Monday, June 05, 2006

A Dhimmi Classic Photo from the Dhimmi Toronto Star

This is from LGF. With that ridiculous headline, they chose THAT photo? Are the citizens of Canada laughing at the absurd propaganda and ridiculous lengths that the dhimmi press will go to protect Islam? Who is in charge of the media? Himmel? It is nutty.


CD Baric said...

Don't you get it?

That is the Toronto Times way of stating THE OBVIOUS without stepping on their dicks.

Don't be quite so thick.

CD Baric

The Anti-Jihadist said...

A sarcastic and cynical front page headline seems almost beyond the MSM. I'm watching the coverage from Australia and they're struggling to report this story without once mentioning the words 'Islam' or "muslim". Horrible and hilarious at the same time.

John Sobieski said...

cd baric, READ the article. It is quite clear they STILL don't know what 'binds.'

CD Baric said...

OK - I read the article and understand fully your apprehension.

Please be advised that Canadian citizens are ALL TOO AWARE of the common denominator of the arrested suspects.

The pictures - of which there is an abundance showing women in black and men with scraggly beards SPEAK VOLUMES!

Do you think for a moment you want the prosecution derailed by claims of religious profiling?


If the Toronto Star really wanted to suggest there were no 'binding ties', they wouldn't have shown the women in their burqas.

One last thought - that picture WAS the story - the rest of the text was just crap thrown in to protect the prosecution.


Always On Watch said...

LOL at that headline and photo. Couldn't help myself.

CD Baric,
Please be advised that Canadian citizens are ALL TOO AWARE of the common denominator of the arrested suspects.


Those statements might well explain the rage I read about in the paper--the attacks on the mosques.

Silence is deadly. As fear to speak out pervades our society, Islamification continues apace.

eyesallaround said...

LOL! How cowed can the press get? Good grief. If they heard even a hint that a soldier might have done something wrong, it would be on the front page of every commie rag / MSM in the nation.

friendlysaviour said...

Well today the story developed with news that the friends of islam were going to storm Canadian Parliament and kidnap politicians!
Well we may have been better off letting these moslim murderers to be, actually succeed at their plans.
Then the Canadians would have a good reason to throw off some of that "be nice to everyone" attitude, and get on with addressing the threat of islam.
Roll on the day those chummy bearded chaps do something appalling, then the politicians may actually DO something once they are released, if they did not get a "close neck-shave" courtesy of our dear brothers of peace.

CD Baric said...

bld: "...then the politicians may actually DO something..."

Yeah, look how well that worked after 9/11?

I never trust our politicians to do The Right Thing!

CD Baric

Mark said...

The Canadian authorities are going to crack down hard on anyone singling out Muslims for blame, apparently.