Friday, May 05, 2006

Moussaoui, meet Supermax

Mr. Moussaoui, AKA Mo, the infamous devout follower of the late Murdering Molester Mo, having successfully escaped execution, is about to head off to his home for the next several decades.

Mr. Mo, meet Supermax.

Moussaoui is expected to be transferred within days to the Administrative Maximum United States Penitentiary, or Admax, in Florence, Colo., the federal government's most secure prison, located in the high desert 90 miles south of Denver.

Dubbed the "Alcatraz of the Rockies" by prison experts -- and "The Tombs" by many prisoners and their lawyers -- the 12-year-old "supermax" facility houses about 400 of the most dangerous and infamous prisoners in the federal system, from "Unabomber" Theodore J. Kaczynski to Ramzi Yousef, architect of the 1993 World Trade center bombing.

The left wing moonbat brigade has wasted no time in calling even this sentence 'inhumane':
"It's a modern-day, high-tech form of solitary confinement," said Jamie Fellner, head of Human Rights Watch's U.S. program, who spent two days touring the Florence facility as part of a study on supermax prisons. "It's not the dungeon of old. There are lights and it's clean. But it's still not humane. Conditions that may be justifiable for three months become much more problematic when it becomes three years or longer."

Makes me wonder what sort of punishment for Mr. Mo Jamie would be ok with. Sadly, Jamie doesn't answer that question in this article--he's much too busy bashing the US Government, which is pretty much a full time occupation for the loony left wingers nowadays.

Perhaps if Mo took a fall from 400 meters, like so many victims did in Lower Manhattan on that bloody day almost five years ago, then he wouldn't nearly suffer as much as his pal Jamie fears. Just a few seconds in free fall and then it's over, right? Much more humane, right?

I hope Mr. Mo suffers. Supermax is way, way too good for the likes of him.


Mason said...

If Jamie Fellner (is this a guy?) needs to take tours of facilities to understand them, perhaps he/she/it should be touring in a plane alone as it heads toward the ground from 10000 feet.

Then maybe understanding would become crystal clear. Mo should have been sentenced to death not life.

hutchrun said...

`Defenders of Moussaoui's life sentence say he will "rot in prison." Perhaps in a better world Zacarias Moussaoui would share a cell with Hannibal Lecter. But if our moral betters aren't going to let Saddam's torturers rot in Abu Ghraib, if they aren't going to let the CIA's most important al Qaeda captives rot in "secret" foreign prisons, they certainly aren't going to let Moussaoui rot in Florence, Colo. He will be treated more than well.`

That still won`t prevent him from answering to his Allah.

eyesallaround said...

Maybe Moussaoui should live with Jamie Fellner! LOL!

Brooke said...

They should play United 93 nonstop in his cell 'till he dies.

Crimeny, does Fellner think he deserves a vacation for his evil? He'd be lucky to last long enough to suffer in a prison population...Maybe we should go that route...

European Kafir said...

I am just glad that he escaped the electric chair, or lethal injection... for two reasons: now he will suffer longer AND he won`t meet the 72 virgins he was hoping for, he will probably meet some fellow inmates who will "take good care of him" instead.
And moreover he won`t become a martyr now!

Debbie said...

Nice. I'm including a link from my blog back.

Right Truth

Always On Watch said...

I resent that this jihadipsycho will get his prayer rug and his Koran and his keep at taxpayers' expense.

And he won't get tortured. Some bleeding heart will see to THAT.

hutchrun said...

Menwhile the french are trying to get him back and serve the sentence in france.
But the french house is far from being in order:

`Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin faces daily calls for his resignation. Flanked by somber-faced ministers, he told reporters at a packed news conference Thursday that the corruption investigation would "not deter me one second from my mission."

What's known as the Clearstream scandal centers on whether Villepin secretly ordered a criminal investigation to damage the reputation of Interior Ministry Nicolas Sarkozy, Villepin's party colleague and rival for the presidency. Villepin on Thursday denied ordering the probe, calling allegations that he did "lies, slander and attacks."