil war) were resolved through strictly peaceful means, dialog, negotiation, UNSC resolutions and singing kum-by-yah. Don't Malaysians always go on about only 'dialog' and such can handle disputes? Certainly such problems can never be resolved by such drastic, cowboy, and unilateral means like armed resistance or self defense. Such militaristic notions can only be found in the the unilateral wet dreams of American imperialists, right?

The Prime Minister said Malaysians should also learn from these incidents and those elsewhere that terrorism and terrorists did not belong to any particular ethnic group, religion or nation.

Hmm, you gonna believe Malaysian taqiyya about Islam, or your own lyin' eyes?

He said terrorism, which was annact [sic] of organised violence against civilians to achieve a political end, had been used by groups regardless of religion, ethnicity, ideology or nationality.

"Terrorism has been practised by many groups -- European, American, African and Asian -- and is a human reactionary mechanism."

Ah, good to know! Blowing up night clubs, trains, buses, and office buildings is a perfectly normal human reaction mechanism. I'll be sure to pass that gem to the 9-11 families, the victims in London, Bali, Madrid, Tel Aviv, etc etc etc.

Terrorism has existed not only among Muslims but also Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists. The terrorism they practised violated the teachings of their religions, for no religion condones violent attacks against civilians and Islam is certainly clear on this matter," he added.

Um, which parts in Islam exactly state not to kill civilians? Darn it, he never does specify the answer to that question. Trust him, it's in the Koran, um, someplace. Honest!

The Prime Minister said Malaysians should also understand that terrorism could not be defeated by military and coercive measures alone.

Have you hugged a terrorist today or sent money to a needy terrorist? I am sure you all remember how well the Oslo agreement was honored by the Paleos and how much their Hamas government honors such negotiated settlements even now.

Above all, Abdullah said, Malaysia learned that it could never defeat the enemy without addressing and neutralising the factors that drove people to take up arms.

Similarly, he said, the present campaign against international terrorism would not succeed unless the world confronted the factors driving it and this would require political courage.

Something we have been saying here at PI for awhile now.

Abdullah said the issues of Palestine and Iraq must be resolved with careful thought and reasoning."We must end unlawful occupation, injustice, oppression and marginalisation wherever they exist and only then will insurgency and terrorism truly subside," he added.

"Unlawful occupation" is the ususal doublespeak here for the existance of Israel. As soon as the Middle East is Judenrein, as soon as the Muslims attain their rightful place as the masters of the Middle East, Eurabia, followed shortly thereafter by the rest of the world (cuz the Koran says so), then insurgency and terrorism will truly subside.

The Prime Minister wants us to learn from past wars. Being an observer of politics and a student of history, here is what I have learned from past conflicts of the 20th century and before that:

“Wars are best fought by Generals in the field, not Politicians at home.”

“Unilateral Action is better than Multilateral Inaction.”

“If you desire peace, you must prepare for war.”

...and last but not least, the always popular

“There is no substitute for victory.”


Carlos said...

Yeah, thats good, "Prime Minister pushing for National Hug a Terrorist Day, finding some resistance, but peaceful..."

stateroom said...

Malaysia at Risk From Conservative Islam, Says Marina Mahathir
May 5 (Bloomberg) -- Malaysian women's rights activist Marina Mahathir, daughter of the country's longest-serving premier, said the government isn't doing enough to stop conservative Muslims from eroding the rights of citizens.


And she`s very right.
Mr. Badawi is a terrorist.

friendlysaviour said...

"There is no substitute for victory"
I want the tee-shirt.