Friday, May 12, 2006

Muzzies find yet another excuse for outrage

Just when the Cartoon Jihad was getting a bit stale, wouldn't you know it...the Muzzies have managed to manufacture yet another pretext for Muslim Outrage™. Actually, the Cartoon Jihad itself has conveniently provided the jumping off point for this new episode of Muslim Outrage™.

Here's the story, from International Herald Tribune:

After months of angry protests against the publication of 12 caricatures of the(alleged) Prophet Muhammad, first printed in a small Danish newspaper last year, Europe appeared relieved that the anger in the Islamic world has seemed to dissipate.

But the case of Amer Cheema, a Pakistani who was arrested in March after allegedly trying to assassinate a newspaper editor in Berlin, and then died on May 3 while in police custody, has stoked anti-German sentiment in some parts of the Muslim world.


Cheema was caught by security guards in the lobby of the Axel Springer Building here in Berlin, where the newspaper Die Welt, which reprinted the Muhammad cartoons earlier this year, is published.

He told the police that his aim was to assassinate Roger Köppel, a Swiss citizen who is Die Welt's editor in chief.

OK, so martyr-wanna-be Cheema (from Pakistan, of course--the country whose chief export is terrorists) tries to wage his own personal jihad against one of the Euro-dhimmi papers that had the temerity to publish the Evil Cartoons earlier this year. This genius tried to make a hit on the newspaper's editor. Unfortunately for Cheema, and fortunately for the editor, the newspaper's security guards were actually doing their job and they caught Mr. Jihadist before he could get to his target.

After Mr. Martyr gets hauled off to the German lock-up, he manages to kill himself in his jail cell. The Kraut police are calling it a clear case of suicide.

The Muzzies, naturally, are screaming that he was murdered by the Polizei, and Cheema is now being hailed as a hero by his co-religionists.

So predictable.


Cubed © said...

Lessee... How many excuses does that make, now?

Hmmm. Question Number 1 on the Mussie Math Quiz:

"There have been over 4905 deadly attacks by terrorists since 9/11. You want to make it an even 5000. This week, there have been 43 more attacks, with 165 dead bodies and 151 critically injured. How many more attacks will it take to achieve your goal of 5000? (Careful; there is information in the question that is unnecessary to answer correctly.)"

Thanks, as ever, to TROP...

Brooke said...

The answer is:

Who cares? KILL as many infidels as possible, anyway!

I am sick of Western tolerance for this genocide!

friendlysaviour said...

Isn't it the most boring repetition of fake outrage?
Maybe the big plan is to make us yawn ourselves stupid so we give in to get the monotonony over with. Yawn, bloody yawn.
Who is making all the cash out of the flags they burn. Sounds like a nice little earner.

Mark said...


I am sick of Western tolerance for this genocide!

You and me both!

hutchrun said...

Spaghetti-eating mashup. Lady & The Tramp Style!

hutchrun said...

A calander of major killings of Hindus in Jammu and Kashmri

(excluding attacks at Raghunath Temple, Kaluchak carnage and Qasim Nagar carnage in 2002 in Jammu killing over 70 Hindus)

hutchrun said...

For Pakistan long-term objective; its highest ambition is the disintegration of India and the creation of an Islamic khilafat spanning the territory from Afghanistan to Bangladesh. One can thus comprehend the agony of Pakistan upon losing Bangladesh, as well as its eagerness to subjugate Afghanistan. Herein also lies the explanation for the intensity of Pakistan craving for Kashmir: with that state in its control, Pakistan knows that it would spark the disintegration of India, and thus, would all but achieve, its greatest goal.

friendlysaviour said...

hutch,.. you have hit the nut square on. India will be no push-over, though.