Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Prolific Shall Inherit the Earth

Everyone's heard of the hoary Bible adage, "the meek shall inherit the earth."

Actually, it's the ones that make babies, lots and lots of babies, that shall inherit the earth.

As Europe continues to undergo its population implosion in slow motion, the
prolific Muslims are filling the vacuum. One column that details this historically significant trend, authored by one Robert Weigel at, is one worth reading.

History abhors vacuums, and the demographic vacuum created by Europe’s self-destructive fertility rates has, for several generations now, been filled by a large-scale immigration from throughout the Islamic world. For anyone who has taken the trouble to look, the most obvious effects of that immigration have been on display in continental Europe’s increasingly segregated urban landscape, in which an impoverished Muslim suburban periphery typically surrounds an affluent European urban core.

Far more has changed than the physical appearance of European metropolitan areas, though. There are dozens of "ungovernable" areas in France: Muslim-dominated suburbs, mainly, where the writ of French law does not run and into which the French police do not go. Similar extraterritorial enclaves, in which shari’a law is enforced by local Muslim clerics, can be found in other European countries. Moreover, as Bruce Bawer details in a new book, While Europe Slept, European authorities pay little or no attention to practices among their Muslim populations that range from the physically cruel (female circumcision) through the morally cruel (arranged and forced marriages) to the socially disruptive (remanding Muslim children back to radical madrassas in
the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan for their primary and secondary education) and the illegal (“honor” killings in cases of adultery and rape—the
rape victim being the one killed).


Thanks, moreover, to the liberality of European criminal law, seditious Muslim criminals are often treated
in ways that seem reminiscent of the Red Queen’s world of “impossible things before breakfast.” Thus, Muhammad Bouyeri, the Dutch-Indonesian who murdered the filmmaker Theo van Gogh in 2004 in the middle of an Amsterdam street and then affixed a personal fatwa to his victim’s chest with a kitchen knife, retains the right to
vote—and could, if he wished, run for the Dutch parliament. Meanwhile, at least two Dutch parliamentarians critical of Islamist extremism have been forced by Islamist threats to live in prisons or army compounds under police or military guard.

Sixty years after the end of World War II, the European instinct for appeasement is alive and well. French public swimming pools have been segregated
by sex because of Muslim protests. “Piglet” mugs have disappeared from certain British retailers after Muslim complaints that the A.A. Milne character was offensive to Islamic sensibilities. So have Burger King chocolate ice-cream swirls, which reminded some Muslims of Arabic script from the Qur’an. Bawer reports that
the British Red Cross banished Christmas trees and nativity scenes from its charity stores for fear of offending Muslims. For similar reasons, the Dutch police in the wake of the van Gogh murder destroyed a piece of Amsterdam street art that proclaimed “Thou shalt not kill”; schoolchildren were forbidden to display Dutch flags on their backpacks because immigrants might think them “provocative.”

Hence, while Europe devalues and murders its own culture, heritage and religion, the opportunistic infection of Islam moves in. It's a grim situation, and not likely to improve, either. Indeed, it's only a continuation of long-running European trends of death-spiral demographics, self-guilt and hatred, and fascist-flavored Political (Islamic) Correctness.

Read the whole thing here.


Brooke said...

Speaking of... Always on Watch has an excellent post about Muslims (CAIR) courting the ever-growing legal and illegal Hispanic population in America.

friendlysaviour said...

AJ,..F***k em all.

Always On Watch said...

Combine the Hispanic and the Muslim reproduction rates. Take into consideration the numbers of Hispanics converting to Islam. Visualize the future.

Cubed © said...


"Visualize the future."


Publius said...

I have seen the future. I live in the middle of the future. I hope I live to see any future. We aren’t just headed down a slippery slope because now the Senate is giving us a push.

Always On Watch said...

We aren’t just headed down a slippery slope because now the Senate is giving us a push.

Yes, our elected representatives are selling out America.

friendlysaviour said...

Migrants numbers reaching European shores are still rocketing.
Crude boats bringing hundreds of hopefuls from Senegal and other African states, wash up on the Spanish islands of the Canaries.
Europes ancient bloodlines of Viking Norseman, Gallic, Roman, Greek, Teutonic, Iberian and Celtic, are all becoming diminished by this influx.
Coming from high-breeding Countries, these folks are guaranteed to bring up their five or six children mainly on State benefits in crowded inner-city areas of Europe, from London to Paris, from Berlin to Madrid.
In a perfect world, how nice to share our hard won freedoms and developed facilities, with these human-brothers.
But the reality is this, the population of the indigenous Europeans which was falling, and this was no bad thing, from a resources perspective,is now rising again, and dramatically so in many cities.
The resources each Country requires to give the same level of living standards to all, are now being fought for over the whole world by the competing developing economies, such as India and China.
This is where the arguments of those who cry "racist" begin to fall flat on the floor.
In Britain for instance, it is pouring with rain right now, but we are in the middle of the longest DROUGHT for decades. The use of water has spirallled as city dwellers demand more and more water, for car-washes, Spa-baths, toilet flushing, swimming pools, you name it.
As these and the many hundreds of thousands of both legal and illegal migrants boost our populations again
we are faced with the possibility, nay, the likelyhood of water having to be drawn from stand-pipes in the road, if it does'nt rain every day for months!
Yes of course it is hard to prove a direct causal link between imigration and resouces shortages, but ask yourselves,.. if this is the situation now, what will it be like in ten years with another few millions of households to find water for. Water suply is the prime example of the inherent dangers of population expansion, especially when unplanned and uncontrolled.
Likewise, Britain and Europe are going to be almost comletely dependant on natural gas from Russia and former USSR States in dangerous political condition.
With every new child comes the need for more and more resources to be found , where in fact, those resources dwindle as the population grows.
Is is racist or un-Christian, then,to say "enough is enough" we are at our limits.
It is time for the human -rights hand wringers to put up and shut up, or be held responsible for the disasters that will await their children and their grandchildren.
The World is not an ever giving plunder-box to rifle and rob. Neither is the World a garbage can for all our refuse.
Time is now for Europians to face the facts.
If we do not defend and protect what we have, it may well prove our ondoing as the multi-cult dreams turn into the multiple systems-breakdown that are becoming inevitable.
WE cannot have an open door for every poor person in the world.
That is sheer lunacy, something that has infected and distorted so many political figures and religious leaders.
Charity starts at home. Let's think of the futures of the children of our own kind, that must live in the mess we are creating for them.
It would be uncharitable to our own flesh and blood to do less.

friendlysaviour said...