Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bush Gives Us A History Lesson in 2004

"About 15 years before the Civil War, much of the
American West was northern Mexico," Bush says in the
video. "The people who lived there weren't called
Latinos or Hispanics. They were Mexican citizens,
until all that land became part of the United States.

"After that, many of them were treated as foreigners
in their own land," Bush adds."

Got that America? This is from Bush's propaganda video he produced in 2004 for the Latin voter.

Liberty Post has the video.


Always On Watch said...

treated as foreigners
in their own land

Well, isn't that just lovely? Gag!

John Sobieski said...

The thought that never enters the mind of those seeking victims to fight for is this: Those Mexicans who stayed are the richest, wealthiest mexican ancestry, far exceeding the generations still in Mexico. America gave them opportunities denied to the population of Mexico. But that isn't the point is it?

bordergal said...

Ironically, in our local paper today, South Americans are in the process of entering Mexico to "do jobs Mexicans don't want to do" (since the Mexicans are all headed to El Norte).

eyesallaround said...

We was out with a couple of hispanics this weekend and we said "There is a simple solution to the problem. Just make Mexico the 51st state." Well, you would think we said the world is flat. They wouldn't hear of such a thing. They are Americans! They have some kind of weird national pride over a country that so screwed up 1/4 of their population lives here. Amazing. Why do people from foreign countries often have a sick desire to see their fellow countrymen suffer under terrible regimes?

Well, if Mexico goes communist, then the border situation will be fixed. Everyone knows the commies don't let their people leave the country!

dag said...

Too many of our own don't recognise the beauty of my distant and psychopathic relative William Walker. Too bad for all of us.

Cubed © said...


Gag a maggot, even! We just can't let this North American Union rot happen. Bush is going around our backs with treaties and regulations. He wasn't going to tell us about Dubai Ports, either. And he didn't let us know about the sale of Doncaster's, either, until it was a done deal, while we were being distracted by border stuff.


"South Americans are in the process of entering Mexico to 'do jobs Mexicans don't want to do.'"

We woke up to the same news on our local morning radio talk show. Poetic justice, IMO. Unfortunately, I guess most of them don't like Mexico either, so they're coming here.

Hey, Mr. Bush, I thought that the North American Union was supposed to stop at the southern border of Mexico! Unintended consequence?


Did you see the article at FrontPageMag about the meeting to be held simultaneously with the opening of the UN General Assembly in the fall of this year?

The meeting is called the "United Nations High Level Dialogue," and its agenda is the exportation to more productive countries (that would be us) the poor underclasses of the less productive countries - less productive, of course, because of oppressive, corrupt governments. By this means, it takes the pressure off the oppressive, corrupt governments to change.

The more productive countries would not be allowed to refuse to accept the "irregular immigrants" (that's a euphemism for "illegal aliens"), and would have to support them.

In short, we would be obliged to do for the entire world what we are now doing for Mexico.