Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sword without Leniency

Head over to VDH's site and read Bruce Thorton's latest:

Sword Without Leniency
The West must scuttle arrogant materialism and take jihadists at their word.
by Bruce Thornton

In 636 A.D., the caliph Umar gave these instructions to the commander he sent to Basra during the conquest of Iraq: “Summon the people to God; those who respond to your call, accept if from them, but those who refuse must pay the poll tax out of humiliation and lowliness. If they refuse this, it is the sword without leniency.”

Nearly fourteen centuries later, another Muslim leader, President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — who like Umar is fulfilling the Prophet’s injunction to “fight those who believe not in Allah” — has issued a similar summons to President Bush, leader of the most powerful nation in what once was called Christendom: “Undoubtedly through faith in God and the teaching of the prophets, the people will conquer their problems. My question to you is: ‘Do you want to join them?’”

Continued at Victor David Hanson's site.


friendlysaviour said...

I have read the article in detail, and I can say that it is without doubt one of the clearest summations of the place the West now finds itself in.
Or should I say, if the West could find itself, there, where it is,.. then the shock, the potential horror, ..could be enough to bring the sickman upright in the bed, to don his trousers and face what fortune may bring.
Instead, he has opted for slow euthenasia, dreaming dreams of the wonders he has created, sucking on the pipe of illusive phantasy, and slowly his life-blood turns pale in the evening twilight.
Things have a funny way of working out though, and maybe, just maybe, events will occur that shake the old man of the West from his soporific

Always On Watch said...

The fifth column is already within almost every European nation. And multiculturalism and a general cultural malaise pervades Europe.

I expect Eurabia by the close of this century. Europe no longer has the required moral conviction to resist those committed to Islam. Yes, the West is soft--and that also includes the United States.

John Sobieski said...

I wonder if anyone at the Pentagon, CIA or FBI are reading articles like that. I sure hope so.

One of the grand schemes of Islam in America is to place Muslims in government to suppress comments that would be deemed 'offensive.' It's all part of that PC nonsense.

hutchrun said...

Civilised world would pay a heavy price for not breaking through the defensive wall of denial, resistance and defences created by Islamic fundamentalists to maintain their closed system. We need to penetrate Islamic groups and utilise all means available including psychological warfare to introduce paradigm filters to open the closed system. Paradigm filters can be introduced through corporations, schools, universities, labour unions and non-profit organisations. We need to introduce programmes for thinking for a change and to split terrorist gangs and cliques. Devise psychological techniques and emotional programmes to induce fear, guilt, remorse and shame among Muslim fundamentalists. Coercive or negative reinforcement techniques and effective paradigm-breaking programming shall have positive effect on modifying cognitive and behaviour processes.

Svend said...

What silly twaddle. Go learn a little history, about how most religions treated minority populations under their control. There's nothing shocking about that anecdote about Umar in a medieval historical context. In fact, it's nothing compared to the way non-Christian populations were subjugated.

My guess is that the Jews of Reconquista Spain would've prefered Umar's jizya to Ferdinand's torture and slaughter.

But of course you Muslim Menace Chicken Littles only believe in applying historicial context to yourselves and your own cultures. Muslims are held to a different, dumber standard.

"Pedestrian" Infidel indeed.

friendlysaviour said...

svend,.. Yes of course you may try to belittle any analysis of what the great "Ummah" is up to.
You can keep kidding yourself, but you will find few converts, "reverts," outside your closed little world of self-deceit.
From your name, I take it you may be of Scandinavian origin. I have often wondered at people like you who reject the culture of their origin, and then seeks to prostitute their Nation and the history that has brought them to the place where they are now.
You it would seem, are a pimp for islam.
You would do as well to understand as much about your chosen beliefs, as the folks that write here about them.
Here you will find intelligence and wit that examines the voracity of islam, in terms of it's designs and intentions, to subvert and destroy Democracy from within.
I looked at your blog and see that you are a true racist yourself.
You have chosen to open your legs and be screwed by the proseletisers of islam, with the sword and the suicide bomb im their hands and the twisted words of deception dripping from their lips.
Go and play your games with the Left-wing apologisers and libertatarian fellatists. I am sure they will fit you in.
If you have time to study the koran, you will have no need to try to explain yourself on these pages.
If you have some real question about the true meanong of the koran and the logistical plans of islam, and it's political planners, then I am sure some of the contributors here will be able to dis-abuse you of your own fantasies in this respect.

Cubed © said...

Is there anyone in the White House willing to tell Bush just what the significance of the invitation to convert to Islam is? Maybe Grover Norquist, eh?

I hope our submarine crews have their fingers on the buttons.

Svend said...

"What silly twaddle. Go learn a little history, about how most religions treated minority populations under their control."

You know something, Svend? I don't give a tinker's dam about what any other religion has done to anyone at any time in the past.

The only one we need to care about is the one that has just issued us an invitation to convert "or else."

Svend, you got a gun? Know how to use it?

Lock and load, folks.

Seth said...

Silence before this storm of dogma is when procrastination stops to catch its breath.
It is an instant of time that can be balanced on the sharp edge of Lenin's politically correct sword of indecision, now sponsored by Islam.
Human Life begets an end, an instant choice between philosophy styles of slaves to death found harbored in compromise, in capitulation to defeat, or just perhaps, ideals of freedom, responsibility, honor to Nation, War and Victory.

hutchrun said...

Svend said..."What silly twaddle. Go learn a little history, about how most religions treated minority populations under their control."

At least we know that like the chomskys of the world, svend believes in continued jihad. Stupid white man with stupid white man`s guilt.
His mouth will be better served giving Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter blow-jobs.
Ooops! Forgot. Maybe he can go to Iran and do it to Ahmadinejad.

hutchrun said...


You stupid guilt-carrying mutt don`t try teaching me at least about history. I know much more than you. Go improve your education before you venture into territory you know least about.

hutchrun said...

Ha ha ha!
The svends are going to be circumcised-every single one of them. And their daughters, mothers and sisters raped:

Move to translate national anthem stirs controversy

A proposal to translate Norway's national anthem into a language used by many of the country's immigrants is stirring controversy. Opponents claim those who can't understand the Norwegian lyrics should just hum along instead.
Norwegians will be singing their national anthem repeatedly during 17th of May celebrations on Wednesday.

During a week that brings out huge displays of patriotism in Norway, because of Constitution Day celebrations on the 17th of May, debate is brewing over a move to write an Urdu version of the Norwegian national anthem.

Enjoy svend!!

friendlysaviour said...

hutch,.. I can't help it. But this is probably a legacy of eating all that Whale meat! Sinbad's revenge?
Just how the **** do you translate Norwegian into Urdu? For **** sake I've heard everything now!

Svend said...

Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not a convert. My parents, a Lutheran woman from Copenhangen and a Catholic from Boston, converted over three decades ago. Raised in Boston, have lived in Denmark, and speak Danish.

These little black & white categories you squeeze Muslims into don't work in the real world.

As for this other guff, I'll let Jonathan Swift respond:

"Hated by fools and fools to hate.
Be that ever my motto and my fate."

friendlysaviour said...

svend, .. who said they hated you?
It is not personal, you were born free.
Your parents left their heritage and took on this belief system, you them, must have been INDOCTRINATED from an early age. What a shame.
Take a look at the disturbance and violence wherever islam is in the world.
What do you see?
BEHEADINGS. In the name of islam.
RAPE of other religious believers or Pagans.
GENOCIDE,..Darfur, for instance and
WIFE BEATING, just as Mahhammed told you men they should.
SUPPRESSION of WOMENS RIGHTS. Does the fact that so many moslim men congregate together, and keep their wives at home as chattels disturb you?
The list is endless.
YOU are stuck in the dark ages.
Why don't you go and live in a moslim country?
Because you know in your heart that you can't stand them, outside all the formal "you are my brother" bullshite.
You think that Dar al islam will prevail over Dar al Harb?
All islam will achieve is the destruction of this Planet as it initiates it's global expansion.
HATE? PITY, more like.