Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Camp Pendleton Eight

Michelle Malkin has a write up about the treatment our Marines who are accused of kiling 'innocent' Iraqis are being treated. It is unbelievable. They are kept in shackles IN THEIR CELLS 23 hours a day. Compare that to the Gitmo terrorists with their special halal meals, library, recreational benefits and kidglove treatment. Something is very wrong when terrorists are swooned over and Marines, accused but not convicted, are treated like dirt.

By Michelle Malkin · June 14, 2006 10:40 AM


friendlysaviour said...

There is some similarity with the case of the British and Canadian men accused falsely in Saudi Arabia, to cover up internal terrorist bombing.
Imprisoned for years, beaten, sodomised and tortured in Saudi prison, false confessions bashed out of them, then released.
Now the British government and highest lawcourt has turned down their private law case for redress.
Compare that to the legiions of human rights lawyers, crawling round any place jihadi terrorists are held.
The prisoners of Guantanamo had better and more humane treatment.
Such cowardice by Western governments in the face of tyrants, is a despicable farce. At least Amnesty and others are backing these folks case though, whatever those organisations motives.

lulu said...

So what would your opinion be if these marines really were guilty?

Anonymous said...

Dear Lulu,
War is Hell. Get used to it for it is fast becoming a way of survival for our ideals and culture.

Anonymous said...

Dear lulu,
I highly doubt those marines commited what is being said but if they did noone cares other than our so easily bruised government . How many innocent americans have been beheaded throughout this conflict, what was said in reaction to that ...."oo thats horrible" never thought of again but god forbid an "innocent" iraqi be killed ......come on we all know he wasnt innocent marines dont just kill ppl for no reason there was a threat or they never would have killed him ....if they even did. if they actually did good its time iraq stars to feel the fire from there actions . Marines are sent to places noone else will go kill the ppl noone else can then are loved by all . a random possibly non existant iraqi "civilian" says they did something wrong and then the power they protect turns on them even after all the blood they have shed in its name . had they been ordered to kill that man they this would all be covered up and our government would act as if it never happened . which leads to suspicion, why spend so much time trying to prove 8 men guilty when it could just be ignored without consequence so why would the government turn on its own so easily. we all know our government is corrupt but i think it fails to realize its nothing without its military these type of bashings on my fellow brothers of arms occouring more frequently and for lesser and lesser things is causing me to seriously reconsider why i fight